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2018-02-07  Cognitive decline linked to high blood sugar
2018-02-05  Coffee cancer warning is nonsense
2018-02-05  Cravings drugs are bad news in a pill
2018-02-04  Annual flu shot offers limited protection
2018-02-03  Drug prices will be tough for Trump to cut
2018-02-02  New flu vaccine is just a distraction
2018-02-02  Colon cancer link to red meat debunked
2018-01-31  Fitness doesn't come from exercise
2018-01-29  Sauna improves circulation
2018-01-27  Muscle loss can strike seniors in 2 weeks
2018-01-26  Fluoride found in tea in high levels
2018-01-24  Is your dishwasher harboring germs?
2018-01-24  Sun exposure can help melt fat cells
2018-01-22  Ibuprofen linked to testicular problems
2018-01-22  How to burn off the most dangerous form of fat
2018-01-21  Anesthesiologist shift change can complicate surgery
2018-01-21  Dementia linked to anxiety in older Americans
2018-01-20  'Raw water' scam hits the mainstream
2018-01-19  Anti-smoking drug Chantix linked to heart problems
2018-01-19  Cholesterol protection that fights LDL oxidation
2018-01-17  Seniors not getting enough vitamins D and B12
2018-01-17  Cancer over-treated due to  over-screening
2018-01-15  Skin cancer drug 5-FU benefits short-lived
2018-01-15  Feds to make major announcement on radiation
2018-01-14  FDA approving new drugs without proper testing
2018-01-14  Heart device, Agilis Steerable Introducer Sheath, being recalled
2018-01-13  Diabetes drugs given too often to seniors
2018-01-12  Vegan diet leads to depression
2018-01-12  Elderberry extract better than flu meds
2018-01-10  Ear cleaning can damage your eardrums
2018-01-10  Cholesterol levels don't really matter much
2018-01-08  Spine surgery botched in outpatient clinics
2018-01-08  Breast cancer patients rejecting chemotherapy
2018-01-07  Bone health linked to calcium and vitamin D
2018-01-06  Cancer treatment can speed aging
2018-01-05  Implantable devices rushed to the market too quickly
2018-01-05  Heart failure damage strikes whenever you sit
2018-01-03  Longevity shrinks in America again
2018-01-03  Flu shot is even worse in statin patients
2018-01-01  ER docs turn away heart attack patients
2018-01-01  Hangovers cured with eggs
2017-12-31  Alzheimer's can be treated as 'Type-3 Diabetes'
2017-12-31  New diabetes drug ertugliflozin hits the market despite questions
2017-12-30  FDA can't keep up with drug ads
2017-12-29  BP drug HCTZ linked to skin cancer
2017-12-29  Generation snowflake really hates that depiction
2017-12-27  Metformin drug so miserable, you'd rather have the disease!
2017-12-27  Dentures linked to malnutrition
2017-12-25  Longevity linked to a tough attitude
2017-12-25  Low-carb diet burn fat 10 times faster
2017-12-24  Cellphone radiation gets new warning
2017-12-24  Flu hits men harder
2017-12-23  Bones get stronger with Vitamin C
2017-12-22  Flu shot is only 10% effective this year
2017-12-22  Arteries get protection from vitamin K2
2017-12-20  Dementia population ready to boom
2017-12-20  Viagra makeover will sock you right in the wallet
2017-12-18  Cholesterol cut with nuts and chocolate
2017-12-18  Cough can be cured naturally with zinc
2017-12-17  BP drug (ARB) declared dangerous by consumer group
2017-12-17  Tylenol touted for 'hurt feelings'
2017-12-16  Common cold eased with chicken soup
2017-12-15  Nuts slash heart risk
2017-12-15  Dangerous and expensive cholesterol drug headed your way
2017-12-13  Heart disease risk cut 14% by eating more cheese
2017-12-13  Diabetes can lead to severe foot problems
2017-12-11  How to keep driving until you're 100
2017-12-11  Cinnamon can speed weight loss
2017-12-10  Sleep eased by opening a window
2017-12-10  Christmas trees linked to allergies
2017-12-09  Can you admit to hearing loss?
2017-12-08  Boost your mood... one sip at a time
2017-12-08  Hip arthritis steroid linked to bone problems
2017-12-06  You're surrounded by radiation; here's how to protect youself.
2017-12-06  Aneurysm procedure could make it worse
2017-12-04  Shoulder pain surgery often doesn't work
2017-12-04  Mini-stroke is a warning sign of a real stroke
2017-12-03  World's most boring fad diet is here
2017-12-03  Flu shot being forced on healthcare workers
2017-12-02  The DARK SIDE of genetic tests
2017-12-01  Heart attack linked to low phosphorus
2017-12-01  Radon gas lurking in homes across U.S.
2017-11-29  Grandparents under fire for spoiling children
2017-11-29  Mild cognitive decline linked to heart pumping
2017-11-27  Pet dogs can boost your health
2017-11-27  Radiation linked to health risks
2017-11-26  TV binge watching can lead to a blood-clot
2017-11-26  Gout drug linked to heart risk
2017-11-25  Improve your chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest
2017-11-24  New BP targets impact millions
2017-11-22  Can Christmas music HURT you?
2017-11-22  Resveratrol can reverse aging in cells
2017-11-20  This year's flu shot is already a turkey
2017-11-20  Falls linked to throw rugs
2017-11-19  Dry mouth side effect more common than expected
2017-11-19  Knee shots linked to infection risk
2017-11-18  Are you overmedicated? Take this quiz
2017-11-17  Ovarian cancer linked to toilet troubles
2017-11-17  Reflux drugs linked to stomach cancer
2017-11-15  Soda in moderation can kill you
2017-11-15  Stents do nothing for stable angina
2017-11-13  Knee arthritis will progress faster if you walk slower
2017-11-13  Heart disease can strike both fat and fit
2017-11-12  Vegetarians are turning back to meat
2017-11-12  Vegetarian health claim is full of soy
2017-11-11  Coffee linked to longer life
2017-11-10  Prostate cancer patients conned into treatment
2017-11-08  Sleep better with tart cherry
2017-11-08  Statins linked to diabetes risk
2017-11-06  Is your toothpaste poisoning you?
2017-11-06  Why antidepressants fail... and what to do next
2017-11-05  Dermatology docs cash in on their expertise
2017-11-03  Probiotics enhanced with cranberry
2017-11-03  Could you get cancer from your tap water?
2017-11-01  Endoscopes often damaged both inside and out
2017-11-01  Bipolar disorder defeated with light
2017-10-30  The biggest myth about supplements... BUSTED!
2017-10-30  Blood thinners are as risky as ever
2017-10-29  Beat plantar pain WITHOUT an expensive orthotic
2017-10-29  How to spot a 'hidden' heart attack
2017-10-28  You might not need that surgery after all!
2017-10-27  CDC warning over coming flu season
2017-10-27  BP meds can leave hidden damage
2017-10-25  Dancing activity can help your brain
2017-10-25  Dementia has hidden warning signs
2017-10-23  Heart attack risk jumps in winter
2017-10-23  Sleep meds increase risk of falls
2017-10-22  Meditation benefits wildly exaggerated
2017-10-22  Amino acids make hunger levels plunge
2017-10-21  Arthritis drug is big money, empty promises
2017-10-20  Cancer patients often face depression
2017-10-20  Radiation linked to unnecessary tests
2017-10-18  Cancer linked to obesity
2017-10-18  Sudden cardiac arrest linked to low calcium
2017-10-16  Charcoal toothpaste is a scam
2017-10-16  Fatty liver linked to sugar intake
2017-10-15  Hardened arteries stopped with potassium - Go Bananas!
2017-10-15  New BP guidelines are a gift to Big Pharma
2017-10-14  Hardened arteries linked to skipping breakfast
2017-10-13  Asthma med Singulair causes nightmares
2017-10-13  Cancer studies exclude seniors
2017-10-11  Weight-loss surgery linked to anemia
2017-10-11  Aspirin therapy linked to new risk
2017-10-09  Don't fall for this dopey blood sugar gimmick
2017-10-09  Sleep medications linked to dangerous risk
2017-10-08  Reusable bags can hold filthy germs
2017-10-08  Thyroid cancer linked to low TSH
2017-10-07  Flu shot study claims your mood matters
2017-10-06  New drugs aren't given the studies they need
2017-10-06  Whole grains aren't healthy
2017-10-04  Chores better than gym for heart disease survival
2017-10-04  Heart failure survival boosted with vitamin D
2017-10-02  Pets won't hurt your sleep much
2017-10-02  Knee replacements often fail
2017-10-01  Duodenoscopes will now have disposable caps
2017-10-01  Respiratory infections linked to damp homes
2017-09-30  Boredom during hospital stays linked to slower recovery
2017-09-29  Antidepressants linked to death risk
2017-09-29  Weight-loss plan can reverse diabetes
2017-09-27  Sleep apnea cure zaps your tongue all night
2017-09-27  You DON'T want Tamiflu for treatment of flu
2017-09-25  Beer will NOT give you "man boobs"
2017-09-25  Diabetes drugs often aren't needed
2017-09-24  Pea milk substitute is just plain gross
2017-09-24  Taking multiple meds can cause frailty
2017-09-23  Back pain can be caused by hidden fractures
2017-09-22  Docs admit overtreatment linked to money
2017-09-22  Mood meds won't help pain conditions
2017-09-20  Diabetes drug Invokana linked to amputation risks
2017-09-20  Cancer linked to abdominal fat
2017-09-18  Omega-3 cuts heart attack risk
2017-09-18  Keto diet can slow aging
2017-09-17  Artificial sweeteners are now a game to Coke
2017-09-17  Heart attack risk linked to inflammation, not cholesterol
2017-09-16  Back pain dismissed as 'in your head' -- NOT
2017-09-15  Dementia not linked to senior moments
2017-09-15  Increase longevity with just 3 fruits or veggies a day
2017-09-13  Pulmonary hypertension made worse by off-label Viagra
2017-09-13  Docs with prostate zappers need patients to get zapped
2017-09-11  Thyroid cancer doesn't always need treatment
2017-09-11  Calcification is true cause of heart attacks and strokes
2017-09-08  Beat migraines with tinted glasses
2017-09-08  Breast cancer drug linked to lung cancer
2017-09-06  Constipation eased with probiotics
2017-09-06  Caffeine eases recovery from anesthesia
2017-09-04  Dementia risk linked to vision loss
2017-09-04  Reduce heart failure risk with vitamin D
2017-09-03  Check costs before any medical procedure
2017-09-03  To reduce frailty, reduce your meds
2017-09-02  Daily egg consumption eliminates choline deficiency
2017-09-01  Space your meals for better muscle health
2017-09-01  Depression drugs don't work
2017-08-30  Yes, you can CURE the common cold!
2017-08-30  Cancer beaten with vitamin C
2017-08-28  Some shampoos are hard on your manhood
2017-08-28  Lower respiratory disorders deadlier than flu, but get no attention
2017-08-27  Yoga study is an absurd deception
2017-08-27  OUTRAGE! Women tricked into needless mammograms
2017-08-26  Artificial sweeteners undermine low carb diets
2017-08-25  Cellphones are wrecking your sleep
2017-08-25  100% natural way (B12) to defeat depression
2017-08-23  Diabetes drug Actos linked to bladder cancer
2017-08-23  Diabetes defeated with a-low-carb diet
2017-08-21  Weight loss balloons linked to 5 deaths
2017-08-21  Radiation from CT scans damages arteries
2017-08-20  High uric acid levels risk gout, but also dementia
2017-08-19  The gluten-free SCAM coming your way!
2017-08-16  Prostate tumor? Your treatment may be worse than your cancer!
2017-08-16  Ask your doc if you REALLY need those meds
2017-08-14  When a 'mini' stroke does MAXIMUM damage
2017-08-14  Glen Campbell's two key lessons about Alzheimer's
2017-08-13  Bacteria blown onto birthday cake
2017-08-13  Dental floss is weapon against cancer
2017-08-12  Weight loss surgery FAILS the people who need it most
2017-08-11  NSAID painkillers offer almost no relief
2017-08-11  Heart failure linked to liver problems
2017-08-09  Common meds worsen glaucoma
2017-08-09  Rectal cancer surgery could be avoided
2017-08-07  Fitness linked to state of mind
2017-08-07  Statins pushed again by "experts"
2017-08-06  Worrying extends life expectancy
2017-08-06  BP meds linked to kidney damage
2017-08-05  Heart meds lack evidence
2017-08-04  Cognitive decline linked to ER visits
2017-08-04  Statins get new push for wider use
2017-08-02  Diabetes linked to sex problems in men
2017-08-02  Diabetes risk is bigger than ever
2017-07-31  Phthalates linked to diabetes and heart disease
2017-07-31  Worthless $14,000-a-year cholesterol drug
2017-07-30  Walnuts could protect your blood vessels
2017-07-30  Kidney disease damage slowed with antioxidants
2017-07-29  Coffee linked to longer lives
2017-07-28  "Perfect BP" increases risk of falls
2017-07-28  Artificial sweeteners will wreck your diet
2017-07-26  How John McCain could beat brain cancer
2017-07-26  Calm your prostate so you can sleep through the night
2017-07-24  Depression in older women linked to low estrogen
2017-07-24  Prostate cancer risk linked to waist size
2017-07-23  Sleep apnea CPAP masks don't cut heart risk
2017-07-23  Iron can cut risk of heart disease
2017-07-22  Slash your dementia risk by 23 percent
2017-07-21  Gender-bending drugs... IN YOUR WATER!
2017-07-21  How chemo can CAUSE new cancers
2017-07-19  Retinopathy linked to sleep apnea
2017-07-19  Dementia linked to poor sleep
2017-07-17  Antibiotics in hospitals linked to serious risks
2017-07-17  Acid reflux meds linked to deadly new risk
2017-07-16  Falls cause HALF of all senior ER visits
2017-07-16  Mammogram false positives lead to severe anxiety
2017-07-15  How to quit sugar... for good!
2017-07-14  Vitamin C wipes out cancer
2017-07-14  Prostate drug linked to sex problems
2017-07-12  Alzheimer's disease stopped with chocolate
2017-07-12  Dementia risk linked to slower walking
2017-07-10  Pinkeye drugs can make the condition worse
2017-07-10  Omega-3s block colon cancer
2017-07-09  Want to get healthy? Drink more beer!
2017-07-09  Magnesium defeats depression
2017-07-08  Military diet is a sham
2017-07-07  Alzheimer's disease drops with more sex
2017-07-07  Mainstream claims Vitamin-D is dangerous!
2017-07-05  Heart disease linked to depression
2017-07-05  Sepsis cure discovered, and it's cheap
2017-07-03  Inflammation-fighting 'new milk' can give you bad gas
2017-07-03  Vitamin K2 can help clear arteries
2017-07-02  Anti-bacterial ingredient triclosan is dangerous
2017-07-02  Colon cancer test misses the mark
2017-07-01  Sleep linked to weight loss
2017-06-30  Sleep apnea damage strikes in one night
2017-06-30  Heart surgery device linked to infections
2017-06-28  The natural way to KILL prostate cancer
2017-06-28  Parkinson's disease linked to statin use
2017-06-26  OUTRAGE! Feds allow Chinese chicken into U.S. supermarkets!
2017-06-26  Diabetes drugs pack deadly new side effect
2017-06-25  Bad news about the coming flu shot
2017-06-25  Melanoma surgery doesn't increase survival
2017-06-24  Your doc is being bullied by the PC police!
2017-06-23  Is chelation therapy a cure for Alzheimer's?
2017-06-23  Aspirin therapy is even more dangerous in older folks
2017-06-21  Fight nearly EVERY chronic disease with magnesium!
2017-06-21  Take fish oil before your heart surgery!
2017-06-19  Could cheddar save your hearing?
2017-06-19  Diabetes can be managed without finger-stick test
2017-06-18  French fries linked to death risk
2017-06-18  Kidney disease undiagnosed far too often
2017-06-17  Why your diets always fail
2017-06-16  Zika vaccine windfall coming for Big Pharma
2017-06-16  End-stage cancer patients exploited
2017-06-14  Pacemakers can be hacked
2017-06-14  Cancer linked to sugar intake
2017-06-12  What's REALLY in your wine?
2017-06-12  Heart attack beta blockers often don't work
2017-06-11  Meditation linked to health problems
2017-06-11  Alzheimer's linked to poor sleep
2017-06-10  Statins don't help healthy seniors
2017-06-09  Pneumonia antibiotics are failing
2017-06-09  Knee arthritis improves with chondroitin
2017-06-07  Recommended protein levels too low for seniors
2017-06-07  Poor sleep increases risk of metabolic syndrome
2017-06-05  Hospital delirium risk slashed with extra care
2017-06-05  Alzheimer's disease death toll rises
2017-06-04  Diarrhea germ outbreaks in public pools
2017-06-04  Hypertension meds refused by seniors
2017-06-03  Dementia risk cut by simply walking
2017-06-02  Antibiotics don't work for the common cold
2017-06-02  Low glycemic diet stops macular degeneration
2017-05-31  Prostate cancer treatment gets the axe
2017-05-31  Gastric band patients could need five operations
2017-05-29  Sunlight boosts heart health
2017-05-29  Diabetes drug Invokana linked to amputation risk
2017-05-28  PPIs (purple pill) linked to kidney failure
2017-05-28  Tamoxifen pushed on more women
2017-05-27  Amino acid taurine can reverse Alzheimer's disease
2017-05-26  Dairy fat is good for you!
2017-05-26  New LIES about red meat pushed by the media
2017-05-24  UTI risk cut with cranberry
2017-05-24  Respiratory infections pack heart risk
2017-05-22  Knee surgery doesn't work for osteoarthritis
2017-05-21  Macular degeneration missed in eye exams
2017-05-21  OTC painkillers linked to heart attack
2017-05-20  Feds approve drugs despite unknown risks
2017-05-19  Dementia risk linked to sudden weight loss
2017-05-19  Resveratrol can protect aorta in diabetics
2017-05-17  Wine protects brain cells
2017-05-17  Noisy knees have arthritis damage
2017-05-15  Heart disease risk factors often ignored
2017-05-15  Heart failure is deadlier than cancer
2017-05-14  'Healthy' soda is Coke's newest cola scam
2017-05-14  Statin side effects... are imaginary???
2017-05-13  Diabetes linked to brain shrink
2017-05-12  Stroke warning signs often ignored
2017-05-12  Sciatica drug Lyrica doesn't work
2017-05-10  Cut your prostate cancer risk in half with expresso
2017-05-10  Prostate risk not related to family histor
2017-05-08  Neuropathy drugs are bad news
2017-05-08  Sleeping pills linked to bone breaks
2017-05-07  Brain shrink linked to early death
2017-05-07  The low-salt diet is a big, fat lie!
2017-05-06  Experts now say saturated fats not linked to heart risk
2017-05-05  Avocado cuts metabolic risk
2017-05-05  Eat more cheese to protect your liver
2017-05-03  Diet soda can make it tougher to lose weight
2017-05-03  Vitamin B12 boosts the brain
2017-05-01  Opioids widely used after minor surgery
2017-05-01  The big LIE behind blood pressure targets
2017-04-30  Distracted driving is a senior problem too
2017-04-30  Mastectomies after genetic tests aren't always needed
2017-04-29  Google isn't the best source of medical info
2017-04-28  Chest pain is a red flag
2017-04-28  Antidepressants linked to falls in seniors
2017-04-26  Marathons are bad for everyone
2017-04-26  Zinc reduces heart risk
2017-04-24  Banning trans fats saves lives
2017-04-24  Cancer drugs often don't improve survival
2017-04-23  Corticosteroids linked to serious risks
2017-04-23  Chiropractic works for low-back pain
2017-04-22  Listeria contaminates lettuce
2017-04-21  Diabetes linked to vegetable oils
2017-04-21  Incontinence drugs often don't work
2017-04-19  Yo-yo dieting increases death risk
2017-04-19  Prostate cancer needlessly treated with radiation
2017-04-17  Gallbladder surgery may not be needed
2017-04-17  Metabolic syndrome linked to love handles
2017-04-16  Doctors are wrong most of the time
2017-04-16  Vitamin D under attack
2017-04-15  Insomnia linked to heart attack and stroke
2017-04-14  Vitamin C can cut cold duration
2017-04-14  Prostate cance treatments linked to cognitive decline
2017-04-12  Heart valve replacement linked to brain bleeds
2017-04-12  Your meds are making you old, sick, and weak!
2017-04-10  Knee replacement doesn't boost quality of life
2017-04-10  Vitamin D cuts cancer risk
2017-04-09  Moderate alcohol use cuts death risk
2017-04-09  Kidney patients could be denied colonoscopies
2017-04-08  The "observation" vs "admitted" costly ER scam
2017-04-07  Acid reflux drugs linked to dementia
2017-04-07  Yes, you CAN sleep too much!
2017-04-05  Heart failure deadlier when you're depressed
2017-04-05  Fish oil boosts heart failure survival
2017-04-03  Statins linked to diabetes in older women
2017-04-03  AFib patients don't always need blood thinners
2017-04-02  Cognitive decline linked to insulin resistance
2017-04-02  Back pain? Don't even waste your time with steroids!
2017-04-01  Lose weight with broccoli? No, thanks!
2017-03-31  Screwy study blames YOUR MOM for painkiller addiction!
2017-03-31  Why your doc is clueless on pain
2017-03-29  ER docs can work 28-hr shifts
2017-03-29  Inflammation marker predicts heart risk
2017-03-27  Interval training is a recipe for injury
2017-03-27  Cholesterol drug costs $14000 per year
2017-03-26  How to sleep better
2017-03-26  S.O.S. over NSAIDS
2017-03-25  Hip fracture boosts death risk
2017-03-24  Blood thinners linked to brain bleeds
2017-03-24  New diet advice recommends ... seeds??
2017-03-22  FDA's new boss is a Big Pharma hack
2017-03-22  Hormone replacement therapy clears arteries
2017-03-20  Vitamin D from sun cuts heart attack risk
2017-03-20  Aleviate arthritis with collagen UC-II
2017-03-19  Fight Alzheimer's with ... coffee
2017-03-19  Meds for hair can hurt down there
2017-03-18  Red wine can stop muscles from aging
2017-03-17  Knee surgery scam exposed
2017-03-17  Low-carb beats low-fat diet for diabetics
2017-03-15  Carpel tunnel surgery is no better than physical therapy
2017-03-15  Doctors are paid to promote drugs
2017-03-13  This migraine 'cure' is guaranteed to SHOCK you!
2017-03-13  Osteoporosis drugs can actually weaken bone
2017-03-12  FDA finds Pfizer some drugs contaminated
2017-03-12  Surgeons double-booking and multitasking
2017-03-11  Gum disease increases stroke risk
2017-03-10  Americans fall behind in longevity again
2017-03-10  Alzheimers linked to blood sugar
2017-03-08  Exercise cuts libido in men
2017-03-08  Do you REALLY need that heart surgery?
2017-03-06  PPIs [aka Nexium] linked to kidney damage
2017-03-06  How back pain can turn into a death risk
2017-03-05  Alzheimers drug can SPEED cognitive decline
2017-03-05  Vision loss is seniors' top health concern
2017-03-04  Beat depression... with your computer!
2017-03-03  Antidepressants given without evidence
2017-03-03  Movie star's unexpected death exposes risks of 'routine' surgery
2017-03-01  Cancer treatments don't extend lives
2017-03-01  Vitamin D needs help -- from Calcium
2017-02-27  Sleep apnea can rot your brain
2017-02-27  How drug companies HIDE the true risks
2017-02-26  Titanium dioxide "nanoparticle" is dangerous
2017-02-26  One MAJOR problem with the gluten-free diet
2017-02-25  How docs manipulate prostate cancer patients
2017-02-24  Butter can cut your heart risk
2017-02-24  ER visits linked to taking multiple meds
2017-02-22  Weight-loss balloons are dangerous
2017-02-22  Testosterone treatment cuts death risk
2017-02-20  Don't take drugs for back pain
2017-02-20  Sunlight for longer life
2017-02-19  Quad pill bad idea for blood pressure
2017-02-19  Cancer defeated by vitamin C
2017-02-18  How to stay out of the hospital
2017-02-17  Common mouth germ triggers deadly heart condition
2017-02-17  Blood pressure targets are too low
2017-02-15  Fatty liver eased with DHA
2017-02-15  NDAIDs linked to heart attack
2017-02-13  ER patients often sent home to die
2017-02-13  How to spot Alzheimer's... 9 YEARS early!
2017-02-12  Salt falsely blamed for heart disease
2017-02-12  Cut heart surgery risk with vitamin C
2017-02-11  Tylenol damages the liver
2017-02-10  Heart attack ER visits rise after snowstorms
2017-02-10  Sleep improves sex lives in older women
2017-02-08  2017/02/08/Skipping breakfast increases heart risk
2017-02-08  Bladder problems at night boost fall risk/
2017-02-06  Avoid dementia... with Facebook???
2017-02-06  Pancreatic cancer linked to diabetes
2017-02-05  New heart risks erroneously linked to gout
2017-02-05  How to beat heart failure
2017-02-04  BEAT winter infections with needed sleep
2017-02-03  Breast cancer too often over-treated
2017-02-03  Popular blood pressure med WON'T save your life!
2017-02-01  Cancer... in your taters!
2017-02-01  Vitamin B6 slows cognitive decline
2017-01-30  Back pain won't be cured by yoga
2017-01-30  Vitamin K helps keep arteries flexible
2017-01-29  Curcumin cuts disease risk
2017-01-29  Antidepressants linked to bone breaks
2017-01-28  Aging accelerated by sedentary lifestyle
2017-01-27  Caffeine cuts inflammation linked to chronic disease
2017-01-27  How cholesterol PROTECTS your brain
2017-01-25  Docs are robbing patients blind!
2017-01-25  Metabolic syndrome patients need more vitamin E
2017-01-23  Alzheimer's disease slowed by fish oil
2017-01-23  Blood pressure jump could protect against Alzheimer's
2017-01-22  'Fake news' scare linked to meat and eggs
2017-01-22  Chemotherapy linked to cognitive problems
2017-01-21  Alzheimer's disease linked to aluminum
2017-01-20  Vitamin D cust risk of falls
2017-01-20  Acid reflux drugs boost infection risk
2017-01-18  Naps boost brain health in seniors
2017-01-18  Opioid drugs make pain worse
2017-01-16  Omega-3 fatty acids cut heart risk
2017-01-16  Fight aging... with HAMBURGERS!
2017-01-15  Women are being POISONED... by their cosmetics!
2017-01-15  Get OFF your diabetes meds... for good!
2017-01-14  Immune system fades after holidays
2017-01-13  Breast cancer patients scammed by slimy docs
2017-01-13  How to get the best care AND save money
2017-01-11  Hearing loss linked to low iron
2017-01-11  Eat that steak... it WON'T hurt your heart!
2017-01-09  Age better... with grandkids!
2017-01-09  Magnesium cuts death risk
2017-01-08  Sleep drugs overused in America
2017-01-08  Seniors could get BOOTED from the ICU ... die anyway
2017-01-07  Silent heart attack linked to pain tolerance
2017-01-06  Shoulder pain may indicate heart disease
2017-01-06  Sun boosts your immune function
2017-01-04  Never, ever trust food from China!
2017-01-04  Anticholinergic drugs (eg Benadryl) linked to ER visits
2017-01-02  Fluoride DOESN'T cut cavity risk
2017-01-02  Melanoma rate on the rise
2017-01-01  Back pain linked to falls
2017-01-01  Big Pharma's breast cancer scam exposed
2016-12-28  Deaths from alzheimers disease linked to common meds
2016-12-28  Dementia linked to urine proteins
2016-12-26  Eggs cut stroke risk
2016-12-26  Docs still pushing PSA tests on men
2016-12-25  Dementia risk drops with sauna use
2016-12-25  Drug prices rise at 130 times inflation
2016-12-24  Migraine drugs lead to more headaches
2016-12-23  Dental care skipped by seniors
2016-12-23  Psychiatric drugs overused in seniors
2016-12-21  Docs mock seniors who seek sex help
2016-12-21  Saturated fats improve health
2016-12-19  Sweet potato water could be the next diet fad
2016-12-19  Cholesterol is down, and so is longevity
2016-12-18  Stinky cheese may help you live longer
2016-12-18  CoQ10 can stop metabolic syndrome
2016-12-17  Nuts cut death risk
2016-12-16  Aspirin therapy gets ugly new push
2016-12-16  EXPOSED: The dirty truth about cancer drugs!
2016-12-14  Urinary tract infections don't need more water
2016-12-14  Overdose risk rises in hospitals
2016-12-12  Liver failure linked to common meds
2016-12-12  21st Century Cures Act headed for signature
2016-12-11  Milk protein builds stronger muscle
2016-12-11  Inflammation linked to cancer, heart disease, and death
2016-12-10  Protect your brain by having fun
2016-12-09  Vitamin D slashes respiratory infection risk
2016-12-09  Vitamin D levels in crisis
2016-12-07  Melt away pain in 4 easy steps
2016-12-07  Lung cancer worsened by sleep apnea
2016-12-05  Yoga linked to injury in seniors
2016-12-05  Antidepressants linked to suicide risk
2016-12-04  Hospital bills add up fast
2016-12-04  Aspartame linked to metabolic problems
2016-12-03  Veggies leading cause of food poisoning
2016-12-02  Protein helps control blood sugar
2016-12-02  Low blood sugar boosts death risk
2016-11-30  Proton Pump Inhibitors linked to stroke
2016-11-30  Cholesterol injection is Big Pharma's next big cash cow
2016-11-28  ATMs covered in germs
2016-11-28  Warfarin ups dementia risk in a-fib patients
2016-11-27  Sprained ankle doesn't need physical therapy
2016-11-27  Cure your respiratory infection WITHOUT drugs
2016-11-26  Moderate alcohol consumption protects the heart
2016-11-25  Chondroitin proven to work for knee pain
2016-11-25  Celebrex safety is a sham
2016-11-23  How overeating leads to more overeating
2016-11-23  Drugs won't stop cognitive decline
2016-11-21  Atrial fibrillation linked to sleep disorders
2016-11-21  Fight flu with good hygiene
2016-11-20  Constipation linked to kidney failure
2016-11-20  Seasonal Affective Disorder SCAM!
2016-11-19  Prediabetes often ignored by doctors
2016-11-18  Zinc can help control diabetes
2016-11-18  Heart devices approved despite major questions
2016-11-16  Astaxanthin is an all-natural stress-buster
2016-11-16  Prostate cancer surgeries down
2016-11-14  Spouse's stress linked to weight gain
2016-11-14  Are you WORRYING yourself to death???
2016-11-13  Protect your liver with PROTEIN POWER
2016-11-13  Ditch carbs today for better blood sugar control tomorrow
2016-11-12  Skipping dinner wont help you lose weight
2016-11-11  Glucosamine and chondroitin cut colon cancer risk
2016-11-11  Your cells can CHEAT DEATH with glutathione
2016-11-09  Is MUD the key beating arthritis?
2016-11-09  Statins linked to Parkinson's risk
2016-11-07  The one ingredient (eggs) EVERY salad has to have
2016-11-07  Longevity drops dramatically in U.S.
2016-11-06  Sleep BETTER... without drugs or therapy!
2016-11-06  Testosterone under new attack from FDA
2016-11-05  Pneumonia risk drops with good-dental care
2016-11-04  How to beat the back pain SCAM
2016-11-04  Bladder problems? You DON'T need drugs!
2016-11-02  Hip replacement doesn't boost activity
2016-11-02  Mild cognitive impairment slowed with DHA
2016-10-31  Setravida stops cell aging
2016-10-31  Vegetarian diet isn't better for the heart
2016-10-30  Statins linked to drug interaction problems
2016-10-30  Depression 'cure' is a recipe for infection
2016-10-29  Diabetes eased by walking
2016-10-28  Water consumption recommendations are nonsense
2016-10-28  Prostate cancer treatment can melt your brain!
2016-10-26  Healthy chocolate? Not so fast!
2016-10-26  Mammogram screenings fall short
2016-10-24  Dementia linked to low vitamin D
2016-10-24  L Arginine can arm your immune system against cancer
2016-10-23  Wireless insulin pump could be hacked
2016-10-23  Open heart surgery device contaminated
2016-10-22  Protein protects against diabetes
2016-10-21  BP meds linked to depression
2016-10-21  Xarelto remains despite flawed study
2016-10-19  The internet is no substitute for your doctor
2016-10-19  Migraine eased by chiropractic care
2016-10-17  Cinnamon improves digestion
2016-10-17  How dementia can be worse in women
2016-10-16  Buck the trend and end joint pain NOW
2016-10-16  Crooked media cooks up bogus supplement scare
2016-10-15  Caffeine cuts dementia risk in women
2016-10-14  Don't turn to yoga for back pain!
2016-10-14  Ease your incontinence the SAFE way
2016-10-12  Get STRONGER as you get OLDER
2016-10-12  NSAIDs linked to heart failure
2016-10-10  Booze is nature's most powerful antidepressant
2016-10-10  Wet AMD linked to bone drugs
2016-10-09  Common prostate treatment can wreck you
2016-10-09  Mercury fillings linked to new dangers
2016-10-08  FDA twists meaning of 'healthy'
2016-10-07  The secret to unlocking the benefits of curcumin
2016-10-07  Is CHEESE the secret to perfect arteries?
2016-10-05  Nicotine shown to protect brain
2016-10-05  Colonoscopy cost-cutting could leave seniors without screenings
2016-10-03  New MRSA bug found in poultry
2016-10-03  Intensive care kills your good bacteria
2016-10-02  Tinnitus eased with oxytocin
2016-10-02  How to make sure you don't suffer a dangerous fall
2016-10-01  No excuses: Drink more beer!
2016-09-30  Vitamin D can add years to your life
2016-09-30  What your knees are REALLY trying to tell you
2016-09-28  Ease sexual dysfunction with light therapy
2016-09-28  How to GROW your brain!
2016-09-26  Avoid diabetes by eating more eggs
2016-09-26  Flu shot fiasco! Docs admit vaccine is weak
2016-09-25  Easy way to prevent nosebleeds
2016-09-25  Science proves it: Exercise won't boost weight loss!
2016-09-24  The truth about prostate cancer
2016-09-23  Here's what happens when you don't take your meds
2016-09-23  Water bacteria cause of common respiratory infections
2016-09-21  Breakthrough plan to reverse diabetes in just 30 days
2016-09-21  Sugar industry bought off Harvard researchers
2016-09-19  Antidepressants linked to bone loss
2016-09-19  Doc pressured to push weight-loss drugs
2016-09-18  How to beat diabetes without drugs or surgery
2016-09-18  WARNING: Mainstream trying to silence statin critics
2016-09-17  Skip sex to reduce heart risk? No way!
2016-09-16  Beat back pain with better sleep
2016-09-16  The 'little' injury with the biggest risk
2016-09-14  Heart attack warning signs missed in women
2016-09-14  Chemotherapy linked to death risk
2016-09-12  Triclosan ban is too little too late
2016-09-12  Moderate drinking for health
2016-09-11  Acupuncture can fight severe pain
2016-09-11  Don't let them take away your meat
2016-09-10  Thyroid cancer may not need treatment
2016-09-09  Psoriasis linked to clogged arteries
2016-09-09  Memory loss linked to diabetes
2016-09-07  How your meds can age you
2016-09-07  Caveman diet cuts heart risk
2016-09-05  Fight fibromyalgia with swimming
2016-09-05  How NOT to beat sleep apnea
2016-09-04  Are pacemakers vulnerable to hackers?
2016-09-04  Bogus new blood pressure study aims to put you on pills
2016-09-03  Mainstream media bashes senior drivers
2016-09-02  Coffee helps heart attack recovery
2016-09-02  Bone breaks linked to senior medications
2016-08-31  Stroke warning signs often unrecognized
2016-08-31  Gallstones linked to heart risk
2016-08-29  Vitamin D cuts blood sugar in non-diabetics
2016-08-29  The ugly truth about chemo for breast cancer
2016-08-28  Beat diabetic retinopathy with fish
2016-08-28  Is your blood thinner killing you?
2016-08-27  Nasty germ in your head can lead to cancer in your tail
2016-08-26  Insurance coverage drops for dozens of prescription meds
2016-08-26  Don't fall for phony calcium scare
2016-08-24  Shocking truth about hospital 'care'
2016-08-24  Ease migraines with salt
2016-08-22  Secret dangers hidden in your food
2016-08-22  DASH away from this dumb gout 'cure'
2016-08-21  Why men are turning feeble and effeminate
2016-08-21  Tamiflu is going generic... and is useless
2016-08-20  Hospitals send seniors home too soon
2016-08-19  Is your tap water contaminated with firefighting chemicals?
2016-08-19  How to spot dementia... years before it strikes!
2016-08-17  Fidgeting can help boost circulation in legs
2016-08-17  Vision loss linked to sitting
2016-08-15  Bladder problems? Don't fall for Botox!
2016-08-15  Study proves it: Sunscreen is a lie!
2016-08-14  Fish oil can cut colon cancer risk
2016-08-14  Heart disease linked to tooth infections
2016-08-13  When 'advanced' cancer DOESN'T need treatment
2016-08-12  Obesity reaches record levels
2016-08-12  How weight-loss surgery can leave you crippled
2016-08-10  This common knee surgery WON'T help you
2016-08-10  Eat meat... and live LONGER!
2016-08-08  Fish oil can help heart attack survival
2016-08-08  Docs blow it on Alzheimer's
2016-08-07  SHOCKING new secret to brain health
2016-08-07  'Consumer Reports' launches bizarre attack on vitamins
2016-08-06  Blood sugar control from a hot bath
2016-08-05  HPV vaccine rejected in Japan
2016-08-05  Save your brain... with a videogame?
2016-08-03  Finally get that 'cottage cheese' off your thighs
2016-08-03  Aloe vera can also control blood sugar
2016-08-01  Slash your risk of falls with these simple steps
2016-08-01  Endoscope scandal grows with damning email revelation
2016-07-31  Soda linked to two deadliest cancers
2016-07-31  Here's a cure for tinnitus
2016-07-30  Beat diabetes by simply walking
2016-07-29  Prostate FEAR makes ugly comeback
2016-07-29  What a hospital stay does to your brain
2016-07-27  Ladies, keep your sex life cooking with this quick tip
2016-07-27  Stop colon cancer in its tracks -- WITHOUT superbug infections!
2016-07-25  Even skinny people face diabetes risk
2016-07-25  Obesity will shorten your life by years
2016-07-24  Heart failure worsened by common meds
2016-07-24  Docs clueless over CT scan risks
2016-07-23  Knee pain not helped with gel shoe inserts
2016-07-22  CDC insider caught advising junk food industry
2016-07-22  Cdiff turning up outside hospitals
2016-07-20  Ease your tremors with zinc
2016-07-20  The heart failure you DON'T know about
2016-07-18  New warning over sunscreen
2016-07-18  Beat cancer with HIGH cholesterol
2016-07-17  Stop cancer NOW!
2016-07-17  Check your dementia risk with this simple test
2016-07-16  Meet the cure for the common cold
2016-07-15  On BP meds? Here’s your way off!
2016-07-13  Break out the butter... it's GOOD for you!
2016-07-13  Omega-3 can save your life after a heart attack
2016-07-11  How docs turn your death into a desperate cash grab
2016-07-11  Shocking new treatment for the bedroom blues
2016-07-10  A life-saving hospital visit could wreck your wallet
2016-07-10  CDC caught hiding the ugly truth about FluMist
2016-07-09  Stress can speed cancer growth
2016-07-08  Never make a big decision while hungry
2016-07-08  Exercise doesn't lead to weight loss
2016-07-06  Scary new Zika risk for seniors
2016-07-06  The WORST way to 'treat' arthritis pain
2016-07-04  Heart attack protection from marriage
2016-07-04  Beer boosts brain in battle against dementia
2016-07-03  GABA can help you sleep at night
2016-07-03  Fish oil speeds recovery after heart surgery
2016-07-02  The key to heart health your doc WON'T talk about
2016-07-01  Horrible new device is like a bulimia machine
2016-07-01  LED lighting can disrupt vision and sleep
2016-06-29  Don't take an antibiotic without probiotics
2016-06-29  TRIPLE your weight loss with a Paleo-like diet
2016-06-27  Going to church cuts your death risk
2016-06-27  Why you need to STOP worrying about cholesterol today
2016-06-26  Is low zinc levels why your digestion is all screwy?
2016-06-26  Your doc will sell you out... for a pizza!
2016-06-25  End urinary tract infections for good
2016-06-24  Protect your heart... IN YOUR SLEEP!
2016-06-24  Coffee confusion as cancer agency makes bizarre new claim
2016-06-22  Are carbs why you're going blind?
2016-06-22  Your city is cheating on water tests
2016-06-20  You won't believe what the feds are attacking now
2016-06-20  Your new knee may hurt you more than the old one!
2016-06-19  Shocking gov't confession: FDA can't keep food safe
2016-06-19  Is your brain bleeding?
2016-06-18  The dangerous new ingredient in sunscreen
2016-06-17  When indigestion relief can turn deadly
2016-06-17  Bariatric surgery can wreck your mind
2016-06-15  Pricey new sex med may stick you with same old risks
2016-06-15  Slash your risk of the deadliest prostate cancer
2016-06-13  Migraine 'cure' is nothing but a headache
2016-06-13  Stop dementia cold by repairing your 'brain leak'
2016-06-12  The eye surgery trick that's music to your ears
2016-06-12  The one skill you NEVER want to lose
2016-06-11  The solar-powered cure for infection
2016-06-10  The dirty secret about your soap
2016-06-10  Your colonoscopy just got a whole lot easier
2016-06-08  The all-natural pain reliever that's all pleasure
2016-06-08  Is your phone killing you?
2016-06-06  This 'safe' sugar substitute is KILLING you!
2016-06-06  Does your doc think you're imagining your illness?
2016-06-05  How to safely grill your steaks this summer
2016-06-05  A new superbug threat... or an even bigger con?
2016-06-04  They're already pushing flu shots... in JUNE!
2016-06-03  Feel full with delicious food -- not balloons!
2016-06-03  The most effective bug spray is DEET
2016-06-01  Turbo-charge your brain with curcumin
2016-06-01  Cut your salt intake… and drop dead!
2016-05-30  Could you have a heart attack... and not even know it?
2016-05-30  You're not eating enough fat
2016-05-29  Light up for weight loss
2016-05-29  How statins FAIL women
2016-05-28  The surprising secret to cutting heart risk
2016-05-27  This 'new' wound cleaner is guaranteed to shock you
2016-05-27  High blood pressure? Here's when NOT to worry.
2016-05-25  FDA makes its dumbest discovery yet
2016-05-25  Power your brain with FAT!
2016-05-23  Infection? You probably don't need this antibiotic
2016-05-23  Scam treatments pushed on DYING cancer patients
2016-05-22  What's safe for your microwave ISN'T safe for you
2016-05-22  The secret to beating deadly prostate cancer
2016-05-21  Tylenol turns down your empathy
2016-05-20  PPIs will make you older than you are
2016-05-20  How to stop those late night tinkle trips
2016-05-18  Heart surgery? Don't touch that statin!
2016-05-18  Don't throw out your probiotic supplement!
2016-05-16  'Alternative' medicine goes mainstream in Switzerland
2016-05-16  You're taking too many pills
2016-05-15  Poor vision is the REAL risk for falling
2016-05-15  How to avoid food poisoning
2016-05-14  Common blood thinner linked to dementia
2016-05-13  Biggest "loser" diet doesn't work!
2016-05-13  How to get the most out of your multi
2016-05-11  Medical errors are third leading cause of death
2016-05-11  The diet that could slow an 'unstoppable' cancer
2016-05-09  Watch out when your doc prescribes an antibiotic
2016-05-09  How to get your old strength back
2016-05-08  Watch out for this dementia warning
2016-05-08  The 'forbidden drinks' that can give your gut a lift
2016-05-07  The ultimate key to keeping out of the hospital
2016-05-06  Clean the cobwebs out of your ears to protect your brain
2016-05-06  How to avoid one of the deadliest cancers
2016-05-04  It's not multiple sclerosis... it's a mosquito bite!
2016-05-04  You won't believe latest bizarre flu shot claim
2016-05-02  Urgent new warning over popular drinks
2016-05-02  Brazen new attack on your vitamins
2016-05-01  SHOCKER: Exercise doesn’t protect arteries!
2016-05-01  Why your doc can't treat Lyme disease
2016-04-30  Common allergy meds can turn your mind to mush!
2016-04-29  Don't poison your face to beat headaches
2016-04-29  'Safe' new diabetes drug? Keep dreaming!
2016-04-27  Is sugar why you're in so much pain?
2016-04-27  Don't let what happened to Prince happen to you
2016-04-25  Don't sign up for back surgery yet!
2016-04-25  Don't ignore heart attack warnings!
2016-04-24  Stomach acid drugs can shut your kidneys down
2016-04-24  Dangerous new push to slice harmless breast tumors
2016-04-23  EXPLOSIVE study exposes the truth about low-fat diet
2016-04-22  Bizarre new side effect of Tylenol
2016-04-22  Testosterone, the REAL key to preventing heart attack
2016-04-20  Clean your teeth to protect your brain
2016-04-20  Don't let them treat your prostate like a piñata! 
2016-04-18  Toss your skim milk... and bring back whole!
2016-04-18  Do you really need a reason to drink more wine? Here it is!
2016-04-17  Keep your first class health... even after sitting in coach
2016-04-17  Processed carbs can make harmless tumors deadly
2016-04-16  You'll LOVE these powerful inflammation-fighters!
2016-04-15  The most difficult decision you'll ever make
2016-04-15  Incredible breakthrough can help you keep strong bones
2016-04-13  Popular diabetes drug in deadly new risk
2016-04-13  When high blood pressure is nothing to worry about
2016-04-11  The vitamin [D3] EVERY heart failure patient needs ASAP
2016-04-11  Obamacare is running out of money
2016-04-10  Is your body committing blood-sugar betrayal?
2016-04-10  Ladies, here's how to FINALLY deflate your spare tire
2016-04-09  When paying more is worth it
2016-04-08  How one company tried to make quick cash off a deadly outbreak
2016-04-08  The 'forbidden foods' that can improve your sleep tonight!
2016-04-06  Drink coffee for better blood sugar control
2016-04-06  Is depression your FIRST dementia warning sign?
2016-04-04  Hospitals STILL can't figure out delirium in senior patients
2016-04-04  Sunshine is free, and could add YEARS to your life!
2016-04-03  A pancake's best friend can save your brain
2016-04-03  Vitamin C slashes your cataract risk
2016-04-02  Are you napping your way to an eternal sleep?
2016-04-01  Urgent new warning for Parkinson's patients
2016-04-01  How Obamacare bean-counters will try to steal your dialysis
2016-03-30  Here are the world's two cheapest brain-boosters
2016-03-30  It's allergy season already???
2016-03-28  Daffy new study attempts to explain fast food
2016-03-28  New government attack on your right to natural cures
2016-03-27  Is this the dumbest pain study ever?
2016-03-27  This common painkiller does nothing for arthritis
2016-03-26  Is YOUR doc in Big Pharma's pocket?
2016-03-23  Patience is a virtue... that can keep you alive
2016-03-23  Women being conned into barbaric surgery they don't need
2016-03-21  Terrifying new risk of men's "bedroom pill"
2016-03-21  How to stop Alzheimer's... even if you're already battling cognitive problems
2016-03-20  New scam targets kidney cancer patients
2016-03-20  How terminal patients are CONNED by unethical oncologists
2016-03-19  Common diabetes drug can cause severe vitamin deficiency
2016-03-18  Love salmon? You'll hate this!
2016-03-18  This blood thinner could make your brain bleed
2016-03-16  This common cause of lung cancer will shock you
2016-03-16  Big Pharma muscles its way into the fish oil game
2016-03-14  Go ahead and break out the salt shaker
2016-03-14  Happy St. Patrick's Day -- now drink up!
2016-03-13  Treating a prostate tumor can CAUSE deadlier cancers
2016-03-13  The $4 billion scam aimed at your knees
2016-03-12  Sex, the all-natural brain booster
2016-03-11  Lose weight without going hungry with this one diet trick
2016-03-11  Metabolic syndrome condition can QUADRUPLE your dementia risk
2016-03-09  How sleeping can give you brain damage
2016-03-09  The KEY to beating dementia and heart disease
2016-03-07  Sleep aids can turn you into a dangerously drugged driver
2016-03-07  Disarm prostate tumors with this simple nutrient
2016-03-06  How missing sleep can make you snack like a pothead
2016-03-06  Addyi spices up the bedroom with dangerous side effects
2016-03-05  Gum disease can turn deadly in a flash
2016-03-04  Don't bother with steroids for gout
2016-03-04  The feds pushing yet another flu shot lie
2016-03-02  No, candy will NOT save your brain!
2016-03-02  Canada deprives its citizens of life-saving cancer test
2016-02-29  What sugar REALLY does to your brain
2016-02-29  Terrifying new risk of no-cal sugar substitute
2016-02-28  Coffee can slash deadly liver risk
2016-02-28  Gentlemen, restart your engines in the bedroom!
2016-02-26  Stay on your feet by giving your knees what they need
2016-02-26  Acid reflux drugs could drain your brain
2016-02-24  Time to put your favorite foods back on the menu!
2016-02-24  Big Pharma wants you to vote for Hillary
2016-02-22  Her secret to an unforgettable night in the bedroom
2016-02-22  Raw milk tackles asthma, allergies and more
2016-02-21  Zinc, the immune-boosting mineral every senior needs
2016-02-21  The wildest flu shot claim yet... DEBUNKED!
2016-02-20  Fish oil and B12 can save your memory
2016-02-19  Boost your memory in just 60 minutes
2016-02-19  Want to shed weight? Don't go to a shrink
2016-02-17  Vision loss? Here's the 'cure' you don't need!
2016-02-17  Big Pharma targets YOU in new ad campaign
2016-02-15  The one easy diet that truly melts away pounds
2016-02-15  Docs pushing the prostate test that the feds flunked
2016-02-14  Natural cure helps your aching knees heal themselves
2016-02-14  Health police now coming after seltzer
2016-02-13  How NOT to cure the common cold
2016-02-12  Beat gout... one drip at a time
2016-02-12  Hate exercise? You're in luck.
2016-02-10  The diet that's really a death wish
2016-02-10  Hidden dangers in 'safe' BPA-free products
2016-02-08  Here's the real reason why the Feds are fighting painkiller reform
2016-02-08  Give cancer pain the HiFu chop!
2016-02-07  How to handle any winter storm with ease
2016-02-07  Guess who's getting RICH off giving you diabetes advice?
2016-02-06  Get to the root of your blues before taking meds
2016-02-05  B is for BEAT AGING!
2016-02-05  Coffee's biggest myth debunked!
2016-02-03  Smokers, you've been conned!
2016-02-03   Deadly Zika virus is coming to America
2016-02-01  What the Flint water crisis (and lead poisoning) mean for you
2016-02-01  Simple plant extract runs circles around high-priced cancer drug
2016-01-31  Do you really need that surgery?
2016-01-31  The screening scam EVERY senior needs to know about
2016-01-30  Could these popular BP meds put your heart to sleep?
2016-01-29  Dirty deeds are killing American hospital patients
2016-01-29  Why men get sicker with flu than women
2016-01-27  Ah, the sweet smell of...formaldehyde?!?
2016-01-27  A berry good way to boost your bedroom performance
2016-01-25  Spice up your heart protection plan
2016-01-25  How companies use "wellness" to spy on you
2016-01-24  Could your migraines go up in smoke?
2016-01-24  Cut your stroke risk in two easy steps
2016-01-23  PPIs [Nexium] can wreck your kidneys
2016-01-22  Workout videos are a HUGE scam!
2016-01-22  The vaccine that even conventional doctors fear
2016-01-20  DRINK UP! Health officials are dead wrong on booze risks
2016-01-20  Is your blood sugar slowly killing you?
2016-01-18  Don't fall for the newest prostate swindle
2016-01-18  You'll never guess what else gout can do to you
2016-01-17  New diet guidelines are a disaster in the making
2016-01-17  What just a little soda does to your waistline
2016-01-16  Don't let party poopers spoil your health
2016-01-15  Get this poison out of your water before it's too late
2016-01-13  Is this the real reason you're depressed?
2016-01-13  Swap the sugar for spice to keep breast cancer at bay
2016-01-11  Bad news for potato lovers
2016-01-11  A 'healthy' diet will make you fat!
2016-01-10  This heart test could cause cancer!
2016-01-10  The common cause of sex problems men WON'T talk about
2016-01-09  Cutting back on salt could kill you!
2016-01-08  Vitamin D boost keeps bones from breaking
2016-01-08  The crippling side effects of weight loss surgery
2016-01-06  Mystery meat is now on the menu!
2016-01-06  If you feel something, say something!
2016-01-04  The 'emergency' surgery you DON'T need
2016-01-04  Your fillings are killing you
2016-01-03  What docs do after a patient ODs will SHOCK you
2016-01-03  The statin risk your doctor won’t warn you about
2016-01-02  Don't touch that Tylenol when you’ve got the flu
2016-01-01  Live longer by starting your day off with coffee
2016-01-01  Beware the New Year's statins push
2015-12-30  Magnesium can fight one of the deadliest cancers
2015-12-30  Who really controls the FDA?
2015-12-28  Deadly diabetes drug [Avandia] is making a comeback
2015-12-28  Shine a light on depression
2015-12-27  Whooping cough hitting vaccinated kids the hardest
2015-12-27  This is exactly why we don't trust the flu shot
2015-12-26  The last argument for vegetarianism crumbles
2015-12-25  Never let 'em see you stress
2015-12-25  Is this the world's greatest Alzheimer’s treatment?
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2015-12-23  Merry Christmas...here's a fine gift!
2015-12-21  Fecal transplant - the most disgusting health fad you should never do yourself
2015-12-21  How anesthesia can screw up your brain
2015-12-20  Heart failure? Here's a drug [nitrates] you DON’T want!
2015-12-20  New drug scare for diabetics on warfarin
2015-12-19  Beware of this annual New Year's scam
2015-12-18  Why Americans don't live as long as they should
2015-12-18  The dopiest trend of 2015 is... e-cigs
2015-12-16  Terrifying new 'candy Ritalin' drug approved for kids
2015-12-16  Common prostate treatment can rot your brain
2015-12-14  Diabetes takes a bite out of your dental health
2015-12-14  Statins could be pushed on children next
2015-12-13  Bad-tasting beetroot juice can protect your heart
2015-12-13  Quick relief from back pain with this simple trick
2015-12-11  Is your body size sabotaging your weight loss?
2015-12-11  Boost your brainpower with this diet tweak
2015-12-09  That soda you're drinking is eating away at your teeth
2015-12-09  Secret ingredient hidden in new flu shots could ruin your life!
2015-12-07  Want to fight heart disease? Play more golf!
2015-12-07  Bogus study claims talk therapy can 'cure' chronic fatigue
2015-12-06  Save your knees with the power of 10
2015-12-06  The antibiotic [Z-Pak] that could stop your heart cold
2015-12-04  Terrifying new superbugs can resist EVERY drug!
2015-12-04  The shocking bottom line about so-called "top" heart docs
2015-12-02  Frightening new monster fish headed to your dinner plate
2015-12-02  This 'miracle elixir' (coffee) could add years to your life
2015-11-30  This common hospital med could KILL you!
2015-11-30  The one type of fat that’s even worse than obesity
2015-11-29  Sick of drug commercials? Shockingly, so is the AMA!
2015-11-29  Study reveals steroid shots fail to knock out knee pain
2015-11-27  Wacky study claims your immune system works because of belief
2015-11-27  Are annual physicals headed for extinction?
2015-11-25  New study reveals soda could stop your heart permanently!
2015-11-25  Big Pharma considers bribing you with cash prizes to take statins
2015-11-23  Leading cereal producer sued for questionable protein claims
2015-11-23  Ease your knees with this powerful cartilage saver
2015-11-22  The heart attack you CAN'T feel can still kill you!
2015-11-22  Common heart procedure comes with lots of risks and zero rewards
2015-11-20  The natural cancer-fighter your doc REFUSES to talk about
2015-11-20  Obamacare rates are rapidly rising and YOU'RE paying the price
2015-11-18  There's something fishy about your salmon
2015-11-18  That’s not a winter cold it’s winter allergies!
2015-11-16  Climate change kooks are cooking the books
2015-11-16  Acupuncture: Study proves pins beat pills for neck pain every time
2015-11-15  SHOCKING new diet plan will zap your brain to lose weight
2015-11-15  Diabetic? Chances are your doctor is making this HUGE mistake
2015-11-14  Harvard study reveals glaring flaw in the low-fat diet
2015-11-13  Is your television REALLY a stone cold killer?
2015-11-13  Phony baloney study claims meats cause cancer
2015-11-11  The serious risk factor most people REFUSE talk about - constipation
2015-11-11  Brain burp or dementia? One question memory test reveals the truth
2015-11-09  Statins and flu shots are a disastrous duo
2015-11-09  How a "simple" case of heartburn leads to kidney damage
2015-11-08  WARNING: You may be giving yourself gout... in your sleep!
2015-11-08  Don't let fighting hair loss leave you with a dangerous infection
2015-11-07  The trick to safely ditching your asthma inhaler
2015-11-06  Your "prescription" for beating back holiday stress
2015-11-06  One more way Obamacare hits you in the wallet
2015-11-04  The worst gout treatment ever approved? You be the judge
2015-11-04  The shocking fall risk no one's warned you about
2015-11-02  What Oprah WON'T tell you about Weight Watchers
2015-11-02  Research reveals "studies" being written by Big Pharma hacks
2015-11-01  The surprising tuna fish secret to beating breast cancer
2015-11-01  Fight the REAL cause of heart disease [Hint, it's NOT cholesterol]
2015-10-31  Seniors, learn the secret to living another decade -- or MORE
2015-10-30  Pink Ribbon Mafia does its best to drown out common sense
2015-10-30  "Less invasive" cancer surgery is ALSO less effective
2015-10-28  Prostate supplement witch-hunt backfires
2015-10-28  Study finds heavy duty painkillers fall flat for back pain
2015-10-26  Strange (and effective!) kidney stone cure involves MORE sex
2015-10-26  Common prescription could leave you dead on the surgeon's table
2015-10-26  The $5 cancer fighter available in any supermarket
2015-10-26  Is the latest FDA drug approval just legalized extortion?
2015-10-23  Beat low back pain without painful physical therapy
2015-10-23  Flu shot flimflam pushes failed vaccine harder than ever
2015-10-21  Belly blubber can send uric acid levels skyrocketing
2015-10-21  How your simple winter infection could turn deadly fast
2015-10-19  Research reveals it's time to put red wine BACK on the diabetes menu
2015-10-19  WARNING: Your snack choices could be giving you brain damage
2015-10-18  Boneheads miss the point on calcium
2015-10-18  Are you a victim of this high blood pressure lie?
2015-10-16  The breast cancer scam that's making pink anything but pretty
2015-10-16  Ease the ache without steroids or painful physical therapy
2015-10-14  Want to lose weight? Skip the extra veggies Harvard team says
2015-10-14  Gently stretch away excruciating arthritis pain
2015-10-12  Research reveals death risk skyrockets up to 40% with hearing loss!
2015-10-12  Cancer docs caught putting cold hard cash above patient care
2015-10-11  The 2 cent a day antibiotic companion that can save your gut
2015-10-11  The CDC swindle that's scarier than a Halloween monster
2015-10-09  WARNING: New depression "treatment" is double the trouble
2015-10-09  Don't fall for this high-tech mammo-SCAM
2015-10-07  This nighttime "habit" could be why you're down in the dumps
2015-10-07  Healthy seniors conned into taking a dangerous heart drug
2015-10-05  Survive your cancer... one easy step at a time!
2015-10-05  The ladies' night order that could slash heart attack risk by 30%
2015-10-04  REVEALED: How junk-food giants write "dietary guidelines"
2015-10-04  Soda king FORCED to come clean on "bribes" to medical groups
2015-10-02  Wall Street crooks want you to foot the bill for their excessive lifestyle
2015-10-02  The most disgraceful Big Pharma cover-up of all time
2015-09-30  Antibacterial soap doesn't kill bugs better but could kill YOU
2015-09-30  Study: No danger from sex after a heart attack
2015-09-28  Slash your Alzheimer’s risk with this simple nutrient
2015-09-28  Supplement smear campaign by cancer organization could kill you
2015-09-27  Obama just gave Big Pharma the keys to the FDA
2015-09-27  WARNING: Your battle with bugs could give a child you love cancer
2015-09-25  Could the key to beating Alzheimer's really be this simple?
2015-09-25  The 'diet' option that can cause weight gain
2015-09-23  Don't fall for this painful apnea 'quick fix'
2015-09-23  Prevent depression with a fish dinner
2015-09-21  The surprising risk of TOO MUCH sleep!
2015-09-21  Simple supplement could slash your risk of MS flare-ups
2015-09-20  New diabetes drug can snap your bones like twigs
2015-09-20  Clueless surgeon general wants to spends millions on sidewalks
2015-09-18  Dangerous push to replace failed mood meds with psychedelics
2015-09-18  BEWARE: Younger kids being targeted for bogus ADHD diagnosis
2015-09-16  Try this quick shuteye trick to bring down your blood pressure
2015-09-16  Ready to toss those granny reading glasses in the trash? 
2015-09-14  Why are school lunches and YOUR cash ending up in the trash?
2015-09-14  STUDY: Diabetes turns your brain to mush! Here's how to stop it
2015-09-13  Your "ticking time bomb" tumor may be more of a paper tiger
2015-09-13  All the benefits of exercise... from a single pill!
2015-09-11  Is it dementia… or just a senior moment?
2015-09-11  Common joint surgeries could give you a heart attack!
2015-09-09  What's REALLY in your burger will make you sick
2015-09-09  Is your doc giving you diabetes in a pill?
2015-09-07  Disfiguring breast cancer scam EXPOSED!
2015-09-07  Popular back pain treatment no better than placebo
2015-09-06  Fire up the grill: The STEAK secret to protecting your arteries!
2015-09-06  World's most powerful immune booster is completely FREE!
2015-09-04  Rest in peace, Dr. Douglass
2015-08-31  Warning: Your contact lenses could cause an eye-rotting infection
2015-08-31  Dopey study makes ridiculous claim breast milk is bad for baby
2015-08-31  The skin condition that can cause depression
2015-08-31  Prevent Alzheimer's disease with these 'BAD' habits
2015-08-28  STUDY: Acupuncture works like meds minus the side effects
2015-08-28  This little vitamin "secret" could save you BIG money
2015-08-26  Triple nutrient "cocktail" could be the key to saving your sight
2015-08-26  Dodge deadly colon cancer with a daily cuppa joe
2015-08-24  WARNING: Popping calcium chews for bone health can backfire
2015-08-24  CDC confession: 'mystery' [Lyme] disease is now a major threat
2015-08-24  Shocking study reveals trendy fitness "boot camps" can kill
2015-08-24  CONFIRMED: Saturated fats are HEALTHY fats
2015-08-21  Stomach surgery 'benefits' vanish over time
2015-08-21  Ditch the deadly poison embedded in your teeth
2015-08-19  WARNING: Common endoscopic camera procedure can kill
2015-08-19  Surgeons are turning the OR into a distracting -- and deadly -- disco
2015-08-17  How Coca-Cola bought its own scientists
2015-08-17  The unappetizing truth about your food labels
2015-08-16  The TRUE Southern diet could save your life
2015-08-16  Feeling down in the dumps? Ditch the bread!
2015-08-14  Vaccination cover-up exposed as CDC admits to tossing data
2015-08-14  Levaquin linked to new risks, including mitochondrial toxicity
2015-08-12  Blood pressure swings predict heart risk
2015-08-12  Breakfast is important to diabetics
2015-08-10  ReShape Dual Balloon approved for weight loss
2015-08-10  Cellphones in new link to brain tumors
2015-08-10  Beat fibromyalgia with this moderate booze
2015-08-10  Falls caused by anticholinergic drugs
2015-08-07  Schizophrenia in bogus link to cigarettes
2015-08-07  Sleep is a powerful pain reliever
2015-08-05  Erectile dysfunction linked to undiagnosed diabetes
2015-08-05  Testosterone not linked to blood clots
2015-08-03  Hot yoga can pop joints
2015-08-03  Osteoporosis drugs get free pass over risks
2015-08-03  CT scans linked to DNA damage
2015-07-31  How TV leads to cognitive decline
2015-07-31  Brain hemorrhages linked to painkillers and antidepressants
2015-07-29  How diabetes leads to cognitive decline
2015-07-29  Kale contaminated with toxic thallium
2015-07-27  Seprafilm recall urged after death links
2015-07-27  Statins pushed because of a computer simulation
2015-07-27  Obamacare subsidies used by fraudsters
2015-07-27  Weight loss is impossible, new study claims
2015-07-24  Painkillers linked to heart and stroke risk
2015-07-24  Fish oil targeted in mainstream press attack
2015-07-22  Brain stents don't work
2015-07-22  Diabetes in new link to dementia
2015-07-20  Alcohol is safe for women
2015-07-20  Statins linked to terrifying muscle disorder
2015-07-19  Asbestos found in toys from China
2015-07-19  Stop dementia with B vitamins and fish oil
2015-07-17  Fish oil will help you live longer
2015-07-17  Research confirms common water recommendations are bogus
2015-07-15  Don't fall for this new cholesterol drug.
2015-07-15  Statins linked to uncontrollable rage and aggression
2015-07-13  Antidepressants can cause bone breaks in women
2015-07-13  Mammograms proven to cause over-treatment
2015-07-12  Low testosterone in new depression link
2015-07-12  Prostate cancer still over-treated
2015-07-11  Vaccine laws robbing you of your most basic rights
2015-07-10  Michelle Obama brings daffy diet plan to Italy
2015-07-10  Incontinence cured with bariatric surgery?
2015-07-08  Orange juice can increase the risk of melanoma
2015-07-08  Memory loss can predict Alzheimer's disease
2015-07-06  Ease dry eyes with fish oil
2015-07-06  Prostate cancer doesn't need surgery even after upgrade
2015-07-06  Grapefruit diet is ridiculous and doesn't work
2015-07-06  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy might cure fibromyalgia
2015-07-04  Choosing the right colonoscopy doc could save your life
2015-07-03  Brown fat can burn off the white
2015-07-03  Knee surgeries don't work
2015-07-01  Elderberry beats flu drug
2015-07-01  Narcotics can't beat migraines
2015-06-29  Cataracts can be prevented with B vitamins
2015-06-29  Poor sleep increases heart risk
2015-06-28  Trans-fats ban isn't a ban at all
2015-06-28  Sex drugs increase melanoma risk
2015-06-27  Beat appendicitis WITHOUT surgery
2015-06-26  Light exercise is all you need
2015-06-26  Sex can cut the risk of prostate cancer
2015-06-24  Ease Crohn's disease with vitamin D
2015-06-24  Cognitive behavioral therapy works for insomnia
2015-06-22  Antidepressants unnecessary for 98 percent of patients
2015-06-22  Pain worsened by poor sleep
2015-06-21  Efforts to keep kids safe is actually hurting them
2015-06-21  PPI heartburn drugs linked to heart attack
2015-06-20  Diabetic neuropathy linked to low vitamin D
2015-06-19  Statins linked to memory loss... again
2015-06-17  Your toothbrush is dirtier than you think
2015-06-17  National Institutes of Health caught making contaminated meds
2015-06-15  Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease caused by single sugary drink
2015-06-15  Lead in water caused by water treatment
2015-06-14  Placenta eating has no benefits at all
2015-06-14  Apnea linked to death risk
2015-06-13  Cut triglycerides naturally with probiotics
2015-06-12  Children's menus under attack in new Nanny State push
2015-06-12  Heart drug digoxin increases death risk
2015-06-10  Ease prostatitis with better gum care
2015-06-10  How Big Pharma controls TV news
2015-06-08  Obamacare rates jump by up to 51 percent
2015-06-08  Fenugreek can boost women's sexual health
2015-06-07  Alcohol is safe for the heart
2015-06-07  Power your muscle with fish oil
2015-06-06  Parkinson's disease linked to depression
2015-06-05  Fish oil can restore cognitive flexibility
2015-06-05  Heart failure and depression are a deadly combination
2015-06-03  Metabolic syndrome strikes half of all seniors
2015-06-03  LunaFlex PM can bring overnight comfort to your joints
2015-06-01  UTIs can mask bladder cancer
2015-06-01  Overactive bladder linked to falls
2015-05-31  Sunscreen contains dangerous chemicals
2015-05-31  Coffee can cut your erectile dysfunction risk
2015-05-30  Coffee bean secret that "turns back the clock"
2015-05-29  Sciatica drug prednisone won't ease pain
2015-05-29  Osteoporosis screenings pushed on men
2015-05-27  Irritable bowel syndrome test in development
2015-05-27  Diet drug Contrave's safety study halted in shocking ethics scandal
2015-05-25  Breathe easy with the lung protecting power of vitamin E
2015-05-25  Dangerous new diabetes drugs could send you to the hospital
2015-05-24  Multivitamins can fight stress
2015-05-24  Hormone therapy for prostate cancer can damage the brain
2015-05-23  Low-carb diet won't cause weight gain
2015-05-22  Celiac disease linked to neuropathy
2015-05-22  Ease seasonal allergies with probiotics
2015-05-20  Warfarin linked to new risks in the obese
2015-05-20  Obamacare is causing overcrowded ERs
2015-05-18  High blood sugar linked to dementia
2015-05-17  Fruit can make you hungrier
2015-05-17  C diff can be beaten with more C diff
2015-05-16  21st Century Cures Act is a disaster waiting to happen
2015-05-15  Urinary tract infections are becoming drug-resistant
2015-05-15  Cholesterol drugs don't save lives
2015-05-13  Walking for 2 minutes can prevent disease
2015-05-13  Hospitalization linked to functional problems
2015-05-11  Aspartame removed from Diet Pepsi
2015-05-11  Feds cut fluoride levels almost in half
2015-05-10  Water-driven study is all wet
2015-05-10  Atrial fibrillation doesn't need blood thinners
2015-05-09  Exercise won't lead to weight loss
2015-05-08  Glutathione may help prevent dementia
2015-05-08  Homeopathy regulation under discussion in DC
2015-05-06  Coffee can fight breast cancer
2015-05-06  New mammogram guidelines are flat-out wrong
2015-05-04  L. rhamnosus keeps your gut balanced
2015-05-04  Medical testing trend leads to over-treatment
2015-05-03  Supermarket shrimp are crawling with bacteria
2015-05-03  Proton pump inhibitors
2015-05-02  Apnea linked to dementia
2015-05-01  BPA damages fertility for three generations
2015-05-01  Stop pre-diabetes with vitamin K1
2015-04-29  Medical marijuana proven effective for cancer
2015-04-29  Cancer risk increased by supplements? Don't fall for it!
2015-04-27  Tylenol can damage your emotions
2015-04-27  Red meat won't lead to weight gain
2015-04-26  Dementia linked to diabetes & depression
2015-04-26  Onglyza linked to new death risk
2015-04-25  Sodium levels are set too low
2015-04-24  Grandparenting can keep the mind sharp
2015-04-24  Supplement safety under fire
2015-04-22  Folate supplements protect against summer heat
2015-04-22  Boost DHA levels in your brain
2015-04-20  Dietitians back away from partnership with Kraft
2015-04-20  Eggs can cut your risk of diabetes
2015-04-19  Increase serotonin with probiotic bacteria
2015-04-19  VA scandal grows as veterans still face delays
2015-04-18  Antidepressants are prescribed for no reason
2015-04-17  Tylenol doesn't work for back, knee and hip pain
2015-04-17  Testosterone for women can save lives
2015-04-15  Shigella superbug spreading in the U.S.
2015-04-15  Flying superbugs found near Texas cattle ranches
2015-04-13  Stomach acid needed to protect bone
2015-04-13  Scientific fraud exposed in Chinese studies
2015-04-12  Statins pushed on kids
2015-04-12  GNC settlement proves NY attorney general was wrong
2015-04-11  'Biggest Loser' diet is guaranteed to fail
2015-04-10  Brain stents linked to stroke and death
2015-04-10  Finasteride [Proscar] can cause erectile dysfunction
2015-04-08  Zinc can fight inflammation
2015-04-08  Antibiotics linked to diabetes
2015-04-06  Cardiac testing unnecessary for most
2015-04-06  Vitamin D levels set far too low
2015-04-05  Roseroot is as good as antidepressants
2015-04-05  Allergies will be worse than ever this year
2015-04-04  Women's sexual health gets better with sleep
2015-04-03  Sleep can help improve your memory
2015-04-03  Back pain scans don't work
2015-04-01  Diet soda leads to weight gain
2015-04-01  Dietitians admit they take payments to push Coke
2015-03-30  Bioidentical hormones more popular than ever
2015-03-29  Coconut oil proven healthier than soybean oil
2015-03-29  Glucose drugs cause heart failure
2015-03-28  Glucosamine and chondroitin can cut inflammation
2015-03-27  Omega-7 can slash inflammation
2015-03-27  Chantix linked to new risks
2015-03-25  Low testosterone can be caused by lack of sex
2015-03-25  Statins can increase your risk of diabetes
2015-03-23  Dementia can be triggered by heart problems
2015-03-23  Salt can fight infection
2015-03-22  Hormone replacement can save your life
2015-03-22  Fish oil can prevent heart attack damage
2015-03-21  Thyroid cancer often follows breast cancer
2015-03-20  Senior sex can protect the brain
2015-03-20  Food bacteria more common in veggies
2015-03-18  Junk food makers "bribe" dieticians for endorsements
2015-03-18  Non-celiac gluten sensitivity proven real
2015-03-16  Antibiotics in milk found by new tests
2015-03-16  Skim milk isn't healthier
2015-03-15  Osteoarthritis patients need to move more
2015-03-15  Dirty duodenoscopes were never approved
2015-03-14  Deadly new diet guidelines
2015-03-13  Peanuts can protect your heart
2015-03-13  Supplements pass test after attorney general probe
2015-03-11  Green products pack dangerous chemicals
2015-03-11  Statins don't prevent heart attacks
2015-03-09  Fluoride can cause thyroid damage
2015-03-09  McDonald's antibiotic-free chicken plan is for the birds
2015-03-08  Statins cause Parkinson's disease
2015-03-08  Coffee protects arteries
2015-03-06  Cancer survival is a scam
2015-03-06  Menopause symptoms can last for 7 years or more
2015-03-04  Google will soon offer censored health advice
2015-03-04  Diets don't work, experts claim
2015-03-02  Caramel color in soda has a cancerous secret
2015-03-02  Saturated fats proven safe again
2015-03-01  The only exercise you need is a walk
2015-03-01  Heart risk calculators don't compute
2015-02-28  FDA allows research fraud to be swept under the rug
2015-02-27  Chronic fatigue syndrome officially recognized
2015-02-27  Common-sense measures to end delirium
2015-02-25  Glucosamine and chondroitin beat drugs for osteoarthritis
2015-02-25  Cholesterol limits dropped in new diet guidelines
2015-02-23  Autoimmune disease linked to mercury exposure
2015-02-23  Enlarged prostate can be worsened by decongestants
2015-02-22  Drugs for urinary tract infection can increase death risk
2015-02-22  Berberine can help boost brown fat
2015-02-21  Dirty endoscopes contaminated with deadly CRE
2015-02-20  Supplements can fight depression
2015-02-20  LDL cholesterol won't boost heart risk
2015-02-18  Curcumin can fight inflammation
2015-02-18  Chinese plant dang shen relieves COPD symptoms
2015-02-16  Obamacare steals your online privacy
2015-02-16  High blood sugar linked to heart failure death
2015-02-15  Green tea found to shut down tumor cells
2015-02-15  Seniors need more protein for muscle
2015-02-14  Anticholinergic drugs can cause dementia
2015-02-13  Bottled water causes sweaty pits
2015-02-13  Generic Nexium for acid reflux could hurt millions
2015-02-11  Soda leads to early puberty in girls
2015-02-11  Dirty endoscopes lead to superbug outbreaks
2015-02-09  Pet obesity on the rise
2015-02-09  Kidney tumors don't always need treatment
2015-02-08  Sperm counts are falling via the tap water
2015-02-08  Seniors don't fall because of age
2015-02-07  Tree lichens may hold next great cancer cure
2015-02-06  Pneumonia can increase your heart risk
2015-02-06  Big box retailers accused of selling low quality supplements
2015-02-04  Moderate drinking can prevent heart failure
2015-02-04  Low-sodium diet has no benefit
2015-02-02  Drink coffee to prevent skin cancer
2015-02-02  Multivitamins boost women's heart health
2015-02-01  Exercise won't help if you're sedentary
2015-02-01  Aspirin won't help with stroke prevention
2015-01-31  Cancer biopsies could turbo charge your tumor
2015-01-30  Employee wellness plans are intrusive and invasive
2015-01-30  Indian drug companies in new scandal
2015-01-28  No such thing as healthy obesity
2015-01-28  Maestro Rechargeable System is an accident waiting to happen
2015-01-26  School vaccination ruling forces kids to get shots
2015-01-26  BPA-free water bottles are just as dangerous
2015-01-25  Vitamin A may hold key to beating diabetes
2015-01-25  The latest sleep apnea cure is the most ridiculous yet
2015-01-24  USDA pesticide tests give Monsanto a pass
2015-01-23  Boswellia serrata relieves stubborn knee arthritis pain
2015-01-23  Shoplifting could be early warning of dementia
2015-01-21  Doctor's fees are a huge scam
2015-01-21  Cocoa can boost cognition in healthy seniors
2015-01-19  Benzodiazepines are killing seniors
2015-01-18  Being "healthy" is making America fat and sick
2015-01-18  So called "best" diets are actually the least healthy
2015-01-17  Can taurine reverse Alzheimer's disease?
2015-01-16  Government-funded Obamacare co-ops going broke
2015-01-16  Is the CDC pushing depression patients into unnecessary treatment?
2015-01-14  Breast cancer treatments can cause leukemia
2015-01-14  American Diabetes Association is pushing statins for diabetes
2015-01-12  Diet drug Saxenda is dangerous and ineffective
2015-01-12  Dr. Phil's depression hotline a waste of your cash
2015-01-11  Turn to zinc lozenges to conquer winter cold
2015-01-11  Senior brains are wired for money management
2015-01-10  State forcing unwanted chemotherapy on cancer patient
2015-01-09  Arthritis linked to deadly heart risk
2015-01-09  How resveratrol activates disease-fighting genes
2015-01-07  New statin risk when combined with antibiotics
2015-01-07  Diabetes drugs don't save lives
2015-01-05  Pharmacies violate privacy by selling your prescription data
2015-01-05  USDA inspectors are paid off by Big Ag
2015-01-04  When prostate cancer doesn't need treatment
2015-01-04  The light from your iPad can keep you up at night
2015-01-03  Mumps outbreak proves vaccines are failing
2015-01-02  Cheap generic drugs may be tainted
2015-01-02  Big Pharma uses shady docs in drug marketing
2014-12-31  Lyrica for back pain can't beat placebo
2014-12-31  New gout drug doesn't work
2014-12-29  Phthalates damage baby brains
2014-12-29  Docs won't talk about sex after heart attack
2014-12-28  How aspirin therapy hurts women
2014-12-28  High-fructose corn syrup makes you hungrier
2014-12-27  New cholesterol drug could be the most dangerous yet
2014-12-26  Don't fill that eye drug prescription without reading this FIRST
2014-12-26  "Lazarus plant" ashwagandha brings energy levels back from the dead
2014-12-25  Reduce triglycerides naturally with spice blend
2014-12-25  Have you made your last meatless Christmas meal?
2014-12-22  Older women given unnecessary radiation for breast cancer
2014-12-22  Statin induced muscle pain caused by low CoQ10
2014-12-21  Total knee replacement warning
2014-12-21  Meniscus surgery leads to arthritis
2014-12-20  Blood sugar control critical to brain health
2014-12-19  Testosterone for women can improve sex lives
2014-12-19  Coffee prevents Alzheimer's disease
2014-12-17  Atrial fibrillation drug can STOP your heart
2014-12-17  Kids get too many unnecessary X-rays
2014-12-15  Phony new study claims HPV shots have already cut cancer rates
2014-12-14  Breast cancer vaccine study comes up short
2014-12-14  Bariatric surgery risks now include vision loss
2014-12-13  Testosterone protects your heart... and your love life
2014-12-10  Magnesium can prevent metabolic syndrome
2014-12-12  CDC finally admits flu shot doesn't work!
2014-12-10  Saturated fats improve heart health
2014-12-10  ObamaLunch is going right into the garbage
2014-12-08  Sham federal study attacks vitamin D checks
2014-12-08  Marriage problems can lead to heart problem
2014-12-07  Sunscreen chemicals can damage fertility in men
2014-12-07  Ebola cured with ozone
2014-12-05  New risk of blood thinner Pradaxa
2014-12-05  That gym smell could kill you
2014-12-03  Power morcellator decision will kill women
2014-12-03  Cellphones linked again to brain tumors
2014-12-01  Bogus study used to promote vegan weight loss
2014-12-01  COX-2 inhibitors can increase your risk of death by stroke
2014-11-30  Chronic fatigue syndrome backed by new study
2014-11-30  Obamacare enrollees can't find care
2014-11-29  Is Coke rushing to get rid of aspartame?
2014-11-28  Weight-loss balloon is a dumb idea
2014-11-28  A high-protein diet will give you more muscle
2014-11-26  Obese offered cash to lose weight
2014-11-26  There's arsenic in the rice
2014-11-24  New "dementia pill" CAUSES memory loss
2014-11-24  Sleep apnea linked to memory loss
2014-11-23  Lemon balm leaf relieves insomnia by 82%
2014-11-23  Hot yoga can lead to spider veins
2014-11-22  Natural cure for seasonal affective disorder
2014-11-21  Feds offer Big Pharma 'voucher' incentives for drug development
2014-11-21  Feds caught hiding the ugly truth about flu shots
2014-11-19  Michelle Obama's school lunch has been a total failure
2014-11-17  Alcohol can improve your memory and protect your brain
2014-11-17  Coffee can protect teeth and gums
2014-11-15  The solar-powered cure for prostate cancer
2014-11-14  'Uber' flu delivery is a dangerous gimmick
2014-11-12  The 26-cent solution to saving your brain after cardiac arrest
2014-11-12  McDonald's proposed organic menu is a ploy
2014-11-10  Soda will damage your DNA
2014-11-10  Curcumin can enhance memory in seniors
2014-11-09  Protein at breakfast will cut off unhealthy food cravings
2014-11-07  Soy protein can weaken muscle
2014-11-07  Your skin can suck up BPA from receipts
2014-11-05  Capsaicin cuts nagging pain in half
2014-11-05  Parkinson's drugs can cause compulsive behavior
2014-11-03  Chantix will keep its black box warning label
2014-11-02  Vaccines can trigger multiple sclerosis
2014-11-02  U.S. taxpayers foot the bill for Big Pharma's Ebola vaccines
2014-11-01  Weight loss surgery can cause severe headaches
2014-11-01  Doctors revert to bad habits with antibiotics when not being watched
2014-10-31  Drugs are the leading cause of allergic reactions
2014-10-31  New push to give osteoporosis drugs to men
2014-10-29  Can you freeze away your belly fat?
2014-10-29  New research confirms MS may start in your gut
2014-10-27  Coffee can protect your liver
2014-10-26  Depression questionnaire fails major test
2014-10-26  Viagra ads aimed at women
2014-10-25  ADHD kids just need more time outside
2014-10-24  Use selenium to skip the flu (and the flu shot)
2014-10-24  Obama's Ebola czar will make Big Pharma fat cats happy
2014-10-22  92% of patients on medical marijuana say it works
2014-10-22  New call to screen everyone for diabetes
2014-10-20  Xolair linked to heart attack and blood clots
2014-10-20  U.S. chickens coated in chlorine
2014-10-19  Many bottled waters still have fluoride
2014-10-19  Exercise rots teeth
2014-10-18  Artificial sweeteners are a diabetes disaster
2014-10-17  Beer and billiards hold the key to longevity
2014-10-17  The Ebola lie: Ebola cases prove you can't trust government planning
2014-10-17  Athletes and millionaires swearing by high-protein diet
2014-10-15  Popular anxiety drugs double Alzheimer's risk
2014-10-15  Obamacare for the rich being funded by taxpayers
2014-10-15  Are mammograms wrecking 20 times more lives than they save?
2014-10-13  B12 vitamins are the secret to rock-hard bones
2014-10-13  How drug companies caused the Ebola outbreak
2014-10-12  Low-carb diet will win the battle of the bulge
2014-10-12  Uncle Sam quiet on link between illegals and enterovirus
2014-10-10  Group blows whistle on filthy Foster Farms plants
2014-10-10  Fish oil may slash seisures by 33%
2014-10-09  Was Ebola patient denied life-saving medication?
2014-10-08  Government practically admits kids don't need flu vaccine
2014-10-08  Did insurance giant withhold mental health care?
2014-10-06  Government forcing dangerous low-salt diet on kids
2014-10-05  Bribing doctors? New data exposes drug company payola
2014-10-05  Mushroom compound fights prostate cancer
2014-10-04  FDA approved barely-tested cancer drug
2014-10-03  Expensive rheumatoid arthritis drugs spur patient revolt
2014-10-03  Big Pharma walks away from the superbug epidemic it caused
2014-10-01  Uncle Sam not protecting you from Ebola
2014-10-01  Potassium drops stroke risk 21%
2014-10-01  California parents are skipping childhood vaccinations
2014-09-29  3-D mammograms deliver a high dose of dangerous radiation
2014-09-29  Bone-building bisphosphonates increase fracture rates
2014-09-28  Pesticide used to treat fruit is a tuberculosis drug
2014-09-28  Big Pharma cover-up buries countless drug side effects and deaths
2014-09-27  Was Laetrile a hushed-up cancer cure?
2014-09-26  Big Pharma dopes planning marijuana takedown
2014-09-26  Obamacare enrollment may be smoke and mirrors
2014-09-24  More food recalls of imported Chinese foods reveals a dark secret
2014-09-24  Big Pharma says it can't be sued for opioid deaths
2014-09-23  'BPA-Free' plastics are just as dangerous
2014-09-22  Israel bans fluoride in drinking water
2014-09-21  Antibiotic clarithromycin ups heart attack Risk 76%
2014-09-19  Drug recalls up 309% thanks to bungling feds
2014-09-17  Sleeping pills a one-way ticket to the ER
2014-09-17  Phthalates in food packaging make you a bedroom bomb
2014-09-17  Transvaginal mesh panel may be under Big Pharma's influence
2014-09-15  The FDA can't be bothered to inspect toxic food additives
2014-09-15  Doctors are pushing useless medical screenings on seniors
2014-09-01  PSA test found to be only effective 2.4% of the time
2014-08-29  Gorging on fruits and vegetables doesn't extend life
2014-08-29  Young Americans are revolting against Obamacare
2014-08-27  PETA is bribing the poor to accept unhealthy vegan diet
2014-08-27  Birth control pills may up cancer risk 310%!
2014-08-25  War on childhood obesity attacks school bake sales
2014-08-25  Capsaicin in chili peppers may slash cancer risk
2014-08-24  Delicious spices could hold herbal cure for diabetes
2014-08-24  Flawed study pushes statins for cancer prevention
2014-08-22  Mainstream bullying prostate cancer patients into surgery, radiation
2014-08-22  Could raw milk eliminate 90% of childhood allergies?
2014-08-20  Study proves organic produce is worth every penny
2014-08-20  Uncle Sam ponders luxury hotel for illegal immigrants
2014-08-18  Stem cells cure incontinence without surgery
2014-08-18  Fish oil may fight off brain shrink, cognitive decline, and Alzheimer's
2014-08-17  FDA fights to stop hearings on antibiotics in meat
2014-08-17  Omega-3s slash risk of Lou Gehrig's Disease by 33%
2014-08-15  Some prostate cancer docs are botching 98% of cases
2014-08-15  Graphic cigarette labels are all fright and no bite
2014-08-13  Uncle Sam to offer movie tickets with food stamps?
2014-08-13  New disease may have environmentalists backpedaling on DDT bans
2014-08-11  Drones to reveal ugly truth about factory farms
2014-08-11  Double mastectomy only boosts survival rate 1%
2014-08-10  Vitamin D may offer drug-free cure for high blood pressure
2014-08-10  The CDC calls for an education campaign to push "useless" Tamiflu
2014-08-08  Soap industry still won't come clean on triclosan
2014-08-08  Big Dairy attacks mom and pop raw milk farmers
2014-08-06  Is America Just WEEKS From an Ebola Outbreak?
2014-08-06  Senator's mammogram funding move stinks of corruption
2014-08-04  Botched food inspections are a plague waiting to happen
2014-08-04  Big Pharma hired guns play down vaccine risks
2014-08-03  Feds should ban Foster Farms after latest outbreak
2014-08-03  ADHD drugs linked to fatal heart risks for children
2014-08-01  Natural cocoa treatment eases leg pain fast
2014-08-01  Drug companies may be paying millions to keep generics off the market
2014-07-31  New, deadly salt guidelines could be on the way
2014-07-31  A regular walking routine could slow Parkinson's disease
2014-07-28  Mammogram costs (and dangers) skyrocketing
2014-07-27  Big Pharma is facing a Twitter ban
2014-07-27  Big Pharma Snakes Poisoning Medical Students
2014-07-25  Messed-up moms taking pregnancy tests in bars
2014-07-25  Feds may finally get power to force meat recalls
2014-07-23  Fast food giants peddle tainted meat in Asia
2014-07-23  FDA cigar regulations have American jobs flaming out
2014-07-21  Feds could be months from unleashing accidental flu pandemic
2014-07-21  BPA-free doesn't mean cancer-free
2014-07-20  VA hospitals wasted $420 million on solar panels
2014-07-20  Court order knocks the fizz out of soda bans
2014-07-18  Deadly sham science pushing antidepressants for teens
2014-07-18  $84,000 drug is the latest example of Medicare waste
2014-07-16  Wacko scientists argue for tanning addiction
2014-07-16  Outbreak forces Obama to admit illegal immigrants spreading diseases
2014-07-14  South American version of Obamacare causing economic ruin
2014-07-14  Calcium and Vitamin D fight diabetes naturally
2014-07-13  Mainstream peddles electric shock treatment for weight loss
2014-07-13  Worthless female Viagra has gal groups in a tizzy
2014-07-11  Women twice as likely to suffer debilitating drug side effects
2014-07-11  DDT bans spark new wave of malaria terror
2014-07-09  Hospitals linked to Medicare fraud (and Worse) in mainstream scandal
2014-07-09  What is chemobrain? Researchers now have the answer!
2014-07-07  Factory farm meat linked to antibiotic-resistant infections
2014-07-07  Pointless ER Visits send cost of Obamacare skyrocketing
2014-07-06  Feds responsible for anthrax "attack" on Americans!
2014-07-06  Melatonin the cheap cure for weak, brittle bones
2014-07-04  China kills 1,000 dogs with tainted dog food
2014-07-04  Big Pharma offshore tax havens cost America billions
2014-07-02  Cholesterol-lowering statins pushed on the dying
2014-07-02  Mad Cow Disease lands on American shores
2014-06-30  Want to protect your aging brain? Learn a foreign language!
2014-06-30  Big Pharma being sued for thousands of painkiller deaths
2014-06-29  Rapist doctor isn't given basic background checks
2014-06-29  Calorie counting won't add a day to your life
2014-06-27  Factory farm eggs may be dangerous
2014-06-27  Illegal immigrants are at the center of a scabies outbreak
2014-06-25  The secret to a longer life… BEERS, STEERS AND STOGIES
2014-06-25  19% of seniors are victims of medical mistakes during emergency care
2014-06-25  Double dose of risky breast cancer drug being recommended by docs
2014-06-24  Diabetes drug for weight loss is a ride on the Vomit Comet
2014-06-24  Big Pharma pushing botulism for bladder control
2014-06-22  Sham PETA "research" links milk to autism
2014-06-22  FDA still not seeing the light on indoor tanning risks
2014-06-20  Study finds airplanes are a cesspool of immune system challenging germs
2014-06-20  To prevent muscle loss and deadly falls, try a steady protein diet
2014-06-18  Big Pharma fights for off-label marketing rights
2014-06-16  Mainstream pushing ADHD meds on toddlers
2014-06-16  Nanny State blames cheap food for fat Americans
2014-06-15  Minnesota bans disease-causing triclosan
2014-06-15  70% of double mastectomies are pointless
2014-06-13  Mainstream medicine defends aggressive cancer treatment
2014-06-13  Antibiotics cause asthma in kids
2014-06-11  Cancel your gym membership, add YEARS to your life
2014-06-11  Heart Disease study finds it's time to chew the fat
2014-06-09  Federal government pushes pills on future AIDS patients
2014-06-09  Are you too fat to beat cancer?
2014-06-08  Cancer-causing flame retardants found in day care centers
2014-06-08  Feds may pull anti-smoking Chantix after suicide link
2014-06-06  Low-carb diet conquers diabetes, heart disease
2014-06-06  FDA: No proof aspirin prevents heart attacks
2014-06-04  Bariatric surgery cheerleaders unveil shameful sales pitch
2014-06-04  Common household chemicals causing infertility
2014-06-02  Stress triples early death risk
2014-06-02  Doctors order needless medical tests
2014-06-01  Is Big Pharma blocking a cancer cure?
2014-06-01  Merck pushes forward with osteoporosis drug linked to strokes
2014-05-30  Can coffee help put a halt to the diabetes epidemic?
2014-05-30  Antidepressants May DOUBLE Teen Suicide Risk
2014-05-28  Government to throw poor smokers on the streets
2014-05-28  Uncle Sam is spending millions chasing fictional diseases
2014-05-26  Mainstream test keeps prostate cancer patients in the dark
2014-05-26  Coke to pull flame retardant from ingredients list
2014-05-25  Federal fling triggers massive meat recall
2014-05-25  Nail salon lamps linked to cancer
2014-05-23  Beer slashes rheumatoid arthritis risk 31%
2014-05-23  Veterans dying by the dozens in latest Obama scandal
2014-05-21  Statins users are eating themselves sick
2014-05-21  Laughter really is the best medicine
2014-05-19  Poop cloud hangs over America's factory farms
2014-05-19  VA foul-up murders America's finest
2014-05-18  Big Food washing chicken with deadly chemicals
2014-05-18  Feds ignoring call for stronger warnings on PPIs
2014-05-16  Study finds Americans are turning to supplements
2014-05-16  Study exposes sham war on salt
2014-05-14  Worthless measles vaccine triggers outbreak
2014-05-14  Wine study puts a cork in mainstream's anti-alcohol crusade
2014-05-12  Tiny fruit may hold secret Parkinson's cure
2014-05-12  Free drug samples may double your prescription cost
2014-05-11  Common uterine surgery linked to deadly cancer
2014-05-11  Antidepressants may triple baby's autism risk
2014-05-09  Diabetes drug makers slapped with $9 billion penalty
2014-05-09  Popular pain reliever boosts atrial fibrillation risk 84%
2014-05-07  Sham study aims to put 2 million kids on ADHD meds
2014-05-07  Study proves "faking It" doesn't fool anyone
2014-05-05  FDA approving untested medical devices for kids
2014-05-05  Government wastes billions on worthless Tamiflu stockpiles
2014-05-04  Manners go a long way in medical care
2014-05-04  Fuel your body's fat-torching furnace
2014-05-02  Government health care creating Medicare millionaires
2014-05-02  Coffee slashes risk of deadly liver disease
2014-04-30  Big Pharma corruption scandal widens to Middle East
2014-04-30  Claims of gastric bypass beating diabetes mighty thin
2014-04-28  Diabetes doubles pancreatic cancer risk
2014-04-28  Impotence from radiation may be irreversible
2014-04-27  Fertility drug may boost breast cancer risk 150%
2014-04-27  Medical school admins on drug company payrolls
2014-04-25  Test lets docs spy on blood pressure patients
2014-04-25  Prescription-free cure for erectile dysfunction
2014-04-23  Autopsy proves aluminum is linked to Alzheimer's
2014-04-23  Packaged fruits and vegetables raise death risk 17%
2014-04-21  Cholesterol tests being pushed for fourth-graders
2014-04-21  Treat diabetes by burning your kidneys?
2014-04-20  Being thin is deadlier than being fat
2014-04-20  Deadly radiation being used to diagnose gout
2014-04-18  Radiation worthless for 60% of breast cancer cases
2014-04-18  Immigrant crackdown slashes tuberculosis rate
2014-04-16  Muscle-feeding fat the secret to longer life
2014-04-16  Misleading Tamiflu study could cost the world billions
2014-04-14  Grain-fed beef cows may be fed garbage
2014-04-14  FDA withheld lifeline from dying cancer patients
2014-04-13  Alabama researcher exposes decades of water myths
2014-04-13  New heart guidelines a cash grab for statins
2014-04-11  Energy drinks linked to teen depression, drug use
2014-04-11  High-fat diet slashes symptoms of aging 39%
2014-04-09  Candy companies smell sweet cash in cocoa craze
2014-04-09  Big Pharma "speaking fees" creating medical millionaires
2014-04-07  Beard transplant fad leaves men red-faced
2014-04-07  Knee replacement is an exercise in agony
2014-04-06  Government pushes major retailers to stop selling tobacco
2014-04-06  Antibiotics tied to 71% of deadly C. diff infections
2014-04-03  Second-hand smoking study belongs in the ash can
2014-04-03  Men who skip prostate cancer surgery usually die of something else
2014-04-02  Leading scientist says mainstream's anti-fat message is all wrong
2014-04-02  Are illegal immigrants causing a spike in US measles cases?
2014-03-31  Greedy drug company demands $1,000 a day for hepatitis pill
2014-03-31  Vitamin D reduces breast cancer death risk by 50%
2014-03-30  Forced flu vaccination program a proven failure
2014-03-30  Feds' massive meat foul-up expands to 35 states
2014-03-28  Food labels coming out of the shadows
2014-03-28  "Mostly vegan" researcher backs study attacking meat
2014-03-26  Big-Gov-loving wackos demand better healthcare for criminals
2014-03-26  Has the FDA approved the next deadly street drug?
2014-03-24  Tylenol may boost ADHD risk by 37%
2014-03-24  Flu patch does nothing to improve vaccine's failures
2014-03-23  Study finds doctor's stethoscopes are filthy
2014-03-23  FDA may eliminate drug safety warnings in commercials
2014-03-21  Hundreds of U.S. hospitals doing nothing to prevent infections
2014-03-21  Study proves insured receive worse emergency care
2014-03-19  Vigorous exercise linked to sudden death
2014-03-19  Researchers demand extra chance to murder your daughter
2014-03-17  Low-iron vegetarian diet could lead to deadly stroke
2014-03-17  Big Pharma pushes dangerous epilepsy drug for alcoholics
2014-03-16  Experts admit neck artery screening worthless
2014-03-16  Unqualified Obama appoints herself School Lunch Czar
2014-03-14  DDT ban costing billions of lives and tax dollars
2014-03-14  Vitamin C cuts risk of deadliest stroke
2014-03-12  Study finds chance of serious flu nearly zero
2014-03-12  Melatonin slashes aggressive prostate cancer risk 75%
2014-03-10  Study finds mammograms won't add a day to your life
2014-03-10  Facebook encourages middle schoolers to explore their gender
2014-03-09  Dental Association recommends brain-rotting fluoride for babies
2014-03-09  Feds are funding a hit job on natural cures with your cash
2014-03-08  Feds let 9 million pounds of rotting meat into the market
2014-03-07  Longer (and better) living through tobacco
2014-03-07  Drop 10 pounds with probiotics
2014-03-05  Americans ditching vaccinations in droves
2014-03-05  Fluoridated water could be attacking your thyroid
2014-03-03  Meat haters use hocus pocus to sell Mediterranean Diet
2014-03-03  Inspectors raid raw milk farm over healthy bacteria
2014-03-02  Feds take 18 Years to approve baby formula testing
2014-03-02  Obamacare abusers quit work and you pay
2014-02-28  Prostate cancer treatment could cause new tumors to form
2014-02-28  Nanoparticles kill 80% of human cells
2014-02-26  Study finds no logic in FDA drug approvals
2014-02-26  >Gastric bypass surgery a slow killer
2014-02-24  Subway using shoe chemical in sandwich bread
2014-02-24  Snakebite uncovers Obamacare insurance scheme
2014-02-23  The war on DDT is killing millions with bad science
2014-02-23  Hearing loss linked to cognitive decline
2014-02-21  CNN blames parents for unborn child's death
2014-02-21  New study confirms cancer causing chemicals found in soft drinks
2014-02-19  Drug manufacturers under the microscope for possible Alzheimer's fraud
2014-02-19  Researchers find that we can smell dietary fat in food
2014-02-17  Fish oil slows brain aging by up to two years
2014-02-17  No connection between occasional fast food and weight in kids
2014-02-16  Researchers advice turning down the heat for weight loss
2014-02-16  Government's war on tobacco goes one step further
2014-02-14  Just how filthy is your chicken dinner?
2014-02-14  High-dose acetaminophen can cause liver damage
2014-02-12  Bisphenol-A is linked to prostate tumors
2014-02-12  Potentially dangerous vorapaxar on fast track for approval
2014-02-10  The real truth about raw milk's health benefits
2014-02-10  Cell phone game targeted at kids promotes plastic surgery
2014-02-09  Chelation drastically reduces diabetes death risk
2014-02-09  Is the female brain booze-proof?
2014-02-07  World's worst cure for apnea
2014-02-07  Heart disease boosts brain risk
2014-02-05  Coffee is not dehydrating
2014-02-05  Coffee perks up memory
2014-02-03  Shrinks want to take away your guns
2014-02-03  The cow-pee cure for cancer?
2014-02-02  The 10-minute colonoscopy
2014-02-02  Prostate treatment causes penis shrink
2014-01-31  New push for flu shots
2014-01-31  McDonald's diet? Don't even try it!
2014-01-29  Sex can boost your brainpower
2014-01-29  Omega-3s protect the heart
2014-01-27  Vitamin E can slow Alzheimer's decline
2014-01-27  Fight cataracts with these nutrients
2014-01-26  Diarrhea spores found on doctors' hands
2014-01-26  Common sleep med can boost your heart risk
2014-01-24  Booze beats vaccines
2014-01-24  Apples beat cholesterol meds
2014-01-22  New rules will drown your doc in paperwork
2014-01-22  Low B12 could lead to bone breaks
2014-01-20  Anxiety can boost your stroke risk
2014-01-20  Daily walks can slash your heart risk
2014-01-19  Forget cholesterol and worry about calcium
2014-01-19  New Year leads to new insurance fees
2014-01-17  Is hand washing the cause of climate change?
2014-01-17  U.S. water flunks contamination tests
2014-01-15  Coffee can fight cancer
2014-01-15  Time to ditch your BP meds
2014-01-13  Common knee operation is a scam
2014-01-13  Common anesthesia could kill you
2014-01-12  Supermarket chicken crawling with germs
2014-01-12  Pregnant woman fired for refusing flu shot
2014-01-10  Depression worsens diabetes
2014-01-10  Heartbur drugs can rob you of B12
2014-01-08  Study claims laughter is dangerous
2014-01-08  New lies over aspartame
2014-01-06  How drugs on the farm could kill you at home
2014-01-06  Obesity can damage your hearing
2014-01-05  Magnetic therapy approved for headaches
2014-01-05  Antibacterial chemical could get banned
2014-01-03  What?'s the best type of milk?
2014-01-03  The right amount of vitamin D
2014-01-02  Cheap generic drugs may be tainted
2014-01-01  Why you need butter -- not margarine
2014-01-01  The real cause of food addiction
2013-12-30  ObamaCare fib named 'lie of the year'
2013-12-30  ObamaCare is shortchanging doctors
2013-12-29  Do multivitamins really work?
2013-12-29  Many lung tumors can be ignored
2013-12-27  Allergies can trigger migraines
2013-12-27  BPA can trigger migraines
2013-12-25  How probiotics can ease stress and anxiety
2013-12-25  Docs distracted by new technology
2013-12-23  Vitamin D can cure cancer
2013-12-23  Sex can keep you alive
2013-12-22  Protect your eyes with resveratrol
2013-12-22  Magnesium slashes heart risk and extends life
2013-12-21  Vitamin D study falls short
2013-12-20  The secret source of antioxidants
2013-12-20  Cocoa vs. fluoride
2013-12-18  What you don't tell your doctor can hurt you
2013-12-18  A handful of nuts could save your life
2013-12-16  Omega 7 shines in the spotlight
2013-12-16  How diabetes can turn into dementia
2013-12-15  Nanny State tries to block DNA tests
2013-12-15  Dementia 'cure' not ready for prime time
2013-12-13  How depression can speed aging
2013-12-13  Want to avoid a stroke? Go for a walk!
2013-12-11  Extra pounds, extra risk
2013-12-11  How arthritis leads to disability
2013-12-09  Coffee protects small blood vessels
2013-12-09  There aren't enough doctors!
2013-12-08  What to do when your spouse dies
2013-12-08  When to seek help for your heart
2013-12-06  Diet drugs are a prescription for failure
2013-12-06  Soda can cause brain damage
2013-12-04  Swine flu 'experts' were Big Pharma shills
2013-12-04  Meningitis outbreak: an excuse to use an untested drug?
2013-12-02  Guidelines rigged for Big Pharma
2013-12-02  New push to give you cholesterol meds
2013-12-01  How to kill the nutrients in your food
2013-12-01  Trans fat ban falls short
2013-11-29  New push for HPV shots is built on lies
2013-11-29  Hormone crisis leads to early puberty
2013-11-27  If you like your insurance, you'll lose it
2013-11-27  Fight against the soda tax
2013-11-25  Herbal supplements are safer than you think
2013-11-25  Men who sit get butt cancer
2013-11-24  When Tylenol can cause kidney damage
2013-11-24  How the modern diet leads to heart disease
2013-11-22  New flu shot is bad news for seniors
2013-11-22  Coffee's amazing liver protection
2013-11-20  What you don't know about the drugs you take
2013-11-20  Why you can't sleep in the hospital
2013-11-18  Natural movements as good as exercise
2013-11-18  Sex your way to fitness
2013-11-17  Daily aspirin hurts more than it helps
2013-11-17  Chia seeds pack a punch
2013-11-15  Give your sex life the ultimate boost
2013-11-15  Party for your health
2013-11-13  How to stay sharp in your senior years
2013-11-13  Docs told not to say 'obese'
2013-11-11  TV will turn your arteries hard
2013-11-11  Stiff arteries lead to brain damage
2013-11-10  Fish oil can beat dementia and extend lives
2013-11-10  Fry up some bacon for a longer life
2013-11-08  Beware the 'female Viagra'
2013-11-08  Multivitamins beat breast cancer
2013-11-06  Apnea can cause car wrecks
2013-11-06  How your doctor can give you a brain tumor
2013-11-04  Fish oil 'drug' falls short
2013-11-04  How sleep protects the brain
2013-11-03  ObamaCare is about obedience
2013-11-03  Thin kid gets 'fat' letter
2013-11-01  Special gowns don't stop hospital infections
2013-11-01  Docs blame patients for antibiotic overuse
2013-10-30  Too much sleep leads to memory loss
2013-10-30  Too much sleep worse than too little
2013-10-28  Body fat can hurt -- even if you're thin
2013-10-28  Many exercisers gain weight
2013-10-27  Mini strokes pack major risks
2013-10-27  Why vegans smell so bad
2013-10-25  Seniors are sharper
2013-10-25  What's in a chicken nugget? You don't want to know!
2013-10-23  How to save $12 billion without even trying
2013-10-23  The ugly truth about flu shots
2013-10-21  Belly fat linked to brain damage
2013-10-21  Depression triples Parkinson's risk
2013-10-20  EXPOSED: How the FDA let Big Pharma rewrite painkiller rules
2013-10-20  Gum disease linked to dementia
2013-10-18  Heart attack without chest pain
2013-10-18  The positive way to beat heart disease
2013-10-16  The safest, easiest, cheapest and most effective cure for sleep apnea
2013-10-16  How to tell a bacterial illness from a viral one
2013-10-14  Common senior meds damage the brain
2013-10-14  The key to staying on your feet
2013-10-13  Super-charge your muscle without strenuous exercise
2013-10-13  Statins can cause cataracts
2013-10-11  Lose weight to beat arthritis
2013-10-11  Back pain shots fall short... again
2013-10-09  The healing power of skin cancer
2013-10-09  Soda can increase gout risk
2013-10-07  Colonoscopy saves lives
2013-10-07  Study confirms dangers of arsenic in water
2013-10-06  Chickens processed in China headed for the U.S.
2013-10-06  Obama wants to know all about your sex life
2013-10-04  Veg-heavy diet leads to depression
2013-10-04  FDA: A little arsenic is OK
2013-10-02  Women need testosterone
2013-10-02  Men don't need more estrogen
2013-09-30  Carpal tunnel shots don't always work
2013-09-30  Poor sleep leads to poor eating
2013-09-29  Diabetes will cause your brain to shrink
2013-09-29  'Smart tooth' will spy on you
2013-09-27  Michelle Obama pushes water lies
2013-09-27  Wine can beat depression
2013-09-25  Obesity can cause migraines
2013-09-25  Flu shot causes worse flu
2013-09-23  Gut bugs for weight loss
2013-09-23  Four-in-one drug is quadruple the trouble
2013-09-22  What you really look like when you don't sleep
2013-09-22  Faster angioplasty doesn't save lives
2013-09-20  How copper can set the stage for dementia
2013-09-20  How broccoli can stop arthritis in its tracks
2013-09-18  New warning over antibiotics
2013-09-18  The one probiotic to take when you're on an antibiotic
2013-09-16  Shoe inserts don't help knee osteoarthritis
2013-09-16  You can't get rid of nanoparticles
2013-09-15  City cracks down on milk
2013-09-15  Kids: First Lady's school lunch 'tastes like vomit'
2013-09-13  Flu shots prevent heart attack? Not really
2013-09-13  Water standards sink to new lows
2013-09-11  Conflict of interest in radiation treatments
2013-09-11  Some docs should avoid saying 'cancer'
2013-09-09  Brush away HPV
2013-09-09  The spice that can match Prozac: turmeric
2013-09-08  No, coffee will not kill you
2013-09-08  Coffee slashes prostate risk
2013-09-06  Face quiz can spot early dementia
2013-09-06  High blood sugar can lead to Alzheimer's
2013-09-04  Tylenol linked to deadly skin condition
2013-09-04  BP meds may give women cancer
2013-09-02  Most depressed people aren't depressed
2013-09-02  A big breakfast can reduce disease risk
2013-09-01  The watered down truth behind Coke's new aspartame ads
2013-09-01  Sugar hurts men and kills women
2013-08-30  Docs overuse strongest antibiotics
2013-08-30  People who have sex more earn more money
2013-08-28  Breastfeeding slashes risk of obesity
2013-08-28  Eating fish can prevent rheumatoid
2013-08-26  Coffee can improve blood sugar
2013-08-26  Veg-buying diet is a waste of money
2013-08-25  Medical mistakes blamed on tech
2013-08-25  You likely don't need prostate surgery!
2013-08-23  Fat bodies lead to fatty bones
2013-08-23  Fat in your middle could spell the end
2013-08-21  Vitamin D builds stronger bone
2013-08-21  Freeze your brain for migraines?
2013-08-19  Statins cause breast cancer
2013-08-19  What women want to know about sex
2013-08-18  Diabetes and disability go hand-in-hand
2013-08-18  The easy way to avoid diabetes
2013-08-16  Cellphones spit out cancer risk
2013-08-16  Blame the moon for bad sleep
2013-08-14  Power your prostate like a PRO
2013-08-14  Boost your immune system with good deeds
2013-08-12  Multiple drugs kill brain cells
2013-08-12  Online dementia tests don't work
2013-08-11  Boost your mood with coffee
2013-08-11  'Soda taxes' don't work
2013-08-09  ObamaCare will burn smokers
2013-08-09  You're being watched online
2013-08-07  Diet soda leads to diet disaster
2013-08-07  Dishwashers hide fungal growths
2013-08-05  Fight aging with vitamin D
2013-08-05  The right way to get your female hormones
2013-08-04  When a 'brain fart' is really dementia
2013-08-04  Prostate tumors are often harmless
2013-08-02  Sex makes you look younger
2013-08-02  Deadly erections? Sex meds make it possible
2013-07-31  Cosmetics responsible for skin reactions
2013-07-31  Some migraines lead to stroke
2013-07-29  Water won't help you to lose weight
2013-07-29  Vegans turn to shame tactics
2013-07-28  Omega-3s won't boost your cancer risk
2013-07-28  Soy won't help prostate patients
2013-07-26  Nighttime eating leads to overeating
2013-07-26  Natural joint comfort that beats glucosamine and chondroitin
2013-07-24  Multivitamins improve mood & reduce stress
2013-07-24  New book bashes vitamins
2013-07-22  Harvard: Whole milk is better than skim
2013-07-22  Painkillers turn deadly for women
2013-07-21  Low carb twice a week can lead to weight loss
2013-07-21  'Fast diet' won't work
2013-07-19  Probiotics boost D levels
2013-07-17  Give your bladder what it needs
2013-07-17  RLS boosts death risk in men
2013-07-15  High-tech prostate scams
2013-07-15  Don't be too 'active' in prostate health
2013-07-14  Write a letter, save your brain
2013-07-14  Beer improves heart health
2013-07-12  Prozac turns fish into killers
2013-07-12  Magnesium can prevent heart disease
2013-07-10  How sugar damages the heart
2013-07-10  FDA cracks down on C. diff cure
2013-07-08  Robo-surgery packs low-tech risks
2013-07-08  Weight loss can help prevent dementia
2013-07-07  Many ADHD cases are caused by sleep loss
2013-07-07  The free-market solution that's better than ObamaCare
2013-07-05  Probiotics slash antibiotic infection risk
2013-07-05  Time alone can cure some UTIs
2013-07-03  Wisdom teeth don't always need to be removed
2013-07-03  Ambien can enhance bad memories
2013-07-01  Bogus omega-3 study finds 'no benefit'
2013-07-01  Hair drug can stop you from drinking
2013-06-30  Statins again linked to diabetes
2013-06-30  Statin drugs lead to injury
2013-06-28  Chamomile cancer cure
2013-06-28  Common painkillers in new death risk
2013-06-26  Hospital-acquired infections are massive moneymakers
2013-06-26  Can fish oil slash diabetes risk?
2013-06-24  Soda can give you 'meth mouth'
2013-06-24  Slower is better during colon screenings
2013-06-23  Psychotherapy beats depression drugs
2013-06-23  B blend beats dementia
2013-06-21  The solar-powered penis
2013-06-21  A happy workplace reduces diabetes risk
2013-06-19  More than half of all seniors locked in a battle with pain
2013-06-19  New drug for blood thinner patients
2013-06-17  UN agency pushing insects for food
2013-06-17  Melanoma linked to skin, not sun
2013-06-16  Statins wreck brain cells
2013-06-16  Depression causes stroke in women
2013-06-14  Obesity linked to apnea... again
2013-06-14  Sleep drugs boost hospitalization risk
2013-06-12  LED bulbs linked to eye damage
2013-06-12  Multitasking makes you stupid
2013-06-10  Opioids linked to erection problems
2013-06-10  OK to eat candy? No way!
2013-06-09  Elevated glucose boosts dementia risk
2013-06-09  Schools ban butter
2013-06-07  Sleep disorders boost deadly prostate risk
2013-06-07  Anger fits boost heart risk
2013-06-05  Hungry shoppers buy more junk
2013-06-05  Soda ups kidney risk
2013-06-03  No new limits for salt
2013-06-03  New measure to replace BMI
2013-06-02  Common meds lead to memory loss in seniors
2013-06-02  Nicotine-laced vegetables slash Parkinson's risk
2013-05-31  Chicken meat routinely /washed' with chemicals
2013-05-31  What's the dirtiest thing in your home?
2013-05-29  Signs of stroke? Call 911!
2013-05-29  Antidepressants increase C-diff risk
2013-05-27  New strain of bird flu was created to kill
2013-05-27  Videogames can reverse brain aging
2013-05-26  Pfizer goes online to sell its sex pills
2013-05-26  Cocoa protects against dementia
2013-05-24  Feds abandon psychiatric 'bible'
2013-05-24  How pets help your heart
2013-05-22  No-cal sweetener (Splenda) packs disease risk
2013-05-22  Breast cancer drugs don't slash death risk
2013-05-20  Child abuse! NYC forces kids into vegetarianism
2013-05-20  CDC guidelines get everything wrong
2013-05-19  Omega-3 fatty acids restore elasticity to arteries
2013-05-19  FDA approves do-nothing cholesterol med
2013-05-17  How to cut back on overtesting
2013-05-17  Low testosterone leads to joint pain
2013-05-15  Soda in new diabetes link
2013-05-15  Diet gimmicks that don't work
2013-05-13  Tylenol for anxiety?
2013-05-13  Toxin hidden in corn products
2013-05-12  Gardening leads to weight loss
2013-05-12  The new threat: Forced vaccinations
2013-05-10  Superbugs found on meat
2013-05-10  Meat causes heart disease? Don't believe it!
2013-05-08  Fluoride no help for thinning bones
2013-05-08  Bone drug blocks bone growth
2013-05-06  Flame-retardant chemicals inside your body
2013-05-06  Light drinking during pregnancy won't hurt baby
2013-05-05  Behind the age-fighting powers of astaxanthin
2013-05-05  Organics win again
2013-05-03  Fukushima blast hits West Coast kids
2013-05-03  Bogus ADHD diagnoses on the rise
2013-05-01  Can walnuts really slash your diabetes risk?
2013-05-01  Magnesium can slash your heart risk
2013-04-29  Walgreens wants to be your doctor
2013-04-29  Discount mammograms are no bargain
2013-04-28  Weight loss without surgery
2013-04-28  Mercury exposure linked to diabetes risk
2013-04-26  How vitamin D fights disease
2013-04-26  Skin cancer on the rise
2013-04-24  Selenium can fight aggressive prostate tumors
2013-04-24  Bioterror lab loses deadly virus
2013-04-22  No surprise: Big Pharma sales force lies
2013-04-22  Exercise little help for fibro
2013-04-21  Boiled coffee helps seniors live longer
2013-04-21  Fish oil can add 2.2 years to your life
2013-04-19  Lowering the bar for dementia drugs
2013-04-19  When dementia isn't dementia
2013-04-16  Caffeine makes you a better driver
2013-04-16  Depression and anxiety increase heart risk
2013-04-15  Green space can ease urban stress
2013-04-15  Salad greens have more bacteria than meat
2013-04-14  ObamaCare is causing docs to quit
2013-04-14  Your boss is watching you
2013-04-12  Cancer false positives ruin women's lives
2013-04-12  Breast cancer treatment increases heart risk
2013-04-10  Best breakfasts are packed with protein
2013-04-10  New warning over cholesterol meds
2013-04-08  Poor sleep leads to weight gain
2013-04-08  Joint replacement gets sex lives jumping
2013-04-07  Feds stockpile untested vaccine
2013-04-07  Diabetes drugs can slam your pancreas
2013-04-05  TV commercials drive statin sales
2013-04-05  Coming soon: life-extending resveratrol 'drugs'
2013-04-03  Florida braced for invasion of giant mosquitoes
2013-04-03  Green tea fights dementia
2013-04-01  Men ordered to sit when they pee
2013-04-01  Women need more sleep than men
2013-03-31  The wrong way to boost your pet's mood
2013-03-31  Have a headache? Have sex!
2013-03-29  New superbug threat is deadliest yet
2013-03-29  Protect yourself from superbugs the natural way
2013-03-27  Paying people to lose weight
2013-03-27  The deadly toll of insomnia
2013-03-25  Missing teeth leads to heart disease
2013-03-25  Cavemen had healthier teeth
2013-03-24  The mineral that can end PMS
2013-03-24  Don't blame the meat -- blame the bun!
2013-03-22  Steroids make tennis elbow worse
2013-03-22  The killer behind your mirror
2013-03-20  Less is more when it comes to exercise
2013-03-20  Hours of sitting leads to disease
2013-03-18  Robosurgeries: Expensive, not better
2013-03-18  Common chemical causes osteoarthritis
2013-03-17  Nicotine grows new blood cells
2013-03-17  Yes, you do need your antioxidants
2013-03-15  New plot to deny you treatment
2013-03-15  DEET losing effectiveness
2013-03-13  Flu shot didn't work
2013-03-13  Google blamed for this year's flu fiasco
2013-03-11  Fast food nation
2013-03-11  Drugs that cause seniors to fall
2013-03-10  Herbal depression treatment under attack
2013-03-10  Common cold slows reaction times more than booze
2013-03-08  A good excuse to skip the gym
2013-03-08  Hidden dangers in your food
2013-03-06  Too much TV kills sperm
2013-03-06  Diet soda increases diabetes risk
2013-03-04  Antidepressants boost heart risk
2013-03-04  Hand sanitizer doesn't always work
2013-03-03  Some kidney tumors need nothing at all
2013-03-03  Prostate treatments pack lifelong side effects
2013-03-01  How marriage strengthens the heart
2013-03-01  Improve joint comfort in as little as one week
2013-02-27  Vegetables for heart health? Not so fast!
2013-02-27  Get ready to pay big for 'free' health care
2013-02-25  The true cost of a hip replacement? Who knows!
2013-02-25  Low salt won't save lives
2013-02-24  Low fat dieters have higher heart risk
2013-02-24  Weight gain leads to D loss
2013-02-22  Lakes overflowing with antibacterial chemical
2013-02-22  Fish are eating plastic
2013-02-20  New Nanny State assault on smokers
2013-02-20  Dangerous melamine can leech into your food
2013-02-18  Aspirin triples blindness risk
2013-02-18  Eggs are healthy after all
2013-02-17  Losing sleep and memory at the same time
2013-02-17  Snoring can turn deadly
2013-02-15  Poison your bladder to regain control?
2013-02-15  OTC bladder drug oxybutynin can lead to dementia & death
2013-02-13  Burn fat without exercise
2013-02-13  You're being conned at the supermarket
2013-02-11  J&J may have known of hip failures
2013-02-11  BPA-free products could be just as bad
2013-02-10  Migraines in new heart scare
2013-02-10  Oxygen could reverse stroke damage
2013-02-08  Parkinson's drugs in new addiction link
2013-02-08  The common source of mercury poisoning in your diet
2013-02-06  The natural cure for 'muffin top'
2013-02-06  Ancient Chinese secret cures erectile dysfunction
2013-02-04  New machine sucks food right out of your belly
2013-02-04  Bad diets top the charts
2013-02-03  CDC: You can cure diabetes without drugs
2013-02-03  Standing up is staying fit
2013-02-01  Flu or cold? Your guide to beating both
2013-02-01  The ethics of the flu shot
2013-01-30  Chicken soup for the flu
2013-01-30  Urgent new warning over sleep drugs
2013-01-28  The high risks of low fat
2013-01-28  Nanny state's new target: drink specials
2013-01-27  Why Americans die young
2013-01-27  How sugar leads to weight gain
2013-01-26  Prostate treatments shrink the penis
2013-01-25  Beat respiratory infections with vitamin D
2013-01-25  Why your doctor can't cure bronchitis
2013-01-23  FDA pushes Tamiflu on babies
2013-01-23   Don't take this government pledge
2013-01-21  High-tech prostate cancer treatment is an expensive fraud
2013-01-21  Amino acids for muscle health
2013-01-20  The first warning sign of dementia?
2013-01-20  Muscle your way past frailty
2013-01-18  Aspirin linked to vision loss
2013-01-18  Sleeping pills are dangerous placebos
2013-01-16  Diet drug off to a fast start
2013-01-16  Apnea packs same risks as diabetes
2013-01-14  Money motive behind many cancer treatments
2013-01-14  Doctors need reminders of who they really work for
2013-01-13  Cholesterol is essential to brain health
2013-01-13  Medical mistakes still on the rise
2013-01-11  CoQ10 can boost blood flow in CHF patients
2013-01-11  Boost your libido with this easy fix
2013-01-09  Vitamin B12 can slash your risk of cognitive decline
2013-01-09  Germy mouths can lead to sex problems
2013-01-07  Coffee can fight cancer
2013-01-07  Energy drinks are no better than coffee
2013-01-06  The diabetes 'cure' that fails more than half the time
2013-01-06  Why it's so hard to shake sugar
2013-01-04  Feds boost radiation levels in food
2013-01-04  ObamaCare will increase cost of pet care, too
2013-01-02  The diet that can beat aging
2013-01-02  Beer can keep colds away
2012-12-31  Living longer -- but not better
2012-12-31  Salt leads to obesity? Don't believe it!
2012-12-30  Benzo drugs in new death risk
2012-12-30  Beet juice for blood pressure? BLECH!
2012-12-28  Common nutrients slash inflammation levels
2012-12-28  Fats boost brain power
2012-12-26  Human brain developed with meats
2012-12-26  Too much anxiety can actually cause you to lose gray matter
2012-12-24  Pesticides linked to memory loss
2012-12-24  Chemicals in your water increase the risk of reactions to food
2012-12-23  Soda linked to deadly cancers
2012-12-23  HFCS in new diabetes link
2012-12-21  Dangerous chemicals found in most couches
2012-12-21  Fruits and vegetables won't make you less hungry
2012-12-19  Dental X-rays can deliver radioactive wallop
2012-12-19  CT scans boost breast cancer risk
2012-12-17  Shrinks want children to get more screenings
2012-12-17  Shady drug marketing is about to get shadier
2012-12-16  Generic Lipitor loaded with glass
2012-12-16  Low vitamin D in new Alzheimer's link
2012-12-14  A license to smoke?
2012-12-14  New lies over airport scanners
2012-12-12  Beat diabetes with black tea?
2012-12-12  The one vitamin (D) you need most for artery health
2012-12-10  Mammograms fail to save lives, but ruin plenty
2012-12-10  Worms can cure diarrhea
2012-12-09  Don't change this 'bad' habit!
2012-12-09  How soy ruins sex
2012-12-07  Eating out? Read this first!
2012-12-07  Younger kids more likely to get ADHD meds
2012-12-05  How soda may worsen your osteoarthritis
2012-12-05  Weight loss soda? Don't believe the hype!
2012-12-03  Protein may help diabetics heal
2012-12-03  Diabetes on the rise, especially in the southeast
2012-12-02  Little proof Tamiflu works
2012-12-02  How meditation can help keep flu away
2012-11-30  Sleeping pills lead to hip fractures
2012-11-30  Steroid epidurals can break bones
2012-11-28  Curcumin can give all the benefits of exercise
2012-11-28  The truth about multivitamins
2012-11-26  Chelation proven to boost heart health
2012-11-26  New warning over cholesterol meds
2012-11-25  Tired all the time? Could be dementia
2012-11-25  Good sleep leads to good behavior
2012-11-23  Fecal transplants proven to beat C. diff
2012-11-23  Hospital food crawling with germs
2012-11-21  Antidepressants can cause stroke
2012-11-21  Omega-3s can slash depression symptoms
2012-11-19  Prostate treatments rob men of manliness
2012-11-19  Coenzyme Q10 proven to protect arteries
2012-11-18  Marathons increase heart risk
2012-11-18  Extra pounds, extra hospital visits
2012-11-16  Mystery particles found in flu shots
2012-11-16  Shocking new data: Global warming stopped in 1996
2012-11-14  Why saw palmetto doesn't always work
2012-11-14  The "five-second rule" doesn't work
2012-11-12  Why weight loss won't always help diabetics
2012-11-12  Boys are going through puberty earlier
2012-11-11  Carbs in new dementia link
2012-11-11  Sleep loss increases insulin resistance
2012-11-09  Smartphones covered in icky germs
2012-11-09  New airport scanners offer new risks
2012-11-07  The real story behind Chantix safety
2012-11-07  Young and old alike can skip the flu shot
2012-11-05  Multivitamins can prevent cancer
2012-11-05  Skipping breakfast leads to bigger lunches
2012-11-04  Sitting can cause disease
2012-11-04  Why cholesterol doesn't matter
2012-11-02  Magnesium can slash colon risk
2012-11-02  Younger people facing higher stroke risk
2012-10-31  Botox now being pushed for hay fever
2012-10-31  CT scans on the rise -- especially in kids
2012-10-29  Eat fish to prevent heart failure
2012-10-29  A new omega for heart health?
2012-10-28  Allergy-free milk from lab-created cows
2012-10-28  Sedentary lifestyle can kill your kidneys
2012-10-26  Flu shots forced on healthcare workers
2012-10-26  Safe Gardasil? Don't bet on it!
2012-10-24  Why beta-blockers don't save lives
2012-10-24  How cherries beat gout
2012-10-22  The drugs that can wreck little guts
2012-10-22  New mammogram packs double the radiation
2012-10-21  The ObamaCare bill you didn't see coming
2012-10-21  The real reason farm kids don't have allergies
2012-10-19  Sex can help you think better
2012-10-19  How the flu shot can give you the flu
2012-10-17  Mood meds can cause car crashes
2012-10-17  Wine can keep blood sugar under control
2012-10-15  Painkillers can kill heart patients
2012-10-15  Text-walking kids are getting badly hurt
2012-10-14  Millions will be slapped with ObamaCare penalties
2012-10-14  Docs urged to report 'unsafe' drivers
2012-10-12  Mosquito nets aren't working
2012-10-12  Europe pulls the plug on airport scanners
2012-10-10  Children rebel against 'healthy' new school lunches
2012-10-10  Asthma drugs don't work
2012-10-08  Junky new diet for factory farm animals
2012-10-08  There's poop in your tap water!
2012-10-07  Cholesterol meds don't cut clot risk
2012-10-07  Too much stress can kill you
2012-10-05  Green tea compound can wipe out tumors
2012-10-05  Acupuncture proven for pain
2012-10-03  Big Pharma turns to traditional Chinese medicine
2012-10-03  Drug company loses big over pregnancy treatment
2012-10-01  Painkillers can wreck hearing in women
2012-10-01  Contact lens germ can eat your eyeballs
2012-09-30  Omega-3 fatty acids can build muscle in seniors
2012-09-30  Fish oil study doesn't tell the whole story
2012-09-28  Mammograms proven to cause breast cancer
2012-09-28  How perfumes can up your disease risk
2012-09-26  Why sleeping pills don't work
2012-09-26  Your iPad is keeping you up all night
2012-09-24  Organics beat conventional foods in new study
2012-09-24  Study claims egg yolks are dangerous
2012-09-23  Blood pressure drugs don't improve outcomes
2012-09-23  Alcohol-free wine for good health? No way!
2012-09-21  Your drugs are making you fat 
2012-09-21  The ordinary vitamin that can wipe out staph infections
2012-09-19  Cut your gut to beat diabetes?
2012-09-19  Time for a laugh
2012-09-17  What's really inside artificial sweetener packets
2012-09-17  BPA in new heart risk
2012-09-16  Coffee can beat cancer
2012-09-16  Your tap water could kill you
2012-09-14  How stress can kill you
2012-09-14  Feds unleash Actos on millions of new patients
2012-09-12  New fluoride campaign is built on lies
2012-09-12  It's not dementia -- it's drugs
2012-09-10  Fishy frauds in supermarkets and restaurants
2012-09-10  New liver risk for common antibiotics
2012-09-09  Pfizer forced to pay new fines
2012-09-09  Deadly risks of new blood thinner
2012-09-07  Butter flavor can cause Alzheimer's damage
2012-09-07  Antibacterial soap can mess with your brain
2012-09-05  Baby shampoo loaded with dangerous chemicals
2012-09-05  Creatine can beat depression
2012-09-03  Slimmer diabetics die sooner
2012-09-03  Are drug side effects all in your head?
2012-09-02  Children have lower cholesterol levels
2012-09-02  Statin 'benefits' don't cancel out the risks
2012-08-31  How big bellies lead to big sex problems
2012-08-31  Hair growth drug Propecia in new depression link
2012-08-29  How chemo makes cancer deadlier
2012-08-29  Lying about breast cancer
2012-08-27  How ObamaCare will cost you big money
2012-08-27  ObamaCare will lead to severe doctor shortage
2012-08-26  Govt-mandated light bulbs release UV light
2012-08-26  TSA refuses to go public on airport scanners
2012-08-24  New flu panic over seals
2012-08-24  Fired for smoking at home
2012-08-22  USDA urges employees to go meatless
2012-08-22  Why you don't need sports drinks or even water
2012-08-20  New over-the-counter sleeping pill is a bad idea
2012-08-20  How men become dependent on Viagra
2012-08-19  Why vegetarians are so feeble and weak
2012-08-19  The heart test you DON'T need
2012-08-17  Fluoride makes kids dumb
2012-08-17  How to fight the man on fluoride
2012-08-15  Why you don't need to exercise to lose weight
2012-08-15  Mom's low protein could cause high blood pressure in baby later
2012-08-13  Women who eat carbs face deadliest breast tumors
2012-08-13  Prostate 'awareness' is a scam
2012-08-12  Curcumin cuts diabetes risk in prediabetics
2012-08-12  Low levels of vitamin D can be deadly
2012-08-10  FDA ban on BPA in baby bottles is meaningless
2012-08-10  The chemical replacing BPA is just as bad
2012-08-08  How animal fats and nutrients keep your brain functioning
2012-08-08  The good bacteria that will keep you alive
2012-08-06  Drinking cuts rheumatoid risk
2012-08-06  Moderate drinking can protect women's bone
2012-08-05  Weight loss can boost testosterone levels
2012-08-05  Low-carb diet is better than an hour in the gym
2012-08-03  Grown-ups should take grown-up vitamins... not gummies!
2012-08-03  The forbidden brain booster 'they' don't want you to know about
2012-08-01  'Mild' cognitive impairment and dementia leave you more likely to die
2012-08-01  Diabetes is linked with cognitive decline and dementia
2012-07-30  Study proves prostate surgery doesn't save lives
2012-07-30  Polypill is the four-in-one drug you DON'T need
2012-07-29  Hair growth drug could come with long lasting sexual side effects
2012-07-29  'Skinny jeans' could cause crotch problems for men
2012-07-27  Liposuction leads to more fat in worse places
2012-07-27  Obesity and depression linked to daytime sleepiness
2012-07-25  Sex mineral zinc can help men and women in the bedroom
2012-07-25  CPAP masks can cure erectile dysfunction
2012-07-23  New study on fish oil and heart health is wrong
2012-07-23  Germy mouths boost cancer risk
2012-07-22  Waist size can predict diabetes risk better than BMI
2012-07-22  Weight loss surgery can lead to booze problems
2012-07-20  Normal blood sugar can reverse prediabetes
2012-07-20  Selenium, tea can cut diabetes risk
2012-07-18  Nanoparticles can cause autoimmune disease
2012-07-18  Cherries for osteoarthritis isn't as sweet as it sounds
2012-07-16  Task Force gets it right, then wrong, on vitamin D
2012-07-16  Iron supplements can come with dangerous side effects
2012-07-15  Low-carb 'study' doesn't actually look at low-carb diets
2012-07-15  Omega-3 fatty acids protect eyesight
2012-07-13  Ginseng can fight cancer fatigue
2012-07-13  Statins can cause fatigue, especially in women
2012-07-11  Revealed: The dirtiest spots in your hotel room
2012-07-11  Diabetes drugs can cause vision loss and blindness
2012-07-09  New push to limit booze
2012-07-09  Low-carb diets don't hurt kidneys
2012-07-08  Real colonoscopies are more comfortable than virtual ones
2012-07-08  Vitamin D can help seniors fight aging risks
2012-07-06  Antioxidant helps autistic kids behave
2012-07-06  Probiotics beat urinary tract infections
2012-07-04  COPD patients die when given too much care
2012-07-04  Acupuncture helps COPD patients to breathe better
2012-07-02  Magnesium proven to slash heart risk in seniors
2012-07-02  Diabetes drug Actos in new link to bladder cancer
2012-07-01  Water can't cut diabetes risk
2012-07-01  Arsenic in your drinking water could harm moms and kids
2012-06-29  Aspirin therapy causes serious bleeding
2012-06-29  Acetaminophen users at high risk of overdose
2012-06-28  Big Pharma is behind Universal Health Care
2012-06-28  Supreme Court rules for ObamaCare
2012-06-27  Recommended sunscreens come with big risks
2012-06-27  Study shows that running will kill you
2012-06-25  Testosterone helps with weight loss, blood pressure & blood sugar levels
2012-06-25  Dangerous and ineffective diet drug lorcaserin wins approval
2012-06-24  How egg breakfasts help you eat less lunch
2012-06-24  Coffee drinkers live longer
2012-06-22  Feds approve dangerous new rheumatoid drug
2012-06-22  New laxative-free colonoscopy isn't worth the risk
2012-06-20  Kidney stone risk doubles in 16 years
2012-06-20  Bladder support doesn't mean wearing diapers
2012-06-18  Vitamin D slashes heart risk
2012-06-18  Botox for bladder is a toxic idea
2012-06-17  Coenzyme Q10 and selenium can slash heart risk
2012-06-17  Natural breakthrough for bladder support
2012-06-15  Big Mother is at it again with new push for sin tax
2012-06-15  How organic foods can turn you into a self-righteous jerk
2012-06-13  New call for everyone over 50 to take statins is flat-out wrong
2012-06-13  Researchers botch HDL 'good' cholesterol study
2012-06-11  Probiotics proven to ward off antibiotic diarrhea
2012-06-11  Pepper compound can improve blood flow
2012-06-10  Snoring linked to cancer death
2012-06-10  Common household chemical linked to cancer
2012-06-08  Low-carb diet proven to work better for diabetics
2012-06-08  Seniors routinely given too much anesthesia
2012-06-06  Garlic proven to be more effective than common antibiotics
2012-06-06  Antibiotic Zithromax linked to higher risk of death
2012-06-04  Steroids and arthritis meds don't work for back pain
2012-06-04  Botox proven ineffective for migraine relief
2012-06-03  Raw milk can slash your risk of allergies
2012-06-03  New report on cellphone safety is wrong
2012-06-01  Vitamin D as effective as blood pressure meds
2012-06-01  Airport scanners don't work, government says
2012-05-30  Dangers of vegetarian and vegan diets
2012-05-30  Vegan author tries to manipulate kids into unhealthy lifestyle
2012-05-28  'Meat glue' turns nasty old beef scraps into steaks
2012-05-28  Why junk food makes you hungry
2012-05-27  FDA approves new sex pill, but natural alternatives are still better
2012-05-27  The natural hormone that works as well as Viagra
2012-05-25  New warning over the injectable diabetes drug Victoza
2012-05-25  Men with low testosterone have a higher risk of diabetes
2012-05-23  Antidepressants don't work and come with big risks
2012-05-23  American Cancer Society: Mainstream treatments don't work
2012-05-21  Groups calls on doctors report docs who use chelation
2012-05-21  How fish oil lowers your risk of dementia
2012-05-20  The 'routine' exam that'll up your tumor risk
2012-05-20  Dentures can hide bacteria
2012-05-18  The 'forbidden food' that can stop cancer in its tracks
2012-05-18  Boost your brain with beer
2012-05-16  Plastics chemical in diabetes link
2012-05-16  Common food additive (HFCS) in autism link
2012-05-14  More tattoos, more booze
2012-05-14  Vitamins boost brainpower
2012-05-13  Vitamin C lowers BP
2012-05-13  Paging Dr. Google
2012-05-11  Tiny particles, huge risks
2012-05-11  Fight bites right
2012-05-09  Shine a light on prostate cancer
2012-05-09  Forget chemo -- try broccoli instead
2012-05-07  The hormone that'll save your heart
2012-05-07  Poor sleep can make you fat, sick, and diabetic
2012-05-06  Allergy season worse than ever
2012-05-06  Hair growth drug can wreck your sex life
2012-05-04  Hidden cameras and hypocrisy down on the farm
2012-05-04  War on malaria takes a turn for the worse
2012-05-02  Foods that will leave you depressed
2012-05-02  Thyme to beat acne
2012-04-30  Antibiotics for your appendix
2012-04-30  Finger-lickin' bad!
2012-04-29  The WRONG way to 'beat' diabetes
2012-04-29  Obesity kills sperm
2012-04-27  Employers to fat people: You're fired!
2012-04-27  After a heart attack, drink up!
2012-04-25  New warning for seniors on antidepressants
2012-04-25  How depression and disability go hand-in-hand
2012-04-23  The dangerous way to ease hot flashes
2012-04-23  The hidden toxin behind autoimmune disease in women
2012-04-22  The fine line between too much medicine and too little
2012-04-22  The deadly toll of sitting
2012-04-20  Caffeine is good for your brain
2012-04-20  Let them eat nothing!
2012-04-18  The secret side effects of common meds
2012-04-18  The skinny on fat genes
2012-04-16  The 'everyday' food that can ruin your life
2012-04-16  Your soda habit is killing you
2012-04-15  New standards for sinus infections
2012-04-15  The easy way to get hooked on painkillers
2012-04-13  Homeopathy under attack... again!
2012-04-13  Double or nothing for ObamaCare
2012-04-11  When two-for-one is a bad deal
2012-04-11  How shock therapy beats depression
2012-04-09  Beware of this 'up-and-coming' drug
2012-04-09  More evidence that low cholesterol is deadly
2012-04-08  Are greenhouse gases making you fat?
2012-04-08  How berries boost your brain
2012-04-06  The 'A' way to slash your cancer risk
2012-04-06  Virginia is for mandates
2012-04-04  The taboo foods that will power your brain
2012-04-04  Fish oil for brain health
2012-04-02  'Pink Slime' back on the menu
2012-04-02  The chemical that's giving you heart disease
2012-04-01  More proof ADHD is a bogus diagnosis
2012-04-01  Fat people vs. Mickey Mouse
2012-03-30  Dirty tricks from dirty farms
2012-03-30  Kid reporter exposes Michelle Obama
2012-03-28  Missing the point on peroxide
2012-03-28  The killer that came from nowhere
2012-03-26  Good night & drop dead
2012-03-26  Red meat 'study' is more lies in disguise
2012-03-25  World's most common drugs cause diabetes
2012-03-25  Why you need your tonsils
2012-03-23  Cake for breakfast? Not on your life!
2012-03-23  Attention Walmart shoppers: Eat this, not that
2012-03-21  The raw truth behind milk 'outbreaks'
2012-03-21  Same story, different day for diet soda
2012-03-19  Rejected diet drug is back from the dead
2012-03-19  Painkillers for hurt feelings? No way!
2012-03-18  Cut your death risk in half with this simple procedure
2012-03-18  Last desperate push for flu shots
2012-03-16  Nothing fit about Wii Fit
2012-03-16  Nanny State nuggets
2012-03-14  Little kids given gender-bending treatments
2012-03-14  Sex, lies and... celery?
2012-03-12  Big Media gets it right on antidepressants
2012-03-12  Antipsychotic med doubles the risk of death
2012-03-11  One more risk of e-cigs
2012-03-11  Hidden heart attack symptoms
2012-03-09  The double standard on food safety
2012-03-09  BUSTED! Raw milk lies exposed
2012-03-07  PPIs in new fracture link
2012-03-07  The common med that's destroying you from the inside
2012-03-05  Sunlight slashes stroke risk
2012-03-05  Starve yourself to beat cancer? No thanks!
2012-03-04  How the 'staff of life' is killing you
2012-03-04  Overeaters are underthinkers
2012-03-02  The next great 'sin tax' is coming
2012-03-02  Chinese junk is killing our dogs
2012-02-29  The sweetener that's MORE DANGEROUS than aspartame
2012-02-29  New risks linked to swine flu vaccine
2012-02-27  Fish oil can slash A-fib risk
2012-02-27  Aspirin as dangerous as rat poison
2012-02-26  The book that's guaranteed to make you mentally ill
2012-02-26  Your doctor's deepest, darkest secrets
2012-02-24  School lunches now worse than ever
2012-02-24  The deadliest McDiet around
2012-02-22  The grape cancer cure
2012-02-22  Congress wants to limit access to science
2012-02-20  Fiber won't keep diverticulosis away
2012-02-20  10 days that can ruin you forever
2012-02-19  Heart patients: Just 'do it'
2012-02-19  Heart scans cause thyroid disease
2012-02-17  A monopoly on bad advice
2012-02-17  Natural trans fats are GOOD for you
2012-02-15  The dangerous new ingredients hidden in your cosmetics
2012-02-15  Are you smarter than an 8th grader?
2012-02-13  Drug-tainted pork on the menu
2012-02-13  A peek behind the Tamiflu curtain
2012-02-12  Don't trust new Gardasil 'study'
2012-02-12  Get ready for FORCED vaccine experiments!
2012-02-10  Doctor dangers
2012-02-10  Vaccines linked to blood disease
2012-02-08  Double trouble over gout treatment
2012-02-08  Trade your stroke for a heart attack
2012-02-06  Screening out the PSA test
2012-02-06  The risks of robo-surgery
2012-02-05  The 'sins of omission' that could kill you
2012-02-05  Why you can't find organic milk
2012-02-03  The forbidden way to boost your brainpower
2012-02-03  What apnea really looks like
2012-02-01  This (ear)bud's not for you
2012-02-01  The painful path to inner peace
2012-01-30  Want better bowels? Head south
2012-01-30  Who your doctor's really working for
2012-01-29  Would you pay $12 billion for this?
2012-01-29  The right way to flush
2012-01-27  Get rid of that pain in the neck
2012-01-27  The not-so-green solution to back pain
2012-01-25  The most dangerous painkiller yet
2012-01-25  A wolf in sheep's clothing
2012-01-23  The 'forbidden' foods that will save your brain
2012-01-23  Big bellies damage brains
2012-01-22  Pets vs people in diet double dare
2012-01-22  It wasn't the sugar that did Paula in
2012-01-20  The death of playtime
2012-01-20  An 'F' for fat kids
2012-01-18  Can veganism cause pancreatic cancer?
2012-01-18  Burned meat ups cancer risk
2012-01-16  Older women still want sex
2012-01-16  Phony panic over flu drugs
2012-01-15  The danger coming from America's farms
2012-01-15  The doctors of the future are DUMB
2012-01-13  Drugged up on milk
2012-01-13  Exposed: The Great Water Myth!
2012-01-11  Clean your room with H202
2012-01-11  Beat menopause AND boost your sex life
2012-01-09  The REAL risks of weight-loss surgery
2012-01-09  Another reason not to exercise
2012-01-08  The truth behind new BP drug claims
2012-01-08  A new use for soda
2012-01-06  The non-condition that'll get you medicated
2012-01-06  Time to quit your night job
2012-01-04  The worst type of birth control
2012-01-04  The flu that wasn't
2012-01-02  How docs sell you out
2012-01-02  Twinkies for breakfast
2012-01-01  The easiest way to start your low-carb lifestyle
2012-01-01  Gym pain, no gain
2011-12-30  Arsenic and apple juice 
2011-12-30  Why you need MORE salt
2011-12-28  Thin people eat more often
2011-12-28  Diabetes 'cure' is worse than the disease
2011-12-26  Actos maker sued over cancer link
2011-12-26  Tap water raises this risk by 500%
2011-12-25  Vitamins boost IVF success
2011-12-25  Is there a sperm-killer in your lap?
2011-12-23  The brain nutrient you're not getting
2011-12-23  Fish for the brain
2011-12-21  Secret sources of BPA
2011-12-21  The scoop on soup
2011-12-19  Seniors poisoned by common meds
2011-12-19  The death risk hidden in your home
2011-12-18  Missing the point on depression and heart risk
2011-12-18  How docs earn quick cash
2011-12-16  U.S. airport scanners officially too dangerous to use
2011-12-16  Light up your life
2011-12-14  WARNING! Don't lower your BP after a stroke
2011-12-14  'Poor' health? Pay a fine!
2011-12-12  Why the Avastin debacle is the FDA's fault
2011-12-12  The REAL cause of lung cancer
2011-12-11  How soda can slowly kill you
2011-12-11  Why you NEVER need to drink water
2011-12-09  Finally -- a use for soy!
2011-12-09  The hip 'new' diet that can boost your health in weeks
2011-12-07  The power of magical thinking
2011-12-07  Can vitamin D really hurt you?
2011-12-05  Barking up the wrong tree on cholesterol
2011-12-05  Readin', writin' and Statins
2011-12-04  How to beat the dentist every time
2011-12-04  Pizza: It's a vegetable
2011-12-02  Why you're losing muscle right now
2011-12-02  Junk food kills sperm
2011-11-30  The 'eyes' in your skin are going blind
2011-11-30  The vitamin that can beat Crohn's
2011-11-28  Lather, rinse, risk
2011-11-28  OUTRAGE: Feds to test anthrax shot on kids
2011-11-27  Bulging bellies and broken knees
2011-11-27  How back pain could give you cancer
2011-11-25  Read this before you even think about getting a flu shot
2011-11-25  Your hospital room is filthy
2011-11-23  Step into the light for cancer treatment
2011-11-23  How government advice KILLS smokers
2011-11-21  'Safe' painkiller worsens asthma
2011-11-21  The breathtaking side effects of statins
2011-11-20  Deadly vaccine gets massive new push
2011-11-20  The empty promise of a malaria vaccine
2011-11-18  The 'secret ingredient' [BPA] that'll give you diabetes
2011-11-18  Eggs won't make you diabetic
2011-11-16  New push to limit booze
2011-11-16  The wildly successful drugs that don't work
2011-11-14  Big changes coming to your supermarket
2011-11-14  The great potato war of 2011
2011-11-13  Ignore everything you hear about this 'danger'
2011-11-13  The poop on cellphones
2011-11-11  The sweet smell of distress
2011-11-11  Statin guidelines written under the influence
2011-11-09  The deadliest way to 'treat' your prostate
2011-11-09  Why saw palmetto is the wrong choice for prostate health
2011-11-07  Babies being pumped full of PPIs
2011-11-07  Dopey docs push stimulants on preschoolers
2011-11-06  The only surefire way to slash your colon risk
2011-11-06  Exposed! Forced euthanasia in UK hospitals
2011-11-04  B vitamins can save your hearing
2011-11-04  Beef and beer for a healthy life
2011-11-02  The two-in-one med that's double the trouble
2011-11-02  Another win in the battle against fluoride
2011-10-31  The real reason you need your testosterone
2011-10-31  The cancer screening you can officially skip
2011-10-30  Ireland readies raw milk ban
2011-10-30  Glimmer of hope in MS battle
2011-10-28  The 'wonder' drug that can rob you of your eyesight
2011-10-28  Squeezing cash out of dementia patients
2011-10-26  The growing army of the unvaccinated
2011-10-26  Can oral sex really cause cancer?
2011-10-24  Fuel for the 'death panel' fire
2011-10-24  Unnecessary tests are YOUR fault
2011-10-23  How TV rots little brains
2011-10-23  The secret ingredient that could rot your brain
2011-10-21  The raw cure for asthma & allergies
2011-10-21  Outdoor activity can beat ADHD
2011-10-19  Don't believe the hype: Smoking won't make you smaller
2011-10-19  The daddy drop-off
2011-10-17  MRIs cause dizziness
2011-10-17  The most dangerous way to lose weight
2011-10-16  The 51st state is the Nanny State
2011-10-16  Health Nazis take control of France
2011-10-14  Tough treatment options for varicose veins
2011-10-14  Another day, another tobacco lie
2011-10-12  What red wine can't do
2011-10-12  The best way to beat back pain
2011-10-10  Don't trust current treatment guidelines
2011-10-10  Prescription meds take a deadly turn
2011-10-09  Diabetes ups dementia risk
2011-10-09  The real secret to a super-charged brain
2011-10-07  Latest chocolate study isn't so sweet
2011-10-07  Weight Watchers bust
2011-10-05  Dirty docs and nurses spread germs
2011-10-05  Why I 'sin' every day -- and you should, too
2011-10-03  Mainstream admits to vaccine faults
2011-10-03  A shot in the dark
2011-10-02  The four great diabetes myths
2011-10-02  Cutting-edge treatment boosts death risk
2011-09-30  Common chemical turns children into monsters
2011-09-30  Scary new plan to drug teens
2011-09-28  The biggest lies about aging
2011-09-28  Chondroitin can ease OA pain
2011-09-26  Jane Fonda's secret helper
2011-09-26  Ibuprofen linked to miscarriage
2011-09-25  Are you addicted to heartburn meds?
2011-09-25  Missed opportunity
2011-09-23  Revolutionary approach to Alzheimer's
2011-09-23  What you don't know about diabetes
2011-09-21  Eat your way to a smaller brain
2011-09-21  You can live longer if you'll just...
2011-09-19  Stop dementia before it starts
2011-09-19  Zinc the link for pneumonia prevention
2011-09-18  Killer breath
2011-09-18  Skyrocketing medical fraud
2011-09-16  Aisle 6 for Lipitor
2011-09-16  How carbs wreck your skin
2011-09-14  Un-like your drugs
2011-09-14  Bill Clinton's deadly new outlook
2011-09-12  Prostate surgery leads to appalling new side effect
2011-09-12  The high-tech mammogram scam
2011-09-11  Dementia-apnea link? Not so fast!
2011-09-11  The right fats at the right time
2011-09-09  Can blood boost tendon healing?
2011-09-09  Booze for the brain
2011-09-07  The scoop on poop
2011-09-07  Colon cleansing risks
2011-09-05  More pain, no gain
2011-09-05  The scoop on poop
2011-09-04  Forget the cooling cap. Have a nightcap instead...
2011-09-04  The feds want your vitamins
2011-09-02  A guaranteed turn-off
2011-09-02  The creepy-crawly way to beat MS
2011-08-31  Shrinks try to nix booze for seniors
2011-08-31  The carb/cancer connection
2011-08-29  Know your nose
2011-08-29  When docs give up
2011-08-28  Water for the price of steak
2011-08-28  Lawmakers threaten FDA on Frankenfish
2011-08-26  Acetamin-o-mania
2011-08-26  The right way to get your chocolate fix
2011-08-24  Cellphone study has some hang-ups
2011-08-24  Exercises in futility
2011-08-22  Pregnant women in stroke risk
2011-08-22  Mommy issues
2011-08-21  Shocking rise in arthritis rates
2011-08-21  Mammogram madness
2011-08-19  Selling surgery through robots
2011-08-19  Heart drug, heart risk
2011-08-17  Zinc beats colds
2011-08-17  Pain in the aspirin
2011-08-15  Big Pharma in your doctor's palm
2011-08-15  Live human experiments
2011-08-14  How the USDA is killing you
2011-08-14  Fat feels good
2011-08-12  Careful where you swing that axe, doc
2011-08-12  A den of disease
2011-08-10  The plot to kidnap fat kids
2011-08-10  New panic over sun fears
2011-08-08  Massage beats pain meds
2011-08-08  The healing power of air
2011-08-07  A crime against seniors
2011-08-07  Gelatin made of people
2011-08-05  Dopey ruling on medical marijuana
2011-08-05  Why mosquitos love your gym socks
2011-08-03  Shaking up conventional wisdom
2011-08-03  Vitamin D boosts pancreas function
2011-08-01  Drugged up on milk
2011-08-01  Exposed: The Great Water Myth!
2011-07-31  Vitamin C for your eyes
2011-07-31  Smoke to save your joints
2011-07-29  The white coats are coming! The white coats are coming!
2011-07-29  Your tainted tap
2011-07-27  Cheated by prostate surgery
2011-07-27  Have a hot dog
2011-07-25  Wakeup call for ER docs
2011-07-25  Overbooked docs pay up
2011-07-24  The incredible shrinking muscle
2011-07-24  Coffee's 'mystery' substance
2011-07-22  Common meds raise death risk
2011-07-22  Computers can mess up prescriptions, too
2011-07-20  Seeing the light on skin cancer
2011-07-20  Feds tinker with sunscreen rules
2011-07-18  Shake away diabetes?
2011-07-18  Diet soda in new disease link
2011-07-17  Full-body scanners blamed for cancer spike
2011-07-17  Shocking cell phone research
2011-07-15  Climate cops blame ozone for illness
2011-07-15  Tomorrow's diseases, today
2011-07-13  YOUNG people dying of flu? Don't believe the latest hype!
2011-07-13  Poking the pregnant
2011-07-11  Slash heart risk by 50 percent?
2011-07-11  A little calcium is all you need
2011-07-10  Off-label med linked to orgasm disorder
2011-07-10  Missing your manhood
2011-07-08  Videogames help kids stay fat
2011-07-08  Double take over diet drug
2011-07-06  Breaking up the angio-scam
2011-07-06  The non-epidemic of young hypertension patients
2011-07-04  Placebos work for headaches
2011-07-04  Hide and seek with drug side effects
2011-07-03  Phony baloney over hot flashes
2011-07-03  WHO's confused now?
2011-07-01  More pets than ever turn diabetic
2011-07-01  Frightening new questions over Actos
2011-06-29  The colorful cure for migraines
2011-06-29  Solar-powered sperm
2011-06-27  Anti-smoking drug turns deadly
2011-06-27  Older people are happier
2011-06-26  The new case against aspartame
2011-06-26  MSG in obesity link
2011-06-24  Low fat = low risk?
2011-06-24  Cancer "meats" its match
2011-06-22  Silence isn't golden when it comes to sex
2011-06-22  It's all your fault
2011-06-20  More moms give birth at home
2011-06-20  Master your milk allergy
2011-06-19  New York's war on smokers
2011-06-19  Drinkin' on my mind
2011-06-17  The Kid Krisis
2011-06-17  Reckless endangerment
2011-06-15  Keep drinking after your heart scare
2011-06-15  Kids 'n' Kolesterol
2011-06-13  Cockroach allergies linked to asthma
2011-06-13  U.S. military goes alt-med
2011-06-12  Heartburn vs. hip fractures
2011-06-12  Common painkillers boost heart attack risk
2011-06-10  Study blames child obesity on emotional security
2011-06-10  Feds say Fukushima you!
2011-06-08  Food pyramid finally crumbles
2011-06-08  Sitting your way to obesity
2011-06-06  Why prostate biopsies can kill you
2011-06-06  Cut-rate colon screening misses cancers
2011-06-05  The truth behind 'quick' relief
2011-06-05  Cancer-causing painkillers?
2011-06-03  Don't panic over pesticide-IQ link
2011-06-03  Raw deal!
2011-06-01  Why you need LDL cholesterol
2011-06-01  Candles, cake  cholesterol meds
2011-05-30  Hormone madness 
2011-05-30  Resveratrol might help diabetics
2011-05-29  Should you get that MRI?
2011-05-29  Colon docs poop out
2011-05-27  Low-salt diet is deadly
2011-05-27  America's worst addiction
2011-05-25  Women still want mammograms
2011-05-25  Fact or fiction: Prostate edition
2011-05-23  One big, fat boomerang
2011-05-23  Operating under the influence
2011-05-22  The sad truth about antidepressants
2011-05-22  Top 8 activities linked to aneurysm ruptures
2011-05-20  Power to the planet
2011-05-20  Dementia's secret warning sign
2011-05-18  Kill the carbs, save your kidneys
2011-05-18  Painkillers are real killers
2011-05-16  U.S. beef packed with drugs, metals and poisons
2011-05-16  Bugs for dinner
2011-05-15  Risky new vaccine pushed on babies
2011-05-15  Swine flu shot linked to sleep disease
2011-05-13  The REAL secrets to a long life
2011-05-13  Botox linked to empathy problems
2011-05-11  The most dangerous potatoes
2011-05-11  Babies cry out for steak!
2011-05-09  Taking vitamins, taking risks
2011-05-09  The pitfalls of too much calcium
2011-05-08  How not to lose weight
2011-05-08  Rejected diet med rises from the grave
2011-05-06  Can shopping save your life?
2011-05-06  The placebo impact
2011-05-04  Superbugs in the water
2011-05-04  Beating restless legs
2011-05-02  Sprinkle some salt on your anxiety
2011-05-02  PSAs fail another test
2011-05-01  Too much work, too much risk
2011-05-01  Vaccines linked to autism...again!
2011-04-29  The mafia approach
2011-04-29  Bribes and recalls
2011-04-27  Diabetes patients more likely to die of cancer
2011-04-27  BPA's lasting effects
2011-04-25  The unbelievable surge in medical mistakes
2011-04-25  Broken hearts & shattered lives
2011-04-24  Children's CT scans skyrocket
2011-04-24  New cancer fears at the airport
2011-04-22  Researchers confirm Avandia risk
2011-04-22  Drugs for diabetes prevention
2011-04-20  Household items linked to early menopause
2011-04-20  Hair today, sex life gone tomorrow
2011-04-18  The truth about stretching
2011-04-18  How to cross the street (and live to tell about it)
2011-04-17  It's snot unusual
2011-04-17  The chemo fraud exposed
2011-04-15  Tai chi beats depression drugs
2011-04-15  Obese seniors sing the blues
2011-04-13  How not to fight disease
2011-04-13  Lose sleep, eat more
2011-04-11  Cereal for BP? No way!
2011-04-11  Just how bad are food dyes anyway?
2011-04-10  Dukan diet is a do-not
2011-04-10  When you don't know you're fat
2011-04-08  How I became a trendsetter
2011-04-08  More dangerous lies about HRT
2011-04-06  Big Pharma's naked greed on display
2011-04-06  The $1.265 billion dollar lie
2011-04-04  Cancer, Inc. exposed
2011-04-04  Robo-plot!
2011-04-03  Needling the pro-vaccine crowd
2011-04-03  Oral sex fears used to push vaccines
2011-04-01  Prehypertension is a big, fat lie
2011-04-01  BP meds in obesity link
2011-03-30  Back pain scam exposed
2011-03-30  New plastics study rife with conflicts
2011-03-28  PSAs proven pointless
2011-03-28  Painkillers linked to erection problems
2011-03-27  Naked scanners coming to a street near you
2011-03-27  Cellular damage
2011-03-25  Let them eat fish
2011-03-25  Pink power can save your brain
2011-03-23  Back on top in the bedroom
2011-03-23  Zinc beats the cold
2011-03-21  One spice beats pain, helps the brain
2011-03-21  Soda color in cancer link
2011-03-20  Booze is good for the heart
2011-03-20  Shocking cholesterol study
2011-03-18  Airport scanners fail security test
2011-03-18  Ancient spice for a modern disease
2011-03-16  Medical devices get no real testing
2011-03-16  The mineral you're missing
2011-03-14  "Man bags" can cause real pain
2011-03-14  Tame your blood sugar
2011-03-13  Forced contrition
2011-03-13  Tobacco is good for the brain
2011-03-11  The most important nutrient you've never heard of
2011-03-11  Newsweek's fall from grace
2011-03-09  Rotten food makes rotten kids
2011-03-09  Processed food makes kids dumber
2011-03-07  Broken bones & brain damage
2011-03-07  Brain zap linked to thinking boost
2011-03-06  Antidepressants without depression
2011-03-06  Water plan gets filtered
2011-03-04  Dangerous new mammograms
2011-03-04  Bird brains and radiation risks
2011-03-02  Eggs-tremely good news from the henhouse
2011-03-02  Vegan diet ups heart risk
2011-02-28  Sleepless nights up death risk
2011-02-28  Just for the risk of it!
2011-02-27  Feds push for more statins, BP meds
2011-02-27  Time magazine's statin sales pitch
2011-02-25  Bigger (breakfast) isn't always better
2011-02-25  Fat chance!
2011-02-23  The cold, hard truth about statins
2011-02-23  How to save a vegan
2011-02-21  Bore yourself to sleep
2011-02-21  Save your skin? Skip the sunscreen!
2011-02-20  How to prevent teen depression
2011-02-20  Kids are junk food experts
2011-02-18  Kibble goes ka-put
2011-02-18  People meds sicken pets
2011-02-16  Shocking superbug solution
2011-02-16  From the farm to the kitchen
2011-02-14  Big Pharma's billion-dollar gift
2011-02-14  'Dark Age' treatments in cutting-edge comeback
2011-02-13  Cancer patients 'too optimistic'
2011-02-13  Tea beats water
2011-02-11  Almonds aid blood sugar
2011-02-11  Fats are your friend
2011-02-09  Slow walk to an early death
2011-02-09  New attack on sodium
2011-02-07  Statins up your stroke risk
2011-02-07  Is your TV killing you?
2011-02-06  Malaria meds fall short
2011-02-06  Turbo-charge your immune system
2011-02-04  Pop a painkiller, drop dead
2011-02-04  Drink beer, lose weight!
2011-02-02  Eat your way to a smaller brain
2011-02-02  60 ways to divorce your doctor
2011-01-31  Quit smoking, drop dead
2011-01-31  Americans shocked by radiation exposure
2011-01-30  Are microscopic vampires the superbug solution?
2011-01-30  (Don't) put your money where your mouth is
2011-01-28  Gruesome cigarette warning stamped out
2011-01-28  Beef and beer for a healthy life
2011-01-26  It's not in your head: Phony meds really work
2011-01-26  Patients with money are cancer targets
2011-01-24  Why statins just don't work
2011-01-24  Give it a rest, doc!
2011-01-23  Drinking cancer
2011-01-23  TSA caught in more radiation lies
2011-01-21  Hand washing beats flu risk
2011-01-21  Revolutionary approach to Alzheimer's
2011-01-19  Australian nightmare as nation turns into flood zone
2011-01-19  The truth about kids and alternative meds
2011-01-19  Echinacea study misses the point
2011-01-17  Fluoride doesn't deliver
2011-01-17  The beginning of the end for mercury fillings
2011-01-16  Not sweet on the candy diet
2011-01-16  Noisy nights could be killing you
2011-01-14  Grow your own testosterone!
2011-01-14  Big bones are broken bones
2011-01-12  Red wine battles cavities
2011-01-12  The shot we forgot
2011-01-10  Birth rates fall again
2011-01-10  Autism hoax... or vaccine witch hunt?
2011-01-09  The beginning of the end for fluoridation
2011-01-09  TV is bad for baby brains
2011-01-07  Study proves you can have sex at any age
2011-01-07  B vitamins can save your hearing
2011-01-05  Don't give your sperm a workout
2011-01-05  Lifelong fitness freaks aren't much thinner
2011-01-03  Cancer meds approved too soon
2011-01-03  Diet drug carries weighty heart problems
2011-01-02  Seniors given 'mixed' med message
2011-01-02  Low D linked to depression risk... again
2010-12-31  Cinnamon helps blood sugar... again
2010-12-31  Massive failure!
2010-12-29  A little fat, a lot of death
2010-12-29  New wave of obesity hits pets
2010-12-27  Catch a flight, catch a disease
2010-12-27  Climate kooks demand new sacrifice
2010-12-26  Low-carb tops low fat for diet maintenance
2010-12-26  Social medicine's nightmare comes true
2010-12-24  Big Pharma's secret studies
2010-12-24  Disciplined docs on the payroll
2010-12-22  New radiation threat at the dentist
2010-12-22  Mercury in your mouth
2010-12-20  Sperm counts still shrinking
2010-12-20  Why you can't get pregnant
2010-12-19  Common antidepressants linked to heart risk
2010-12-19  More aspirin insanity
2010-12-17  Depression meds linked to stroke
2010-12-17  Booze helps women live better
2010-12-15  Garlic for your blood pressure?
2010-12-15  20 potatoes a day
2010-12-13  Cholesterol supplement under fire
2010-12-13  Gardasil down, but not out
2010-12-12  Delirium drug delivers extra delirium
2010-12-12  'Twinkie Diet' will kill you
2010-12-10  Doped-up seniors take more tumbles
2010-12-10  Feds ban painkiller
2010-12-08  The truth about sodium
2010-12-08  Hospitals are death traps
2010-12-06  Rickets on the rise
2010-12-06  More wasted antibiotics
2010-12-05  Smokers' kids in crime link
2010-12-05  Diagnosing crime
2010-12-03  Terminal patients given cancer screenings
2010-12-03  Prostate payola system
2010-12-01  New nonsense over flu drug
2010-12-01  Phone-y flu diagnosis leads to death
2010-11-29  Everyone will be obese and diabetic
2010-11-29  Put some spice into your plan to keep healthy blood sugar
2010-11-28  Gardasil for boys
2010-11-28  Inside the mystery placebos
2010-11-26  Texting, talking and playing all night
2010-11-26  Destroying your fertility, one sip at a time
2010-11-24  Big Pharma's billion-dollar threat
2010-11-24  Fight for your right to 'unsafe' food
2010-11-22  Soda's diabetes link
2010-11-22  Why I recommend the "most dangerous drug"
2010-11-21  Vitamin E under attack
2010-11-21  A remarkable mineral's power over glucose
2010-11-19  The science of lies
2010-11-19  New tech, same old results
2010-11-17  Crucial hormone for heart patients
2010-11-17  New dangers linked to prostate treatments
2010-11-15  Farmers ordered to stop selling raw milk
2010-11-15  FDA assault on chelation
2010-11-14  Study finds sodium levels haven't changed
2010-11-14  Osteoporosis drugs may cause fractures
2010-11-13  The ugly truth about processed meat
2010-11-12  Don't turn to aspirin for colon health!
2010-11-12  WHO wants a vaccine?
2010-11-10  A knockout blow to diabetes
2010-11-10  Pomegranate persecution
2010-11-08  BPA gets toxic tag
2010-11-08  Cancer: A modern creation
2010-11-07  Flesh-rotting bug on the rise in Africa
2010-11-07  Stop dementia before it starts
2010-11-06  Big Brother's newest lunch-line intrusions
2010-11-05  Lipitor stinks!
2010-11-05  Drinking during pregnancy is OK
2010-11-03  Inside the hunt for a female sex med
2010-11-03  Sex education during the commercial breaks
2010-11-01  Newsflash: Diet leads to weight loss
2010-11-01  Diet drug Meridia pulled off the shelves
2010-10-31  Shocking rise in arthritis rates
2010-10-31  Glucosamine under attack
2010-10-29  Toymakers fight new safety regulations
2010-10-29  Youths chow down on junk-food diet
2010-10-27  Lifestyle changes top diabetes drugs
2010-10-27  New rules only apply to new patients
2010-10-25  Mainstream pushes radiation tests
2010-10-25  The pink-ribbon campaign's dirty little secret
2010-10-24  Off-label nausea meds linked to clot risk
2010-10-24  Shock treatment making a comeback
2010-10-22  A treatment worse than the disease
2010-10-22  Cancer screening myth unravels
2010-10-20  Bug-infested baby formula faces recall
2010-10-20  The obesity virus
2010-10-18  Teens caught sucking each other
2010-10-18  New numbers reveal more Gardasil deaths
2010-10-17  Bounce your way to office health?
2010-10-17  Why meatless diets can be deadly
2010-10-15  Feds say GM salmon won't be labeled
2010-10-15  Farmers market fakers on the rise
2010-10-13  Study aims to fill kids with water
2010-10-13  EPA makes water contamination 'top' priority
2010-10-11  BPA levels higher than anyone thought
2010-10-11  Common sense on vitamin D
2010-10-10  Get ready for health care bribes
2010-10-10  Zealots push for higher booze tax
2010-10-08  When 'free' is still too expensive
2010-10-08  Docs & nurses just say 'no' to vaccinations
2010-10-06  Scary new salmon on the menu
2010-10-06  Fish oil saves lives
2010-10-04  Big Brother is watching your garbage
2010-10-04  New system tracks what kids eat
2010-10-03  Insomnia, anxiety meds shorten lives
2010-10-03  Another hit job on vitamins
2010-10-01  Roach brains beat bacteria
2010-10-01  B blend can slow dementia
2010-09-29  No credit for health care
2010-09-29  Drug kings pull shady tricks online
2010-09-27  CDC backtracks on its flu stance
2010-09-27  Zinc the link for pneumonia prevention
2010-09-26  Why bad breath is bad for your heart
2010-09-26  Your dentist is poisoning your child
2010-09-24  How your personality affects stroke risk
2010-09-24  Poisonous pain relief
2010-09-22  Study: 85 percent of drugs are ineffective
2010-09-22  Hypertension drugs can raise blood pressure
2010-09-20  Are you paying too much for your meds?
2010-09-20  MS charity makes donation to drug company
2010-09-19  Hip replacement isn't all it's "cracked up" to be
2010-09-19  Big Pharma smashes drug recall record
2010-09-17  DIY flu shots should be DOA
2010-09-17  Malaria's toll: 3 billion and counting
2010-09-15  Big Pharma sells date rape drug
2010-09-15  Street drug aimed at depression
2010-09-13  Birthrates continue to plummet
2010-09-13  Fake sugars linked to premature births
2010-09-12  Kids fake ADHD to get meds
2010-09-12  Study: ADHD is really just immaturity
2010-09-10  Mealworms for your meals
2010-09-10  Almond farmers in courtroom victory
2010-09-08  Wacky new plan to give drugs with fast food
2010-09-08  Low-carb diets great for cholesterol
2010-09-06  Diet pill failure shows how drugs fall short
2010-09-06  How drug companies always win
2010-09-05  Magazine's baseless attack on supplements
2010-09-05  Tylenol linked to asthma in kids
2010-09-03  Common food laced with dangerous toxins
2010-09-03  Unknown chemical seeps into cereal
2010-09-01  Abuse allegations are all smoke
2010-09-01  Study finds alarming rise in early puberty
2010-08-30  How NOT to prevent prostate cancer
2010-08-30  New bacteria could be untreatable... and unbeatable
2010-08-29  Feds claim Land of Mao has gotten safer
2010-08-29  Arguing is good for you
2010-08-27  Hershey's health advice
2010-08-27  Big Pharma tests sex meds on children
2010-08-25  Drink to fight pain
2010-08-25  Another study links autism to vaccines
2010-08-23  Tattle forms help pay for healthcare
2010-08-23  More docs stop accepting Medicare
2010-08-22  Latest flu shot linked to seizures
2010-08-22  Tainted tea leads to fluorosis risk
2010-08-20  Feds consider livestock drug ban
2010-08-20  Armed raid over raw milk
2010-08-18  Colon exam doesn't finish the job
2010-08-18  Short skirts and fender benders
2010-08-16  Receipts covered in hormone-like chemical
2010-08-16  Toxic ingredients in common soaps
2010-08-15  Bigger isn't better when it comes to drug doses
2010-08-15  Feds halt Avandia trial
2010-08-13  Can you inherit obesity?
2010-08-13  Inside deadly mainstream cancer treatments
2010-08-11  Empty promises from new diet drug
2010-08-11  Rejected med could come back to haunt
2010-08-09  Montana's sick new sex ed plan
2010-08-09  What's in a McNugget?
2010-08-08  Low vitamin D linked to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
2010-08-08  Cancer organization endorses the sun
2010-08-06  Patently outrageous!
2010-08-06  Pediatricians push cholesterol tests on kids
2010-08-04  STD linked to skin cancer
2010-08-04  Vitamins top meds for common problems
2010-08-02  Poor hospital hygiene kills thousands
2010-08-02  Pricey shoes won't stop running injuries
2010-08-01  Shape up for memory
2010-08-01  Nothing safe about sweeteners
2010-07-30  'Safe' products contain nano-dangers
2010-07-30  Sick of swimming
2010-07-28  Reusable shopping bags a paradise for germs
2010-07-28  How sugar raises blood pressure
2010-07-26  Money isn't so evil after all
2010-07-26  New push to medicate infants
2010-07-25  Feds cut salt levels... again
2010-07-25  Chia pets for dessert
2010-07-23  Fat people have lousy sex lives
2010-07-23  New study claims you can be obese and healthy
2010-07-21  The other "low-carb" lifestyle
2010-07-21  ObamaCare to boost emergency waits
2010-07-19  More problems linked to Avandia
2010-07-19  Punching holes in statin study
2010-07-18  Flying with filth
2010-07-18  High-tech strip search packs massive radiation punch
2010-07-16  We're zapped by more tests than any other nation
2010-07-16  Meet your new drug dealer
2010-07-14  New calcium plan is all wet
2010-07-14  Inside the world's deadliest mega-structure
2010-07-12  Deadly side effect linked to blood pressure meds
2010-07-12  Prostate lies come full circle
2010-07-11  Listen to the fish
2010-07-11  Feds say drug company kept side effects secret
2010-07-09  Antidepressants linked to cataract risk
2010-07-09  Survey finds we prefer antidepressants
2010-07-07  Exercises in futility
2010-07-07  How milk and cheese protect the heart
2010-07-05  Kiddie juice loaded with lead
2010-07-05  Filling your home with mercury
2010-07-04  Height study comes up short
2010-07-04  Meaty nutrients hold the keys to happiness
2010-07-02  Dangerous new pesticide coming to the produce aisle
2010-07-02  Bacteria in a bottle
2010-06-30  Osteoarthritis strikes earlier than ever
2010-06-30  Death by toilet
2010-06-28  Study: Journals packed with lies
2010-06-28  Big Pharma's dastardly new megapill
2010-06-27  The TV diet
2010-06-27  UN:Skip meat to save the planet
2010-06-25  WHO disease-mongers have Big Pharma ties
2010-06-25  Judge slaps FDA over censorship
2010-06-23  Nothing good about obesity
2010-06-23  New warning on weight-loss meds
2010-06-21  Diabetics missing key nutrients
2010-06-21  Daily aspirin myth takes another hit
2010-06-20  Your dentist will give you cancer
2010-06-20  Cleaner mouths lead to healthier hearts
2010-06-18  Big Pharma readies female sex med
2010-06-18  Sex drugs make you deaf
2010-06-16  Witching and moaning
2010-06-16  Vegans angry over poisoned soy burgers
2010-06-14  BPA: It's in the can
2010-06-14  More reasons to avoid cholesterol meds
2010-06-13  Employers could earn billions by ditching insurance
2010-06-13  Prostate treatments ruin lives
2010-06-11  Get your D daily -- not annually
2010-06-11  Diet cola for your kidneys? No way!
2010-06-09  Heartburn meds linked to more pain & suffering
2010-06-09  Big Pharma's little buddies
2010-06-07  AHA sells out over a videogame
2010-06-07  Obesity linked to dementia
2010-06-06  Tobacco attack in Massachusetts
2010-06-06  New study on bad med under way
2010-06-04  Just another word on a label
2010-06-04  Study: Quicker is better for weight loss
2010-06-02  Backwards ban on bottled water
2010-06-02  Low vitamin D linked to mobility problems
2010-05-31  Big Pharma recall shows industry's ugly side
2010-05-31  Angry meals on the menu
2010-05-30  Low testosterone linked to frailty
2010-05-30  Sleepless in the senior home
2010-05-28  Chocolate formula made just for tots
2010-05-28  TV rots body & brain
2010-05-26  Electromagnets for depression
2010-05-26  New study pushes CT scans on millions
2010-05-24  Women falling victim to PTSD
2010-05-24  Eyes on bad meds
2010-05-23  Keep drinking after your heart scare
2010-05-23  Check at home and save yourself
2010-05-21  Feds letting sick people into America
2010-05-21  Fast food logos turn your judgment inside out
2010-05-19  Statins can lower your testosterone levels
2010-05-19  B vitamins linked to heart health
2010-05-17  Gobbling down sugar by the sack
2010-05-17  Weight loss pricks
2010-05-16  The halfway house for vegans
2010-05-16  Dangerous chemical used to process soy
2010-05-14  D.C. fish undergoing sex change
2010-05-14  Drug company 'experts' in trouble of their own
2010-05-12  Millions of Americans will cough up billions
2010-05-12  Nurses want equal billing
2010-05-10  Our military's powerful new enemy
2010-05-10  Bribes beat back ADHD
2010-05-09  Women given cancer meds off-label
2010-05-09  Common meds linked to suicide risk
2010-05-07  Starving yourself fat: Why low-calorie diets go bust
2010-05-07  Mother's obesity increases odds of heart defects
2010-05-05  Prescription meds lead to emergency rooms
2010-05-05  Pfizer beats the rap with phony company
2010-05-03  Don't buy the hype in latest drug study
2010-05-03  More dangerous lies about HRT
2010-05-02  Money motive behind surgeries
2010-05-02  Docs push spinal fusions on unsuspecting patients
2010-04-30  Americans more immobile than ever
2010-04-30  Bizarre experiment chases patients out of the ICU
2010-04-28  Common chemicals linked to early puberty
2010-04-28  Antibacterial madness could be killing us
2010-04-26  Soda kills sperm
2010-04-26  Commies send us tainted fluoride
2010-04-25  Senior meds linked to pneumonia
2010-04-25  Big Pharma's happy endings
2010-04-23  Feds issue warning on Zocor
2010-04-23  Millions take unapproved meds
2010-04-21  Do nannies create womanizers?
2010-04-21  Avandia backers received industry money
2010-04-19  Students protest cafeteria food
2010-04-19  Corny debate over sweeteners
2010-04-18  Obesity tied to colon, liver problems
2010-04-18  Sick people stay offline
2010-04-16  Socialized medicine will bankrupt the nation
2010-04-16  Fighting HIV... with bananas
2010-04-14  Hidden hazards of nano-ingredients
2010-04-14  Health Police try to ban smoking everywhere
2010-04-12  More new studies back booze
2010-04-12  New drug aimed at cramps is a hormone-blocking nightmare
2010-04-11  Tainted water leads to cancer spike
2010-04-11  How creams and lotions contribute to water pollution
2010-04-09  Are you getting enough salt in your diet?
2010-04-09  Heartburn drugs: all harm, no good
2010-04-07  Skip the screenings, save your own life
2010-04-07  Lining up for unnecessary heart tests
2010-04-05  No surprise: Soda linked to diabetes, heart disease
2010-04-05  Skin cancer rates rising at record pace
2010-04-04  Osteoporosis meds lead to broken bones
2010-04-04  A tale of two beefs
2010-04-02  Getting dimples when you weren't born with them
2010-04-02  Living longer, loving better
2010-03-31  Studies fail to measure safety of meds
2010-03-31  Painkillers kill hearing
2010-03-29  Going buggy over new lice treatment
2010-03-29  Latest Chinese junk under recall microscope
2010-03-28  Why drugs won't prevent diabetes
2010-03-28  BPA now linked to asthma, too
2010-03-26  Baby DVDs don't lead to little Einsteins
2010-03-26  Kids eating more junk than ever
2010-03-24  CDC goes overboard for flu shots
2010-03-24  Aspirin: A loaded gun for your heart
2010-03-22  Don't thank Cancer Inc. for decline
2010-03-22  Happiness is no match for heart disease
2010-03-21  Indians go cuckoo for cow poo
2010-03-21  Researchers admit to global warming lies
2010-03-19  More dangers from overcooked meat
2010-03-19  Sold to the highest bidder
2010-03-17  Rye won't make you regular
2010-03-17  Vitamin B6 may slow tumors
2010-03-15  Crooked campaign hits mall-loving teens
2010-03-15  Toddler tantrums now a mental disorder?
2010-03-14  Newest tobacco fear reeks of lies
2010-03-14  Sugar peddler talks heart health
2010-03-12  Avandia tied to heart risk
2010-03-12  Supplements yanked from Canadian pharmacies
2010-03-10  Beer for your bones
2010-03-10  CDC fails at math
2010-03-08  Dangerous diet fad hits Hong Kong
2010-03-08  Frightening new soy product on the horizon
2010-03-07  Scent of a woman gets men going
2010-03-07  Pricey screenings make no difference in treatment
2010-03-05  Global warming plan could leave humans extinct
2010-03-05  Indian film star in unexpected nude shoot
2010-03-03  Baby DNA kept on file...forever
2010-03-03  Massive fraud crackdown goes nowhere
2010-03-01  How sunlight boosts your love life
2010-03-01  Canned tuna linked to mercury
2010-02-28  Tubby teens pushed towards diabetes drugs for weight loss
2010-02-28  Why you should skip this free diabetes test
2010-02-26  Inside socialized medicine's bizarre rationing scheme
2010-02-26  Fats blamed in bogus prostate risk
2010-02-24  Low-carb living tops nasty weight-loss pill
2010-02-24  Mouthing off for fatty acids
2010-02-22  Pandemic panic hits World Health Organization
2010-02-22  Bill Gates' biggest glitch
2010-02-21  Pork your way to better sex
2010-02-21  The silent plague of sports injuries
2010-02-19  Heart organization keeps getting it wrong 
2010-02-19  Our butts are killing us
2010-02-17  Berry juice won't build brain power
2010-02-17  Irrational fear deprives kids of the perfect snack
2010-02-15  Feds approve bird poison for MS sufferers
2010-02-15  Hospital tells tobacco users: You can't work here
2010-02-14  Putting cold meds back behind the counter 
2010-02-14  Get ready for new push to drug teens
2010-02-12  Diet behind mood disorders
2010-02-12  Quit smoking, then drop dead
2010-02-10  Spanking leads to success
2010-02-10  FDA still can't get it right on BPA
2010-02-08  Study finds sex reduces heart risk
2010-02-08  Big bottoms for better health?
2010-02-07  New York's nonsensical attack on salt
2010-02-07  'Paleos' want to live like cavemen
2010-02-05  Boozers live better
2010-02-05  Great sex in your golden years
2010-02-03  Grim Reaper ends cancer drug study
2010-02-03  Airports to begin strip-searching passengers
2010-02-01  Surrounded by secret chemicals
2010-02-01  Feds inch forward on Clean Water update
2010-01-31  Soda fountains spew fecal filth
2010-01-31  New study finds calorie counts wildly off
2010-01-29  Toddlers given dangerous mood meds
2010-01-29  China still trying to poison our kids
2010-01-27  Firsthand foolishness on secondhand smoke
2010-01-27  Study paints false picture of GERD treatments
2010-01-25  Don't wait for Franken-booze
2010-01-25  The ugly truth behind ground beef
2010-01-24  Psychobabble enters the obesity battle
2010-01-24  Pulling back the curtain on swine flu
2010-01-22  Common chemical damages digestion
2010-01-22  What's inside dirty U.S. drinking water
2010-01-20  Vaccine makers ready new push
2010-01-20  Feds approve statins for people without high cholesterol
2010-01-18  Why some boys have breasts
2010-01-18  Study reveals bitter effects of common sweeteners
2010-01-17  Stay married, stay happy
2010-01-17  Common drugs increase risk of stroke and death
2010-01-15  Feds back Merck -- again
2010-01-15  How drug companies reward their best pals
2010-01-13  How mercury is destroying our youth
2010-01-13  Don't cry over this spilled milk
2010-01-11  Painkillers for heartache?
2010-01-11  New flu vaccine is a work in progress
2010-01-10  If meat is murder, then salad is slaughter
2010-01-10  Greenies sic Fido in new guilt push
2010-01-08  How Big Pharma profits off fear
2010-01-08  Hide and seek with Big Pharma
2010-01-06  The real cost of "free"
2010-01-06  The feds turn to Big Pharma for painkiller help
2010-01-04  Being bad and dying young
2010-01-04  Exercise injuries and early-onset arthritis
2010-01-03  When docs ask instead of order
2010-01-03  States cut pointless anti-tobacco funding
2010-01-01  Don't quit your day job: Nightshift linked to cancer
2010-01-01  Diabetes: The most ignored health danger
2009-12-30  Are painkillers killing PSA test results?
2009-12-30  Popular air fresheners may have deadly scents
2009-12-28  Big Pharma cashes in on gamblers
2009-12-28  43 percent of women suffer from sexual dysfunction
2009-12-27  Are you getting enough salt in your diet?
2009-12-27  EPA rockets new water regulations out the window
2009-12-25  Behind the push for pasteurization
2009-12-25  Factory foods filled with disease
2009-12-23  Mother's milk helps mom too
2009-12-23  New study highlights dangers of mammograms
2009-12-21  Chewing tobacco for pregnancy pain
2009-12-21  How docs and hospitals play radiation games
2009-12-20  Videogames don't belong in school
2009-12-20  Dangerous drugs OK'd for kids
2009-12-18  Fumes for a fight
2009-12-18  Holding back anger boosts your heart risk
2009-12-16  Researchers: Merck knew dangers of Vioxx -- and did nothing
2009-12-16  Why journalists keep getting it wrong
2009-12-14  Don't believe the hype: Soy can't cure cancer
2009-12-14  Bad batch proves shots not safe
2009-12-13  Who's footing the bill for drug ads?
2009-12-13  Belly fat increases dementia risk
2009-12-11  Can exercise keep you young at heart?
2009-12-11  A bottle a day keeps heart attacks at bay
2009-12-09  Docs now recommended less smearing
2009-12-09  If immigrant girls don't need HPV shots... why do ours?
2009-12-07  Bad idea in a bottle: Penis anesthesia
2009-12-07  Failed med tested for sexy side effects
2009-12-06  New tests show frightening extras flow from the tap
2009-12-06  Another water myth debunked
2009-12-04  Your gut may be working against you
2009-12-04  Weight loss through a videogame? No way
2009-12-02  Big Pharma's newest pals
2009-12-02  ObamaCare targets the elderly... again
2009-11-30  Common chemical linked to erectile dysfunction
2009-11-30  Pandemic panic still doesn't add up
2009-11-29  Pfizer accused in wave of research trickery
2009-11-29  Dirty drugs for the highest prices
2009-11-28  Can you hurry up with those organs? We need them.
2009-11-27  New study misses the point on eating
2009-11-27  Sugar makes kids fat: What else is new?
2009-11-25  Sun scare has left us D-eficient
2009-11-25  Colon cancer detection begins at dawn
2009-11-23  Can freeze-dried strawberries lower cholesterol?
2009-11-23  The delicious road to artery health
2009-11-22  Exercise is unrelated to weight loss
2009-11-22  Young athletes dropping like flies
2009-11-20  Can statins save you from the flu?
2009-11-20  Get ready for a tidal wave of flu lies
2009-11-18  Have the happily married always been smiling?
2009-11-18  Snack food is an addictive habit
2009-11-18  The great Coca-Cola rebellion
2009-11-16  UK climate weirdo's strange demand
2009-11-16  Shouting is the new spanking?
2009-11-15  A dose of strange-but-true tales
2009-11-13  Erection meds get bad boost
2009-11-11  Dog flu: the next needless panic?
2009-11-11  FDA cracks down on flu products
2009-11-09  Heartburn drugs: all harm, no good
2009-11-09  New study's goal: to get you on meds
2009-11-08  FDA finally eyes laser surgery
2009-11-08  New prostate surgery isn't better
2009-11-06  California's radiation scandal
2009-11-06  Why your physician is a filthy pig
2009-11-04  Second thoughts on dialysis
2009-11-04  Get ready for the health police
2009-11-02  BPA scandal keeps on growing
2009-11-02  Exposing yourself to flu is a bad idea
2009-11-01  How much more are you going to pay?
2009-10-30  Seeing the light on fish oil
2009-10-30  Why you shouldn't shrink from the sun
2009-10-28  Sympathy for the Devil
2009-10-28  Vitamin B6 may slow tumors
2009-10-26  Common sense for chemicals
2009-10-26  Obama can rewrite history on aspartame
2009-10-25  Video games offer quick road to ruin
2009-10-25  Deadly mistakes plague hospitals
2009-10-23  Does junk food lead to jail?
2009-10-23  Children suffering from drug reactions
2009-10-21  Hooked on vitamins
2009-10-21  The truth behind psycho-babble
2009-10-19  Avoid another stroke, avoid dementia
2009-10-19  Poor rest linked to dementia
2009-10-18  Don't wait for this scary ED cure
2009-10-16  Stunning new questions over flu shots
2009-10-16  Drink up to warm up in the bedroom
2009-10-14  Bizarre Tamiflu instructions confound parents
2009-10-14  Avoiding illness with a little soap
2009-10-12  Ending the breast cancer panic
2009-10-11  Folate cuts colorectal cancer risk in women
2009-10-11  Vegans being vegans
2009-10-11  Why young athletes die needlessly
2009-10-09  Great sex in your golden years
2009-10-09  Stop the one-a-day nonsense
2009-10-07  Common sense for cell phones
2009-10-07  A push too far -- even in New York
2009-10-05  Pfizer pays the price -- but it's not high enough
2009-10-05  Bad medicine for America begins overseas
2009-10-04  Turn the TV off -- NOW
2009-10-04  Latest work on bad diet is a real head-scratcher
2009-10-02  Insane new food labels
2009-10-02  Yes, you do need your vitamins
2009-09-30  Finally... some good news on antibiotics
2009-09-30  More needless needles aimed at your daughters
2009-09-28  Boozers live better
2009-09-28  Basic rights being burned off
2009-09-27  Mattel gets free pass on independent lead tests
2009-09-25  GM foods could give you a belly boost
2009-09-25  Get your folic acid on your own
2009-09-23  Fighting for homebirthing rights
2009-09-23  New coconut oil study shows us who the real nuts are
2009-09-21  "Health" food foolery
2009-09-21  Time to end the worst practice in medicine
2009-09-20  Link between illness and Alzheimer's
2009-09-20  For once, bad insurance leads to good medicine
2009-09-18  Who's poisoning our children? Alarming trend shows true nature of ADHD drugs
2009-09-16  Docs question safety of swine flu vaccine
2009-09-16  Report calls for taxes on junk food
2009-09-14  Skip the needless tests
2009-09-14  When losing your job is no big loss
2009-09-13  Prostate cancer: the big scam
2009-09-13  Don't buy into penile cancer myth
2009-09-11  How many shots are enough?
2009-09-11  PC crackpot wants you to love obesity
2009-09-09  The weighty cause of cognitive decline
2009-09-09  AHA warns of hidden sugar dangers
2009-09-07  Whole Foods CEO threatened for anti-Obamacare speech
2009-09-07  Abuse of ADHD drugs nearly doubles among kids
2009-09-06  Pop goes the antioxidants
2009-09-06  Tamiflu linked to "bizarre" reactions
2009-09-04  Protect yourself from the swine flu shot
2009-09-02  Shocking danger of sleep apnea
2009-09-02  MRIs: Bad medicine for breast cancer
2009-08-31  New approach for rheumatoid
2009-08-31  Bogus study claims Gardasil is safe
2009-08-30  Go for the garlic
2009-08-30  The failure of exercise
2009-08-28  Leaked paper reveals plan to cut surgeries
2009-08-28  Merck pays medical associations to promote Gardasil
2009-08-26  Town considers imposing curfew on all its citizens
2009-08-26  Does the British healthcare system prove Obamacare works?
2009-08-24  The real story behind the global fertility problem
2009-08-24  Breast is still best -- for mommy, too
2009-08-23  Socialized medicine: a pain in the back
2009-08-23  More sperm = longer lives
2009-08-21  More bad news about your tap water
2009-08-21  Awesome power of omega-3
2009-08-19  Help Ron Paul make a stand for health freedom
2009-08-17  Swine flu vaccine jeopardizes health freedom
2009-08-16  A call to arms to save our food and our freedom!
2009-08-14  Prescription for sex
2009-08-14  Brits find more evidence that putting off pap smears is the way to go
2009-08-12  Sunny D-eficiency shows up in 70% of U.S. kids
2009-08-12  Mainstream docs sing the praises of dietary fat
2009-08-10  Extending life might be too expensive
2009-08-10  Breast cancer fears lead to increase in double mastectomies
2009-08-09  One simple way to lower your risk of gallstones
2009-08-09  Study questions the benefit of organic foods
2009-08-07  Having friends keeps seniors sharp
2009-08-07  Country forces experimental vaccine on population
2009-08-05  Courts say vaccines at fault for kid's disability
2009-08-05  Study finds unusual suspect in lung cancer risk
2009-08-03  Study blames smog for lowering kids' IQ
2009-08-03  Two studies calls for better bottled water labeling
2009-08-02  Too fat to be surgeon general
2009-08-02  Africa looks to cut spread of AIDS with widespread circumcision
2009-07-31  How video games can combat Alzheimer's
2009-07-29  Dirty sand: No day at the beach
2009-07-29  Obama administration takes aim at overuse of antibiotics in livestock
2009-07-27  Obamacare: no money saver
2009-07-27  The truth about Obamacare
2009-07-26  Can swearing reduce the perception of pain?
2009-07-26  Congress looks to improve FDA's food safety standards
2009-07-24  Vegetarians get salty surprise in meatless burgers
2009-07-24  Congress finally takes a hard look at FDA's slipshod device approvals
2009-07-22  Green tea blunts growth of prostate cancers
2009-07-22  Governator considers releasing illegals from prison
2009-07-20  What "AGEs" you
2009-07-20  Statins cause muscle damage
2009-07-19  Drugs increase death rate of Alzheimer's patients
2009-07-19  Non-surgical treatment options for GERD
2009-07-17  A sweet solution for kids' coughs
2009-07-17  Mumps the word!
2009-07-15  Sweetener prevents cavities in children
2009-07-15  Flying increases your risk of blood clots
2009-07-13  The apple doesn't fall far...
2009-07-13  Swept under the rug: The Jackson story you're not hearing
2009-07-12  Smoking: a fate worse than death?
2009-07-12  Human cost takes a back seat to bottom line
2009-07-10  43 percent of women suffer from sexual dysfunction
2009-07-10  Toxins found in bottled water
2009-07-08  Could colic be linked to depression?
2009-07-08  Bold claims about bariatric surgery
2009-07-06  Killing yourself to save your skin?
2009-07-06  Stopping HRT drops cancer risk fast
2009-07-05  Sold to the highest bidder
2009-07-05  More dangers from overcooked meat
2009-07-03  Research shows HRT may shrink your brain
2009-07-03  Deadly dangers of ADHD drugs
2009-07-01  Walk off the pain
2009-07-01  Government questions the dollar value of human life
2009-06-29  Viruses aren't the only dangers of computers
2009-06-29  New research shows dangers of high-carb diets
2009-06-28  FDA in charge of tobacco regulations
2009-06-26  BPA: It keeps getting worse
2009-06-26  Big Pharma threatened by "Big Herba"
2009-06-24  Zero hour for Coke Zero
2009-06-24  Rigorous exercise increases heart disease risk
2009-06-22  Morning sickness meds: Safe or not?
2009-06-22  Oncologists speak out against antioxidants
2009-06-21  Daddy damage
2009-06-21  West Nile virus continues to spread
2009-06-19  AMA opposes health plan
2009-06-19  Can sleep habits lead to depression?
2009-06-17  When life imitates art
2009-06-17  Cell phone dangers continue to add up
2009-06-15  Heart-stopper: Pfizer reports decline in Lipitor sales
2009-06-15  Downloading a good night's sleep
2009-06-14  Potential male contraceptive on the horizon
2009-06-14  How TV can harm childhood development
2009-06-12  Unemployed more susceptible to stress-prompted illness
2009-06-12  Painkillers increase your risk of dementia
2009-06-10  Alternative medicine could be Finn-ished
2009-06-10  Medical errors kill over 100,000 every year
2009-06-08  The myth of preventive medicine
2009-06-08  Stem cells show promise against cancer cells
2009-06-07  Don't fall for this "local" scam
2009-06-07  Stocking up for potential pandemics
2009-06-05  Deadly form of pneumonia on the rise
2009-06-05  Early puberty, a growing concern
2009-06-03  Health hazards of too much soda
2009-06-01  Potential dangers of antioxidants
2009-06-01  Want healthy kids? Skip the gym
2009-05-31  Virus may cause high blood pressure
2009-05-31  Do topical drugs really work?
2009-05-29  Irregular heartbeat linked to dementia
2009-05-29  Ginger helps cancer patients battle nausea
2009-05-27  BPA bans loom on the horizon
2009-05-27  Two more states about to fall victim to smoking bans
2009-05-25  Watchdog group calls for regulations on... salt?
2009-05-24  Another reason to skip the statins
2009-05-24  Shocking study reveals cause of obesity epidemic
2009-05-22  Sunlight linked to asthma
2009-05-22  Hospital exposes 11,000 veterans to deadly infections
2009-05-20  The one-drop alternative to invasive biopsies
2009-05-20  Trying to lose weight? Skip the gym
2009-05-18  Breathe easier thanks to folic acid
2009-05-18  FDA continues its war on natural supplements
2009-05-17  Testosterone gels endanger kids
2009-05-17  Study uncovers truth about antidepressants
2009-05-15  Obama writes checks the medical community can't cash
2009-05-13  Statistics show breast cancer decline
2009-05-13  Can anger management help heart health?
2009-05-11  Study claims statin help prevent cancer
2009-05-11  White out: Study says bleach baths battle eczema infections
2009-05-11  Failing grade: New study promotes ADHD meds as grade-boosting drugs
2009-05-11  Swine flu fears fade, but the impact remains
2009-05-11  Are social media sites true addictions?
2009-05-06  Dying to quit: Does nicotine chewing gum cause cancer?
2009-05-06  Prominent docs call for end to Big Pharma funding
2009-05-05  Singapore says "no" to Gardasil vaccine
2009-05-05  Those dopes Medical marijuana salesman railroaded by feds
2009-05-05  New book exposes Big Pharma's twisted statistics
2009-05-05  Congress gets ready to burn smokers with latest bill
2009-04-30  "Down under" Coke ads get two thumbs down
2009-04-30  Media pigs misinforming public about so-called "epidemic"
2009-04-27  Docs confirm polio death in Minnesota
2009-04-27  Go nuts with this cancer-fighting food
2009-04-27  California tree huggers want to take away your television
2009-04-27  Benefits of brown fat
2009-04-24  Does cancer survival rely on where you live?
2009-04-24  Scientists uniting to attack FDA inaction on BPA
2009-04-22  Another "study" tries to push the questionable Mediterranean diet
2009-04-20  Food manufacturers not warning of allergens
2009-04-20  Yet another "study" condemns red meat
2009-04-17  Another study advocates keeping a watchful eye on prostate cancer
2009-04-17  Wonder drug aimed at creating wonderful profits for Big Pharma
2009-04-15  Video games get two thumbs down... literally
2009-04-15  States battle over drug tests for welfare recipients
2009-04-13  Not-so-great wall of China: Imported drywall could be toxic
2009-04-13  Love at first sight... depending on how long he looks
2009-04-12  Vegetarians more likely to have eating disorders
2009-04-12  No joke: funny guys luckier in love
2009-04-10  Red-faced drinkers could be at risk for throat cancer
2009-04-10  Docs report uptick in kidney stones among kids
2009-04-09  The dynamite duo that protects against macular degeneration
2009-04-08  Supreme court to tackle issue of outrageous school drug witch hunts
2009-04-06  Chinese diet tip could keep breast cancer from mushrooming
2009-04-06  Silly study makes bogus link between traffic and heart attacks
2009-04-05  Change of guard at the FDA or same old thing?
2009-04-05  Big Pharma tries to push statins as asthma cure
2009-04-03  Inhalant abuse down? Not so fast...
2009-04-01  ZZZZZ way to battle diabetes?
2009-04-01  Are we bathing our babies in carcinogens?
2009-03-30  Local town "accidentally" puts acid in water
2009-03-30  Lawyer lies about Lyme
2009-03-30  State attorney general gets deadly BPA out of bottles
2009-03-30  Stopping HRT drops cancer risk fast
2009-03-27  New law would put FDA in charge of tobacco regulation
2009-03-27  First amendment a last priority for some docs
2009-03-25  It's all in how you say it
2009-03-25  If feds have their way, your food is about to "catch some rays"
2009-03-23  The 7-minute exercise plan for diabetes prevention
2009-03-23  Two thumbs down for Gardasil
2009-03-23  Latest "research" is nothing but a hit job on multivitamins
2009-03-23  "Shocking" study finds the key to weight loss
2009-03-20  New energy-saving light bulbs cause unforeseen problems
2009-03-20  CDC identifies new disease sweeping the South
2009-03-18  "Mystery" kidney stones afflict babies
2009-03-18  Food poisoning: It's way more common than you think
2009-03-17  Why you should skip your PSA
2009-03-17  Another reason to live life on the D list
2009-03-17  Allergies spur "nutty" reactions
2009-03-12  Dangers lurking in your water
2009-03-12  Should Big Pharma be testing drugs overseas?
2009-03-12  Does living near fast food increase stroke risk?
2009-03-12  Businesses bribe smokers to quit
2009-03-12  Drugs increase death rate of Alzheimer's patients
2009-03-11  Are there any natural treatments for hypothyroidism?
2009-03-04  The flu vaccine fails... again
2009-03-04  More benefits of moderate alcohol consumption
2009-03-03  Does suicide spike as economy falls?
2009-03-03  Army fat camp slims down would-be recruits
2009-03-03  Omega-3 benefits for premature babies
2009-02-27  Global warming distracting from dangers of looming ice age?
2009-02-26  Does the Atkins diet work?
2009-02-25  "Cuddle chemical" battles stress
2009-02-25  Financial fall puts herbal alternative on the rise
2009-02-23  State goons open new front in the raw milk battle
2009-02-23  Bring back recess
2009-02-20  BPA is here to stay... for longer than expected
2009-02-20  Studies reveal more dangers of high fructose corn syrup
2009-02-19  How safe is irradiated produce?
2009-02-18  Name that delinquent
2009-02-18  The obesity virus: don't believe the hype
2009-02-17  A good night's sleep defends against the common cold
2009-02-17  Choosing a hospital, a matter of life and death
2009-02-17  ADHD drugs can give kids nightmarish hallucinations
2009-02-17  Junk science says smiling is the new dementia cure
2009-02-13  Popular asthma drug ineffective
2009-02-13  Non-surgical treatment options for GERD
2009-02-11  Anti-smoking advocate stands up for personal rights
2009-02-11  How harmful is BPA?
2009-02-10  Antipsychotic drug could be killing people
2009-02-09  Raise taxes, lower alcohol-related deaths?
2009-02-09  Nutty researchers push benefits of Mediterranean diet
2009-02-06  Walk off the pain
2009-02-06  Research shows HRT may shrink your brain
2009-02-04  New year, new salmonella outbreak
2009-02-04  State seeks to outlaw tanning
2009-02-04  Do you know of any treatments for peripheral neuropathy?
2009-02-03  Health benefits for fat-bottomed girls
2009-02-03  Exercise isn't the answer to obesity
2009-02-03  Are you in danger of "third-hand" smoke?
2009-01-30  New leukemia treatment through the grapevine?
2009-01-30  Researchers "prove" smoking ban cuts heart attacks
2009-01-29  How can you lower blood pressure naturally?
2009-01-28  Cough med ingredient could battle prostate cancer
2009-01-28  New Jersey mandates flu shots for preschoolers
2009-01-26  The beginning of the end for Coke's vitamin soda
2009-01-26  Moms-to-be need plenty of "D"
2009-01-26  Are you dumb for eating a low-carb diet?
2009-01-26  Drug combo puts seniors in grave danger
2009-01-23  Cost of diabetes treatment doubles in just 7 years
2009-01-22  How can I reduce my chances of coming down with the flu?
2009-01-21  Say sayonara to good Samaratins
2009-01-21  Are rats the future of stem cell therapies?
2009-01-19  Snoring off the pounds
2009-01-19  Big news? Hot drinks help battle cold and flu symptoms
2009-01-19  Children are the future hope of alternative medicine
2009-01-19  Big fat diet pill trouble from China
2009-01-16  Sleep in, save lives
2009-01-16  Study proves fibromyalgia is the real deal
2009-01-14  Good marriages help battle breast cancer
2009-01-14  Study questions the effectiveness of the colonoscopy
2009-01-12  Wake me when it's over: FDA OKs sleeping spray
2009-01-12  Berkley nut claims poverty is rotting kids' brains
2009-01-11  Shot in the heart, bleed in the wallet
2009-01-11  FDA tries to put untested heart device on the market
2009-01-09  Government questions the dollar value of human life
2009-01-07  WHO weighs in on melamine
2009-01-07  "Experts" think Americans should be popping more pills
2009-01-07  Are biopsies safe?
2009-01-05  FDA wants to ban guns for senior citizens
2009-01-05  Addiction treatment center questions modern-day "addictions"
2009-01-05  Researchers discover that people get twice as much flu vaccine as they need
2009-01-02  Antibiotics and tendon damage: What Big Pharma doesn't want you to know
2009-01-02  Genetically modified "power veggie" fights osteoporosis
2008-12-31  Your breasts-and your life are in your radiologist's hands
2008-12-31  Breast cancer threats found in your house
2008-12-30  How can I drink wine without getting a red wine headache?
2008-12-29  Better Slumber = Sexier Numbers
2008-12-29  5 ways to kick the snoring habit
2008-12-28  Depressing to the (brittle) bones
2008-12-28  Shocking link between snoring and dementia
2008-12-26  Ovarian protection that suits to a tea!
2008-12-26  Researchers uncover secret to staying pneumonia-free this winter
2008-12-24  Forget healing bones -- here's how to avoid breaking them in the first place
2008-12-24  Seniors still sizzling in the sack
2008-12-22  Heard the latest about autism?
2008-12-22  New vitamin D research proves what I've been saying for years
2008-12-21  Gut check: Obesity cure could be right in your tummy
2008-12-21  Finally: Some experts question whether too much is spent on AIDS
2008-12-19  Dutch treat? Holland rejects Gardasil, but...
2008-12-19  FDA plans to save the earth by making you suffocate
2008-12-18  What are some of the health benefits of garlic?
2008-12-17  Will high cost keep cancer breakthrough from widespread use?
2008-12-17  Gulf war syndrome finally recognized as a 'real' disease
2008-12-15  Study links Alzheimer's to junk food
2008-12-15  How Big Pharma plans to get the world on statins
2008-12-14  Breathing easy thanks to stem cell use in transplant
2008-12-12  Prescription drugs kill three times as many people as street drugs
2008-12-10  Can you get hepatitis from eating raw oysters?
2008-12-10  Insurance companies promote medical tourism programs
2008-12-08  California plans to turn kids away from universal health care program
2008-12-08  Google to predict flu outbreaks by spying on users
2008-12-07  U.S. gets a big fat "F" in preterm birthrates
2008-12-07  TV causes rise in teen pregnancy rates
2008-12-05  Dallas hospital bans outdoor smoking
2008-12-05  Do statin drugs really "eat" your muscles?
2008-12-05  FDA detains all dairy-based imports from China
2008-12-03  Slow brain leads to slow muscles for those over 40
2008-12-01  Researchers use good science to make a bad recommendation
2008-11-30  California nutrition Nazis attack school bake sales
2008-11-28  Family fights to keep their son on life support
2008-11-26  Should I take statins to treat high levels of C-reactive protein?
2008-11-26  43 percent of women suffer from sexual dysfunction
2008-11-24  Study links migraine sufferers to low breast cancer rates
2008-11-23  Why diabetics need to eat more fish
2008-11-21  Forget flowers: Are April showers bringing a higher incidence of autism?
2008-11-19  Does red meat cause inflammation?
2008-11-19  Pro-vaccine columnist won't give her kids flu shots
2008-11-17  Is that trip to the coffee shop keeping you alive?
2008-11-16  Drugs for stronger bones could cause weaker heart
2008-11-14  Pfizer tried to hush-up negative study results
2008-11-12  What states have religious or philosophical exemptions for vaccines?
2008-11-12  Toxins found in bottled water
2008-11-10  Research shows that NOT smoking is the real health hazard
2008-11-09  Long-term dangers of childhood surgery
2008-11-07  Organic group battles back against nutty almond regulation
2008-11-05  What are some alternative methods for treating ulcers?
2008-11-05  Top doc busted for being on Big Pharma payroll
2008-11-03  New COOL law will lead to better food labeling
2008-11-02  Medicare won't pay for medical mistakes anymore
2008-10-31  New limits on cold medicine are nothing to sneeze at -- but why don't they go further?
2008-10-29  How can you avoid government-mandated vaccinations?
2008-10-29  Government agency shoots down 3 new colon cancer tests
2008-10-27  Shocking look into nursing home violations
2008-10-26  Guys: do you know what time is on your biological clock?
2008-10-24  Presidential health care plans: Good for no one?
2008-10-22  How do I find a dentist who won't use fluoride?
2008-10-22  Last strike for BPA? Plastic ingredient could cause diabetes
2008-10-20  Herbal drugs endanger both teens and legitimate supplement makers
2008-10-19  Study says common surgical procedure could be useless
2008-10-17  Oregon seeks an end to "no habla"
2008-10-16  The herb that's 42 times better for you than an apple
2008-10-15  Is the pill form of Chelation Therapy an effective alternative to the more expensive IV therapy?
2008-10-15  Nutty U.N. official claims meat causes global warming
2008-10-13  Docs warn against medical device ads
2008-10-12  Hospitals send illegals back where they belong
2008-10-10  TV ads try to sweeten public opinion on high fructose corn syrup
2008-10-08  How dangerous is second-hand smoke?
2008-10-08  China gets another pass as FDA bans Indian drugs
2008-10-07  "The Raw Truth About Milk" Table of Contents
2008-10-07  "No More Restless Nights" Table of Contents
2008-10-07  "The Big Secrets Behind Junk Medicine" Table of Contents
2008-10-07  "Deadly Cancer Myths" Table of Contents
2008-10-07  "The War At Home" Table of Contents
2008-10-07  "Don't Drink the Water" Table of Contents
2008-10-06  Restrictive drug handling laws lead to gallons of narcotics in the water supply
2008-10-05  Vegan wackos take swipe at hot dogs with alarmist TV ads
2008-10-03  Is creatine safe?
2008-10-03  Where do you find fluoride-free toothpaste?
2008-10-03  Are there any alternatives to taking antidepressants?
2008-10-03  Is aspirin therapy safe?
2008-10-03  Are scented candles dangerous?
2008-10-03  Are there any natural hay fever treatments?
2008-10-03  Does soy cause infertility?
2008-10-03  Are cell phones safe?
2008-10-03  Do abortions cause negative health effects?
2008-10-03  Are there any alternatives to chemotherapy?
2008-10-03  Can broccoli help prevent cancer?
2008-10-03  How much magnesium do you need to take to benefit your heart?
2008-10-03  How can I reduce germs in my bathroom?
2008-10-03  Is margarine really healthier than butter?
2008-10-03  What do you think of the glycemic index diet?
2008-10-03  What's the best way to start my dog on a raw food diet?
2008-10-03  How can I get pharmaceutical drugs out of my drinking water?
2008-10-03  Can people who are lactose intolerant drink raw milk?
2008-10-03  How important is fiber in my diet?
2008-10-03  What percent hydrogen peroxide should I use?
2008-10-03  Does extra virgin olive oil provide extra health benefits?
2008-10-03  What causes plaque buildup in the arteries?
2008-10-03  Are there any alternatives to Coumadin?
2008-10-03  Do you know of any natural solutions for nosebleeds?
2008-10-03  Are carbohydrates necessary for a healthy diet?
2008-10-03  Is there a doctor in the house?
2008-10-02  Artificial sweeteners linked to brain tumors
2008-10-01  Follow the money on gastric bypass research
2008-09-29  Gene testing reaches the masses
2008-09-28  Are painkillers killing PSA test results?
2008-09-26  Study questions effectiveness of Big Pharma ads
2008-09-25  The simplest way to slash your risk of heart attack in half (or more)
2008-09-24  New breast exam more accurate than mammogram
2008-09-22  Kids poisoned by their own clothing
2008-09-21  FDA to post drugs with "potential safety issues" on website
2008-09-19  More bad news for statins: Possible Vytorin-cancer link
2008-09-18  The All-American tradition that could save your heart
2008-09-17  Diabetes drug turns deadly
2008-09-15  Vioxx studies proven to be marketing "study"
2008-09-14  FDA approves irradiated produce
2008-09-12  Study finds angioplasty dangerous, waste of money
2008-09-11  Prevent Parkinson's disease with 2 all-natural wonder drugs...
2008-09-10  Scientists look to 1918 flu survivors for vaccine answers
2008-09-08  Why women can't live without testosterone
2008-09-08  FTC tries to take down "the cure for the common cold"
2008-09-07  Power company enlists kids to be "climate cops"
2008-09-05  4 keys to halting osteoarthritis pain in as little as 24 hours
2008-09-05  Secrets to passing the century mark
2008-09-03  Fast-food kids meals crammed with fat and calories (what else is new?)
2008-09-01  Needless vaccine can have deadly consequences
2008-08-31  You don't have to be a gym rat to battle atrial fibrillation
2008-08-29  FDA ignores dangers of food coloring
2008-08-27  Big Pharma threatens the future of psychotherapy
2008-08-25  Breast self-examinations do more harm than good
2008-08-24  The truth about vaccine defenders
2008-08-22  Do statins reduce dementia? Don't bet your life
2008-08-21  Relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, naturally
2008-08-20  Popular air fresheners may have deadly scents
2008-08-18  Prostate treatment leads to brain woes
2008-08-17  Mexico shirks responsibility for illnesses
2008-08-15  Two simple steps to keeping your balance at any age
2008-08-15  Why you should ignore all that exercise nonsense
2008-08-13  Soy linked to dementia
2008-08-11  Promising new melanoma treatment
2008-08-10  Disease of illegal immigration spreads to America's poor
2008-08-08  LA bans fast food restaurants
2008-08-06  How HRT affects your gallbladder
2008-08-04  Taking a second look at nutrition labels
2008-08-03  Do you need to protect your kidneys from global warming?
2008-08-01  Diabetes drug boosts sex life
2008-07-30  Checking up on annual check-ups: Are they a yearly waste of time?
2008-07-28  Incompetence rewarded in salmonella outbreak
2008-07-27  Antipsychotic drugs make dementia patients worse
2008-07-25  Yet another downside to diabetes
2008-07-23  Gardasil linked to epilepsy
2008-07-21  17 infants get lethal heparin overdose
2008-07-20  Gastric bypass surgery: Dying to prevent cancer?
2008-07-18  Halt the pain and damage of osteoarthritis in just 24 hours
2008-07-18  Still scared of eggs? Read this before you give up your omelet pan...
2008-07-18  The herb that's 42 times better for you than an apple
2008-07-18  Save yourself time and trouble‚ -- don't fall for the self-exam scam
2008-07-18  Big Pharma protects its profits by attacking your rights
2008-07-16  Oregon health plan covers assisted suicide but not life-extending care
2008-07-14  FDA defends toxic baby bottles
2008-07-13  Are you getting enough salt in your diet?
2008-07-11  CDC plays down salmonella scare
2008-07-09  A closer look at the link between cell phones and brain tumors
2008-07-07  Cholesterol wackos target kids
2008-07-07  Undercover patients keep an eye on docs
2008-07-06  FEMA trailers blamed for chronic illness
2008-07-04  Cheese spreads rare form of TB
2008-07-02  FDA finally acknowledges toxicity of mercury fillings
2008-06-30  The mighty "sunshine vitamin" could reduce heart attacks
2008-06-29  What your ED could be telling you about your heart
2008-06-27  Financial ties cloud AHA blood pressure recommendation
2008-06-25  Big Pharma tries to cash in on smoking disease
2008-06-24  Bio
2008-06-23  Green tea battles Alzheimer's
2008-06-22  China starts to act on shoddy drugs
2008-06-20  Marine families suffer from tainted water
2008-06-18  Russert's untimely death raises questions about how we're treating heart disease
2008-06-16  Is obesity a shrinking problem?
2008-06-15  Stem cell research approved
2008-06-13  Big Pharma wants permission to cheat
2008-06-11  Deadly Chinese blood thinner found in 11 countries
2008-06-09  A closer look at the "green" movement
2008-06-08  Genetic nondiscrimination bill becomes law
2008-06-06  Big Pharma shirks responsibility for drug that killed
2008-06-04  Is that natural product really natural?
2008-06-02  Don't be a silent victim of a drug's side effects
2008-06-01  Are you paying too much for your generic drugs?
2008-05-30  CBS under fire over illegal aliens report
2008-05-28  Regulators discover contaminated children's vaccines
2008-05-26  Depressing news about antidepressants
2008-05-25  What's REALLY causing your memory loss?
2008-05-23  Protect yourself from killer hospitals
2008-05-21  Why the AHA says more kids need EKGs
2008-05-19  McCain's self-help healthcare plan
2008-05-18  Should Internet companies handle your medical records?
2008-05-16  Proposed ban could end Big Pharma freebies
2008-05-14  Raw milk's popularity growing by leaps and bounds
2008-05-12  The scourge of political correctness spreads across the pond
2008-05-11  Flu shots fall short...again
2008-05-09  Ghostwriters for medical researchers?
2008-05-07  Straight talk about universal healthcare
2008-05-05  Researchers warn of third world diseases in the U.S.
2008-05-04  NPR's views on illegals ought to be illegal
2008-05-02  High fructose corn syrup takes a hit
2008-04-30  New study puts to rest the 8-glasses-a-day myth
2008-04-28  Terrorists entering from the North?
2008-04-27  The FDA's hit parade of big "oops" stories
2008-04-25  Reduce your risk of bladder cancer by over 50 percent
2008-04-23  Red-light cameras do more harm than good
2008-04-21  Is cash greasing the wheels of FDA approvals?
2008-04-20  Death toll rises from antibiotic-resistant bacteria
2008-04-18  Big shock: People are more likely to get prescriptions when they're cheaper
2008-04-16  Why you should put off prostate treatment
2008-04-14  Big Pharma cuts deals to keep profits high
2008-04-13  Right to homeschool jeopardized by activist court
2008-04-11  Strokes triple in middle-aged women
2008-04-09  Court rules that vaccine is responsible for autism
2008-04-07  Vegas clinics spread hepatitis C and HIV
2008-04-06  Childhood ear infections are misdiagnosed and over treated
2008-04-04  Shocking news about the latest combo vaccine
2008-04-02  Seeing the (sun)light on the tanning issue
2008-03-31  New study finds Big Pharma gunk in our water supply
2008-03-30  Has the obesity epidemic been blown out of proportion?
2008-03-28  Don't believe what you see: Pfizer gets its hand slapped for false advertising
2008-03-26  School goes overboard on vitamin restrictions
2008-03-25  Sugary Sodas and their Health Implications
2008-03-25  West Nile Virus
2008-03-25  Sodium sanctions and a statin island inquest
2008-03-25  Your money or (and) your life
2008-03-25  High steaks in the freedom debate
2008-03-25  Bred in the USA -- however foreign parents choose!
2008-03-25  Drinking for thinking and shrinking
2008-03-25  First ever "Weird, Wild & Wacky" compilation...
2008-03-25  Unlicensed tattooists and MRSA
2008-03-25  Antidepressant drugs and suicides and violence
2008-03-25  Seizing morning -- or "mourning" disease
2008-03-24  Dr. Douglass' Health Newsletter
2008-03-24  Health issues come to light on new energy-saving bulbs
2008-03-23  Anti-depressants can't cure sadness
2008-03-21  How will you be affected by the latest FDA mix-up?
2008-03-19  Politics cause an increase in cancer deaths
2008-03-17  Diseased beef: It's what's for dinner
2008-03-16  All-natural wonder drug decreases Parkinson's risk
2008-03-14  A "chilling" report refutes global warming claims
2008-03-12  Toilet water solves water shortage in Midwest
2008-03-10  Sci-Fi mystery disease attacks the Southwest
2008-03-09  Adults turn their nose up at the latest vaccinations
2008-03-07  Don't sweat it: More bad news about stress
2008-03-05  TV show speaks out against vaccines
2008-03-03  New feline study proves I'm not crazy after all
2008-03-02  Marijuana vending machines debut in California
2008-02-29  Untested OTC cold meds send kids to the ER
2008-02-27  Bio-fortified corn shows the potential of GM foods
2008-02-25  Is being a well-informed patient "obnoxious"?
2008-02-24  Catapulted into puberty: What every parent should know
2008-02-22  Mystery illness connected to pig brains
2008-02-20  Genetically modified "power veggie" fights osteoporosis
2008-02-18  The one piece of my advice pregnant women should ignore
2008-02-17  U.S. ranks rock bottom at stopping "preventable deaths"
2008-02-15  Don't worry: You're not the next Heath Ledger
2008-02-13  Bacteria-contaminated milk kills 3 people
2008-02-11  Parents jailed for not vaccinating kids
2008-02-10  FDA tries to limit safe HRT options
2008-02-08  FDA OK's cloned food
2008-02-06  What your spit can tell you about breast cancer
2008-02-04  Want stronger muscles? Try a little cholesterol...
2008-02-03  Sun exposure finally declared healthy
2008-02-01  Man fired for catching shoplifter
2008-01-29  Raw milk enters presidential politics
2008-01-28  Health hazards in your water bottle
2008-01-25  Tropical disease rampant in U.S. cities
2008-01-22  WHO's afraid of the bird flu vaccine
2008-01-21  Cleaner fuel...deadlier burgers?
2008-01-18  Mumps the word!
2008-01-15  What's good for the pet is good for the owner
2008-01-14  FDA targets sick mothers
2008-01-11  Kids are having more kids than ever
2008-01-08  Breast cancer threats found in your house
2008-01-07  The cheapest way to avoid the dentist
2008-01-04  Dropping dollar is dragging the US down with it
2008-01-01  Won't you tell me how to get to Sanity Street
2007-12-31  Don't quit your day job: Nightshift linked to cancer
2007-12-28  Bayer drug pulled off the market
2007-12-25  Merry Christmas, dammit!
2007-12-24  Pass the salt!
2007-12-21  State of health
2007-12-18  Heart protection
2007-12-17  Soy ya later!
2007-12-14  Chinese fire drill
2007-12-11  Fat chance
2007-12-10  Hands off!
2007-12-07  Fenced in
2007-12-04  Big Brother may ban smoking in your house -- what's next?
2007-12-03  Affection beats infection
2007-11-30  Wake-up call
2007-11-27  Weird, Wild, and Wacky: Lovebird Edition
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2007-11-23  God leaves Washington
2007-11-21  Our Guarantee
2007-11-21  Privacy Policy
2007-11-20  Bad breath means good health
2007-11-19  Spare ribs?
2007-11-16  Psychiatric scapegoat
2007-11-12  Almond update
2007-11-09  Run with it
2007-11-06  The bitter side of sugar
2007-11-05  How to survive pneumonia
2007-11-02  Your best protection from MRSA
2007-10-30  Are you safe from MRSA?
2007-10-29  Big Pharma experiments on babies
2007-10-26  The grim reality of "reality TV", part two
2007-10-23  The grim reality behind "reality TV", part one
2007-10-22  Trial and error
2007-10-19  Death in a popcorn bag
2007-10-16  Drugs lost in black hole
2007-10-15  Who needs breasts anyway?
2007-10-12  DHEA access in jeopardy
2007-10-09  PSA fails its test
2007-10-08  Pick your poison
2007-10-05  Almond Joyless
2007-10-02  Weird, wild, and wacky
2007-10-01  Children's drugs get a check-up
2007-09-28  Udderly delightful
2007-09-25  "No more excuses"
2007-09-24  Sexy at 60...and 70...and 80
2007-09-21  Saturated fat to the rescue
2007-09-18  Are We Really This Stupid?
2007-09-17  Coroners Cutting Corners
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2007-09-11  Sunny upsides of eggs
2007-09-10  Golf and poker night: Cures for heart disease?
2007-09-07  Viagra for jet lag?
2007-09-04  Heartache and Heart Attacks
2007-09-03  Vexation without representation
2007-08-31  Dangers in Public Drinking Water
2007-08-28  The truth about constipation
2007-08-27  Fertile attraction
2007-08-24  Cancer fighting benefits of garlic consumption
2007-08-21  "Vegans shun sex with meat-eaters"
2007-08-20  An issue of state's rights
2007-08-17  A shot in the dark
2007-08-14  Upping the vitamin D ante
2007-08-13  Vitamin D reduces cancer risk
2007-08-07  Viagra for jet lag?
2007-08-06  Viagra: the new party drug
2007-08-03  Attack of the head-case head-shrinkers
2007-07-31  Cow, interrupted
2007-07-31  New Skeeter Scare?
2007-07-30  Coffee, tea, and D (NA)...
2007-07-27  Helpless hospitals -- and weekend "worriers" Medical Legislation 911?
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2007-07-20  Weird, wild, and wacky: The international edition
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2007-07-10  "Breaking" news for sound older minds
2007-07-09  Lifesavers they say can kill...
2007-07-06  Killers they say are safe...
2007-07-03  Brush with Prestone -- a billion people can't be wrong!
2007-07-02  Another wrinkle in the great Chinese food scandal...
2007-06-29  Drive-through scammograms go west!
2007-06-26  The scandal that won't die...
2007-06-25  Bolts, dolts, and headwear that revolts
2007-06-22  Pfizer's pet project
2007-06-19  One million AMERICAN suicide bombers...
2007-06-18  (Sea) Lions and dolphins and bombs, oh my!
2007-06-15  All that glitters...
2007-06-12  Viva Locked Vegans...
2007-06-11  Screen shockers and teen "e"-boppers
2007-06-08  Suicidal Nin-tendencies?
2007-06-05  Facts and Fibbers...
2007-06-04  The "sad" truth about depression's over-expression
2007-06-01  Parents: The anti-vaccine
2007-05-25  Vacci-Nation Situation, part 1
2007-05-22  Taking your medicine -- to the grave?
2007-05-22  Son of Vioxx: RIP (for now)
2007-05-18  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of chores
2007-05-15  Return of the Killer Painkiller
2007-05-14  Finally, some straight shooting from the FDA!
2007-05-07  Chinese supplier drill... The Pet-food Protein-gate, part two
2007-05-04  Ignorance "engineers" a costly quagmire
2007-05-01  Dieting defined and maligned
2007-04-30  Babies Designer-Gene Blues, part 2
2007-04-27  Designer Gene Blues, part 1
2007-04-24  Shooting at the scapegoat, missing the perpetrator
2007-04-23  Little Bo-peep has crossed with her sheep
2007-04-20  Giving "equal" time to the natural truth
2007-04-17  Big Pharma and Big Brother join forces... Welcome to the medication machine, part 3
2007-04-16  Hail to the Pusher-in-Chief... Welcome to the medication machine, part 2
2007-04-13  Pharmaceuti-schools usher in an Enslaved New World... Welcome to the medication machine, part 1
2007-04-10  The Cruella de Ville school of doggie dishes
2007-04-09  News from the new World Heavyweight Champion
2007-04-09  New ambulances built for heavy duty
2007-04-06  No April foolin' -- people are still foolish
2007-04-03  Frightening Facts on Fallacious Fat-fighting
2007-04-03  More news related to misguided government-sanctioned obesity "cures"...
2007-04-02  The maligned diet that just won't die (because it works!)
2007-03-30  High-tech highway high jinks
2007-03-27  A less-than-apparent parent trap
2007-03-26  More self-esteem = less cause for others' esteem
2007-03-23  Giving an "A" for effort...
2007-03-20  Self esteem self-destructs...
2007-03-19  Weird, Wild, and Wacky -- the "rubber match"
2007-03-16  Dancing -- and romancing in the "air"
2007-03-13  Kindergarten Crock
2007-03-12  Sexual (Office) Politics -- The Morass of Harassment, part one
2007-03-09  New medical science beats within the breast... (Stem) Cellular developments, part 2
2007-03-09  Boom in Bust
2007-03-06  A foray into a fray... (Stem) Cellular development 1
2007-03-05  A clear and pheasant danger...
2007-03-02  A cornucopia of craziness...
2007-02-27  New "ram"-ifications for human sexuality
2007-02-26  Ire and ICE
2007-02-20  The Prem-pire Strikes Back
2007-02-19  The HRT-breaking reality of what you're worth to Big Pharma
2007-02-16  Orwell was 23 years off on his 1984-cast
2007-02-16  License, registration -- and fingerprints, please?
2007-02-13  On shooting -- and KILLING
2007-02-13  Doofus doc throws in the towel -- literally
2007-02-12  The wit and wisdom of managerial morons
2007-02-09  Radiation sickness -- of greed
2007-02-06  Merck's comeuppance continues
2007-02-06  Sip your way to a hardy heart
2007-02-05  The wrap on (c)rap music, part 2
2007-02-02  The wrap on (c)rap music, part 1
2007-01-30  Drowning on dry land -- again
2007-01-29  A return to discipline -- could it really be? (part 2)
2007-01-26  ADHD and Discipline
2007-01-23  (Sorry) State of the Union...
2007-01-22  Canadian Bakin'
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2007-01-16  Rights and reason up in smoke, part 2...
2007-01-15  Rights and reason up in smoke, part 1...
2007-01-12  All the news that's a regret to print
2007-01-12  HIV Scandal Update
2007-01-09  A killer medical blackmail conspiracy
2007-01-08  Last hope for 6 who GAVE hope... The "unfairity" of charity, part 1
2007-01-05  More of the news that's screwy
2007-01-02  Greetings from the land of misfit news...
2006-12-29  For once, government gets it right...
2006-12-26  Prosperity breeds contempt?
2006-12-22  The Great Texas Weight-gaining Contest
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2006-12-11  Uninformed Consent, part 2
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2006-12-05  The AAP agrees with me: Kids, drink your milk!
2006-12-04  Flashback to the 80s: When men were men -- at least more so
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2006-11-14  PETA grilled on its "chicken little" cancer clucking
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2006-10-17  Mercury amalgam fillings
2006-10-16  A grudging appeal to the "Fed"eral government
2006-10-13  Real-life Frankenstein uncovered, part 2
2006-10-10  Real-life Frankenstein uncovered
2006-10-09  More on Merck and Vioxx
2006-10-06  Mosquito-borne diseases
2006-10-06  Could Merck's lynchpin argument end up lynching them?
2006-10-03  What did Merck know about Vioxx, and when did they know it?
2006-10-02  I think, therefore I'm MAN
2006-09-29  Synthetic Hormone Therapy
2006-09-29  High Steaks in the Cancer Crapshoot
2006-09-27  Grass and pastures vs. corn and hormones
2006-09-25  Developments in the Big (pharma) Picture
2006-09-22  Weighty news
2006-09-19  "Killer" winged friends terrorized by ignorant townies!
2006-09-18  Of standards and double standards
2006-09-15  Killer masked bandits terrorize town
2006-09-13  It's a mad, mad world
2006-09-11  Update on the drug trial from hell
2006-09-08  The Soda-Pop Smack-Down, Part 2
2006-09-05  The Soda-Pop Smack-Down
2006-09-04  Supplements under suspect scrutiny
2006-09-01  Death by a thousand (budget) cuts
2006-08-29  Heavy News from "Mass"-achusets
2006-08-26  Sodium and Blood Pressure
2006-08-26  Blood Pressure: Low equals "slow"
2006-08-23  The Truth About Fortified Foods
2006-08-21  WHO Report on Sunshine is Misleading
2006-08-18  Of standards and double-standards
2006-08-15  The "other" Washington's war on naturopathy
2006-08-14  Carcino-genocide on trial
2006-08-11  The questionable progress of progressive parenting
2006-08-08  The 1st Amendment: Foreign language to politicians?
2006-08-07  Medicine's manslaughter by the numbers...
2006-08-04  "Breaking" medical news that's 30 years too late...
2006-08-01  Good Blunders
2006-07-31  Raising issues -- about how we're raising our "issues"
2006-07-28  Murder in the Mississippi Mud?
2006-06-30  The Storm of the Century's disgraceful aftermath
2006-06-27  The new, "all-natural" 7Up soft drink
2006-06-26  Dangerous levels of toxic benzene
2006-06-23  Hormones, hot sauce, and hot lead flyin'
2006-06-20  Matters gestative and digest-ative
2006-06-19  Age-old road rage = brand-new drug craze
2006-06-16  Crimes (and) passions
2006-06-13  Decision by (biased) committee -- after committee...
2006-06-12  Physician-assisted psychoses -- by the numbers
2006-06-09  The 3 foolproof steps we'll never take to curb illegal immigration
2006-06-06  Illegal Immigration part II
2006-06-05  Illegal Immigration
2006-06-02  PSA test
2006-05-30  FDA drug policy
2006-05-28  Lester Crawford
2006-05-26  Effect that advertising has on kids' eating habits
2006-05-23  PT-141
2006-05-22  Anthrax
2006-05-19  Allopathy
2006-05-16  Bird Flu
2006-05-15  H5N1
2006-05-12  Marijuana
2006-05-09  Bronchiolitis obliterans
2006-05-08  Emotional release
2006-05-05  Mercury fillings
2006-05-02  Vioxx causing heart attacks
2006-05-01  Vioxx
2006-04-28  Genetically modified food
2006-04-25  Unnatural sex selection
2006-04-24  Obese patients
2006-04-21  Benzene
2006-04-18  Aspartame
2006-04-17  Movie Therapy to Help Troubled or Depressed Patients?
2006-04-14  Grotesque Symptoms Brought on by a Shady Drug Trial
2006-04-11  Dangerous Fluoride into Much of the Water Being Consumed
2006-04-10  Drink H20 Only When Your Thirsty For It
2006-04-07  Problem on Your Hands...Sleep on It
2006-04-04  Corruption and Abuses in all Levels of the Pharmaceuticals Testing System
2006-04-03  Singin' the Praises of Coffee
2006-03-31  Some Just Won't See the Light
2006-03-28  Women Would Prefer That Men Were More Like Dogs
2006-03-27  When Adequate Supplies of Matching Blood were Unavailable
2006-03-24  Cosmetic Surgery to that Most Intimate of Areas
2006-03-21  Drugs Used to Treat Parkinson's Disease May Spur a Compulsion Toward Gambling...
2006-03-20  Weight Problems Plaguing the Nation's Military
2006-03-17  Legally Owned Guns Do Far More Good than Harm
2006-03-14  Happy Trails to the Winchester Level-Action Rifle
2006-03-10  Link Between Attractiveness and Criminality
2006-03-07  A Link Between Beauty and Virtue
2006-03-06  Big News in the Diet Wars
2006-03-03  ADHD: The Most Over-Diagnosed "Disorder" on Earth
2006-02-28  Singing the Praises of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
2006-02-27  A Drink or Two is Great for Your Health
2006-02-24  Good news from the land of brandy-wine
2006-02-17  The Tobacco Health Hazard Argument
2006-02-14  Glimmer of Hope in the Face of Unmitigated Corruption
2006-02-13  Drug Peddling Senior Citizens Syndicate
2006-02-10  Frivolous Firings In The Land Of The Free
2006-02-07  The Termination Of Smokers
2006-02-06  Breaking New Ground In Controlling The Spread Of Fire
2006-02-03  The Autopsy: Tool of Medicine Going the Way of the Dinosaur
2006-01-31  Staying Mentally Sharp with Testosterone
2006-01-30  Standing Gaurd Over Health Care Rights
2006-01-27  Overall Benefits of Tipping a Daily Glass or Two
2006-01-24  Common Sense Is Meaningless to Findings of Sex-Related Research
2006-01-23  Junk Food Rewards As Academic Incentives
2006-01-19  Strides Towards Better School Fare
2006-01-17  Aspirin Therapy -- Deadly Risks?
2006-01-16  Over-The-Counter Medicines Cause of Acute Liver Failure?
2006-01-13  Drug Peddling Syndicate Among Senior Citizens
2006-01-10  Consuming Cancerous Food Agents?
2006-01-09  One new reason to be a fan of tryptophan
2006-01-06  Aggressive supplementation with dietary vitamin D
2006-01-03  The vital, lifesaving importance of vitamin D
2006-01-02  The cure-all doctors can't prescribe: Love
2005-12-30  Cancer-fighting benefits of garlic consumption
2005-12-27  Men are naturally attracted to the most fertile women
2005-12-26  Removing junk foods from schools
2005-12-23  The Twelve Days of Riskmas
2005-12-20  Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising
2005-12-19  The good and bad news about antidepressants
2005-12-13  Risks of Vioxx
2005-12-12  The Trials and Tribulations of Merck
2005-12-09  The good news about java
2005-12-06  High-fat foods may reduce health problems
2005-12-05  Folate may offer blood pressure control for women
2005-12-02  Fast-food portion sizes are on the rise
2005-11-29  Encouraging healthier eating among kids
2005-11-28  Our nation's preparedness for a terrorist strike
2005-11-25  High school girls becoming pregnant at an alarming rate
2005-11-22  H5N1 Avian Flu
2005-11-21  Medical errors because of fatigue
2005-11-19  What's really "driving" drug profits...
2005-11-15  Is Vioxx safe?
2005-11-14  Dealing with challenging childhood behavior
2005-11-11  Protect yourself from the flu this season
2005-11-08  The Pharmaceutical Industry Tries to Advance Its Own PR Agenda
2005-11-07  Pharmaceutical industry novel may promote the American drug business
2005-11-04  Are vegetables nutrion-less trash?
2005-11-01  The Battle Between Complementary and Alternative Medicine Techniques
2005-10-31  Porphyria: A Hereditary Blood Disease
2005-10-28  Mold infestation
2005-10-25  Do saturated fats lead to increased rates of coronary heart disease?
2005-10-24  Students use controlled substances to boost academic standing
2005-10-21  Candidates Selected to Undergo First Face Transplant Procedure
2005-10-18  H5N1 Protection
2005-10-17  Booted Reality Show Contestants
2005-10-14  The Reality Behind Reality TV
2005-10-11  Social Interaction and Your Health
2005-10-10  The Dietary Cornerstones of Real Health & Nutrition
2005-10-07  Low Blood Pressure Can Have have a Big Impact on Your Health
2005-10-04  New Orleans Residents Lose Right to Bear Arms
2005-10-03  Disease Control After Hurricane Katrina
2005-09-30  New Orleans' Disaster
2005-09-27  "Aspirin Therapy" is Crazy
2005-09-26  An Overweight Army
2005-09-23  Obesity in America
2005-09-20  Americans' attitudes toward mosquito repellants
2005-09-19  Painkiller Scandal
2005-09-16  National Cholesterol Education Month
2005-09-13  Singing the praises of a good ol' cuppa Joe
2005-09-12  Should doctors provide weight management advice to their obese patients?
2005-09-09  Are we really this stupid?
2005-09-06  Contrasting Treatments for Anxiety and Depression
2005-09-05  Promoting Healthy Eating to Children
2005-09-02  Hospitals May Be Spreading Killer Infections
2005-08-30  The Last Place You'd Want to Go If You Were Sick
2005-08-29  Too Much Television is Harmful to Kids' Minds
2005-08-26  Too Much TV may Hinder Childhood Learning and Development
2005-08-24  The Overuse of Antibiotics
2005-08-22  Sales of Low-carb Foods Declining
2005-08-19  The Dangers of Customizable Coffee
2005-08-16  The Exercise Scam
2005-08-15  Non-conventional healing techniques
2005-08-12  Updates About West Nile Virus
2005-08-09  The Alternative Medicine Battle Part II
2005-08-08  The Alternative Medicine Battle
2005-08-05  The Truth Behind Scientific Drug Studies
2005-08-02  Prescription Painkiller Scandal
2005-08-01  The peanut's back in the spotlight
2005-07-29  The Link Between Levels of Fluoride in Public Water and Bone Cancer
2005-07-26  Fluoridating Our Public Water Systems
2005-07-25  Implantable Heart Devices
2005-07-21  Laughing Your Way to Better Health
2005-07-19  The Power of Fruits to Heal Stomach Ulcers
2005-07-18  Reformulation of Vioxx Causes Concern
2005-07-15  Vitamin D and Sunshine May Help Lung Cancer Surgery Patients
2005-07-12  Folate May Increase Bone Strength and Serve as an Aid to Heart Health
2005-07-11  Clinical Trials Don't Always Prove that Drugs are Safe and Effective
2005-07-08  What's sucking away our kids' gray matter?
2005-07-05  Bans on "Junk Food" in Schools
2005-07-04  Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?
2005-07-01  ADD and ADHD May Last a Lifetime
2005-06-28  The Confusion Behind the New Food Pyramid Guidelines
2005-06-27  Is marathon running good for you?
2005-06-24  The Investigation of Dr. Jayant Patel
2005-06-21  The Extreme Widening of America's Girth
2005-06-20  Pfizer's Viagra May Cause a Sudden, Accute Case of Blindness
2005-06-17  Effects of Extreme Exercise
2005-06-14  West Nile Family of Illnesses
2005-06-13  Scientist are now claiming sunshine prevents Cancer
2005-06-10  Doughnut Abuse Among NBA Players
2005-06-07  Increased Risk of Autism from the Mercury-based Preservatives in many Childhood Vaccines
2005-06-06  Anti-Vaccine Parents
2005-06-03  Vaccines Aren't Harmless
2005-05-31  Incompetence in Modern Medical Care
2005-05-30  Stop Illegal Immigration
2005-05-27  Eggs' Enormous Health Benefits
2005-05-24  A Global Population Boom
2005-05-23  When will Enough Drugs be Prescribed in this Country?
2005-05-20  Music as Therapy
2005-05-17  New Mosquito Repellants
2005-05-16  Genetic Modification May Help the Environment
2005-05-13  Health Fanatics are Dropping Dead
2005-05-10  Police Handcuff Violent Child
2005-05-09  Homocysteine in the Bloodstream
2005-05-06  Healthy Benefits of Wine Consumption
2005-05-03  Medicine: The Leading Cause of Injury  Death
2005-05-02  Worldwide Killer Flu Scare
2005-04-29  Shedding Light on the Melanoma Myth
2005-04-26  The Importance of Autopsies
2005-04-25  Male Bonding Promotes Good Health
2005-04-22  Girl's Scouts of America, Selling Bad Health
2005-04-19  Moderate Alcohol Consumption Benefits Women
2005-04-18  Reduced Sugar Breakfast Cereal
2005-04-15  California School Keeps Track of Children Electronically
2005-04-12  Naturally Treating Depression
2005-04-11  "Bird Flu" Epidemic
2005-04-08  'Deadly Drugs' Administered to U.S. Soldiers, Part II
2005-04-05  'Deadly Drugs' Administered to U.S. Soldiers
2005-04-04  Rising Prices for Medical Treatment
2005-04-01  Does Soy Prevent Cancer?
2005-02-28  Doctors Required to Report Deadly Mistakes
2005-02-25  Risky Statin Drugs- Reshelved by the FDA
2005-02-22  Malpractice Suits 'Black-list' Patients
2005-02-21  Communicating Your Natural Treatments with Your Traditional Physician
2005-02-18  The Benefits of Magnesium Intake
2005-02-14  Effects of Hydrogen Proxide Therapy
2005-02-11  The Consequences of Malpractice
2005-02-08  Increasing Healthcare Costs
2005-02-07  Kinder, Gentler Chemical Warfare
2005-02-04  Are the drugs you're taking safe?
2005-02-01  Testing the FDA's Confidence Part II
2005-01-31  Testing the FDA's Confidence
2005-01-28  Combating Childhood Obesity through Television Programs
2005-01-25  Fast Food Chain Offers Gym Memberships
2005-01-24  The Low Carb Craze Continues
2005-01-22  Avoid What Most Doctors Recommend for Prostate Problems
2005-01-21  Excessive Water Consumption
2005-01-17  Uncovering the Hidden Truths of Saturated Fat
2005-01-15  A New See-Clearly Solution
2005-01-14  College-age Students Use ADHD Drugs to Make the Grade
2005-01-11  Let Your Body Heal Naturally
2005-01-07  Dangers in Public Drinking Water
2005-01-04  New Pill the First Step towards Selective Erasure of Memories
2005-01-01  Soothanol
2004-12-31  Generation Y Children Considered Fatter and Less Healthy Than Other Generations
2004-12-28  Battling Bioterror: Small Pox, Anthrax, and other Threats
2004-12-27  Studies Explore Link between Breast Cancer and Abortion
2004-12-24  Soldiers Must Receive Vaccinations for 'Protection'
2004-12-21  California Firms Begin Cloning Pets
2004-12-20  Pepsi and Coke Advertising Efforts Cause Concern
2004-12-17  "Retro" Healing Techniques Make a Big Comeback
2004-12-14  The Placebo Effect
2004-12-13  Doctors Say "I'm Sorry" to Avoid Being Sued
2004-12-10  Airline Costs Increase Because of Obesity
2004-12-07  Unhealthy Fruits Can be as Bad as Soda Pop
2004-12-06  A Healthier Milkshake
2004-11-29  Vioxx side effects
2004-11-26  Winter Sun Protection
2004-11-23  Healthy benefits of SPAM
2004-11-22  Doctors making mistakes
2004-11-19  Youth and Teen Obesity
2004-11-16  High Blood Pressure
2004-11-15  Anti-Clotting Drug for Stroke Victims
2004-11-12  Obesity is the Norm
2004-11-09  Lynch Mobs and Leeches
2004-11-08  Crisis of Creativity
2004-11-05  Engineering sanitation
2004-11-02  The verdict on killer drugs
2004-11-01  Fat facts and follies
2004-10-29  Is Big Brother behind YOU?
2004-10-26  Hypertension contention
2004-10-25  Fat Lib?
2004-10-22  Abra-cadavers!
2004-10-19  Twilight for the Twinkie
2004-10-18  Commerce or coercion?
2004-10-15  The silent treatment, part two
2004-10-12  Pulling the wool
2004-10-11  A killer painkiller?
2004-10-08  The cancer crapshoot
2004-10-05  Cancer-causing carbohydrates
2004-10-04  Stepford Surgery
2004-09-28  Dishonesty -- the best policy nowadays?
2004-09-24  Hooray -- fewer mammograms!
2004-09-21  Ail to the chief
2004-09-17  Changing the "spare tire" syndrome
2004-09-14  Atkins attacked -- again!
2004-09-10  Drug giant kisses assets
2004-09-07  Under rug swept
2004-09-03  Scared into submission
2004-08-31  Low blows in the malpractice debate
2004-08-27  Sunlight/Melanoma Link
2004-08-24  Obesity-inducing Food Pyramid
2004-08-20  Surgery Mishaps
2004-08-17  Potentially Deadly Problems with the Medicaid System
2004-08-13  Dentist Perform Cosmetic Facial Surgery
2004-08-10  The Sun Nazis strike again
2004-08-06  Dodge-ball Goes Beyond the Schoolyard
2004-08-03  The Fat-phobic Mainstream and your Heart Health
2004-07-30  Milk's Benefits
2004-07-27  Doctors Prescribe Expensive Drugs to their Patients
2004-07-23  Eating Breakfast Might Have Beneficial Effects
2004-07-20  Treating Insomnia of Children
2004-07-16  The Underlying Cause of Food Poisoning
2004-07-13  The Lunacy Behind Aspirin Therapy
2004-07-09  Dangers of Exercise
2004-07-06  Aspirin May Not be a Miracle Drug for the Prevention of Heart Attacks
2004-07-02  Mainstream Views on Sunlight May Prove to be Untrue
2004-06-29  Medical Errors
2004-06-25  Are fortified foods good for you?
2004-06-22  Homocysteine and its Relation to Heart Disease
2004-06-18  The Health Food Movement
2004-06-15  Wine Drinkers Lead Healthier Lives than Beer or Liquor Drinkers
2004-06-11  Most Prescription Drugs are Needless
2004-06-08  Sales of Carb-Heavy Foods Are Falling Off
2004-06-04  Sex Selection of Babies
2004-06-01  Wash Your Hands EVERY TIME After Using the Bathroom
2004-05-28  Negative Effects of Ultra Sounds
2004-05-25  Frequent Social Action Among Men Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
2004-05-21  Low-Fat Diets, High in Vegetables and Fruits Don't Help Your Healthy Bottom Line
2004-05-18  Cloning Our Pets
2004-05-14  Laughter is the Best Medicine
2004-05-11  The New Trend in Medicine
2004-05-07  The Vegetarian Fringe
2004-05-04  Dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women
2004-04-30  Malnourished Dogs
2004-04-27  Omege 3 Fatty Acids May Reduce Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack
2004-04-23  Westward Spread of the West Nile Virus
2004-04-20  Autopsies are the Exception, Not the Rule
2004-04-16  Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Avoid Showing Research Findings to the FDA
2004-04-13  Skepticism about Genetic Engineering
2004-04-09  Healthy Competition May Drive Healthcare Prices Down
2004-04-06  Selling Drugs and Books to the So-called Mentally Ill
2004-04-02  Bathroom biohazard?
2004-03-30  Adding Fluoride to our Water Supplies
2004-03-26  Unfavorable Pharmaceutical Research Unrevealed
2004-03-23  Our Fighting Men and Women are Forced to Receive Vaccines
2004-03-19  Men Who Bond with Other Males Prove to be Healthier
2004-03-16  Americans 60 and Over Deal with Depression
2004-03-12  Sleep Increases Our Ability to Solve Problems Creatively
2004-03-09  Man Blames Cable Company for Fat Wife, Unruly Children and His Unhealthy Lifestyle
2004-03-02  Regular Daily Coffee Drinking Can Slash
2004-02-27  Big News on Vitamin D
2004-02-24  Doctors Prescribe Drugs for Unapproved Uses
2004-02-20  Preparing for an Outbreak of Serious Disease
2004-02-13  Health Benefits of Moderate Red Wine Consumption
2004-02-10  British Fluoridation Plan
2004-02-03  ADHD drugs can have a lasting and negative effect on the developing brain
2004-01-30  American Women Bind Feet by Wearing Too Small Shoes
2004-01-27  Nursery Rhymes May Trivialize a Child's View of Serious Injuries
2004-01-23  Scientist may not have all of the answers when it comes to your health?
2004-01-20  Recent Increase in Women with Heart Disease
2004-01-16  Rising Egg Prices
2004-01-13  UV Protection
2004-01-09  Texas Father Gives His Son Complementary Medicine Therapies for His Cancer
2004-01-06  Atkins Diet May Eliminate Epileptic Seizures in Some Children
2004-01-02  Raising Sex Hormone Levels
2003-12-30  Possible Link between Antidepressant Drugs and Suicide in Depressed Juveniles
2003-12-26  Side-effects of Prescription Antidepressants
2003-12-23  "Safe" Levels of LDL Cholesterol
2003-12-19  Why is the U.S. developing deadly viruses?
2003-12-16  Complementary Medicine Therapies Instead of Mainstream's Drugs
2003-12-12  The Rapidly Growing Alcohol-as-Health-Food Movement
2003-12-09  Non-pasteurized cow's milk is a health hazard
2003-12-05  Tea is REALLY GOOD FOR YOU!
2003-12-02  Skyrocketing Cost of Health Care
2003-11-28  Sunscreen May Actually be Causing Skin Cancer
2003-11-25  Who's "standing guard" over your health care rights?
2003-11-21  Technology Makes Way for Genetic Engineering
2003-11-18  The Diet and Fitness Industry Don't Want You to Lose Weight and Keep it Off
2003-11-14  Are Eggs Bad for You?
2003-11-11  Exercise Nuts Turn to Coffee for Less Painful Workout
2003-11-07  Is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) a Scam Promoted by Drug Makers?
2003-11-04  Parkinson's Drugs Seem to Spur a Compulsion Toward Gambling
2003-10-31  Cumberland, Maryland Community Battles to Prevent Water Pollution
2003-10-28  Corruption in the Pharmaceutical Industry
2003-10-24  Elimating Diabetes, Rather than Treating the Symptoms
2003-10-21  Mammograms May Increase Potential for Developing Breast Cancer
2003-10-17  Medical Carelessness
2003-10-14  The Junk Food Industry Re-Invents Itself
2003-10-10  The Irradiation of Meat Products
2003-10-07  Adult Attention Defecit Disorder Becomes a New Trend
2003-10-03  The Lies Behind Pharmaceutical Marketing
2003-09-30  The Growing Obesity Problem
2003-09-26  Preparedness for Attack
2003-09-23  Anti-depressant for Shop-aholics
2003-09-19  Does Cigarette Smoking Shorten the Life Span of Lung Cancer Victims?
2003-09-16  Employers Offering Exercise Options as Part of Employee Benefits
2003-09-12  Eradicate West Nile Threat
2003-09-09  Household Preparedness Guide Gets New Yorkers Ready for Anything
2003-09-05  Most Potentially Deadly Bio-Terror Weapon: Influenza
2003-09-02  Loosening FDA Regulation of Drug Marketing
2003-08-29  The FDA's Nonexistent Regulation of False or Misleading Claims in TV ads for Pharmaceuticals
2003-08-26  Is bread the staff of life?
2003-08-22  Don't Forget Folic Acid
2003-08-19  Lower Homocysteine Levels in as Little as Two Weeks
2003-08-15  Eat whatever you want, stay thin and live longer
2003-08-12  Dealing with Childhood Sleep Problems
2003-08-05  New Hydrogen Peroxide Discovery
2003-08-01  Doctors, Consider Side Effects before Prescribing a Treatment
2003-07-29  Paying Doctors to Market Drugs to Other Doctors
2003-07-25  Along With the Pleasures of the High Season's Warmth and Wonderful Temperance Come Certain Risks
2003-07-18  Is Prostate Cancer Screening Useless?
2003-07-15  Are the Skin Screens Causing Skin Cancer?
2003-07-11  SARS May beSpreading through Bathroom Drainpipes
2003-07-04  Deadly Vaccines
2003-06-27  The all-purpose healer that'll suit you to a "tea"
2003-06-27  School Officials Force Students to Take Medication for Behavioral Problems
2003-06-24  Laughter is the best medicine
2003-06-24  It's Safer to Eat at Home
2003-06-20  It's Perfectly Acceptable and Necessary for Politians to Lie
2003-06-20  Sexual Performance and the Baby Boomer Population
2003-06-17  The Oreo Cookie Debate
2003-06-17  Servicemen and Women Are Used as Government Guinea Pigs for Vaccinations
2003-06-13  A Harvard Study Proves that Watching TV May be Making Us Fattter
2003-06-13  The Mainstream Medical Establishment has High Blood Pressure All Wrong
2003-06-10  The Benefits of Consuming Moderate Amounts of Alcohol and Caffeinated Beverages
2003-06-10  Is there a link between elevated blood pressure and the incidence of heart disease?
2003-06-06  Home Features May Encourage Unhealthy Eating Haibits
2003-06-06  Prescription Drugs May Soon be Available Over-the-Counter
2003-06-03  Coca-Cola and AADP Join Forces in the Name of 'Education'
2003-06-03  Dangers of Apirin Therapy Increase with Ibuprofen Use
2003-05-06  Dangers of Fluoride in Our Public Water
2003-05-02  Is your doctor satisfied with his work?
2003-05-02  SARS Pandemic
2003-04-29  Aspirin May Not Be Such a Good Thing When it Comes to Protecting Your Ticker
2003-04-29  Is Aspirin Bad for your Heart?
2003-04-25  The Scandal Behind Prescription Drug Prices
2003-04-25  Liquor laced with aphrodisiacs!
2003-04-22  Medication Errors Cause Casualties
2003-04-22  The SARS Story
2003-04-18  Benefits of Vitamin D and the Sun
2003-04-18  A study examines why yawning is contagious
2003-04-15  The hard science behind the "Home Depot Phenomenon"
2003-04-15  Avoid Doctor Caused Deaths, by Treating Yourself
2003-04-11  Great news for underachievers: It's not your fault!
2003-04-11  Are Medical Errors Costing You Your Health
2003-04-08  Conflicts of Interest in Biomedical Research
2003-04-04  Doctor's Lack Bedside Manner
2003-04-04  Effectively Treating Depression
2003-04-01  Suppressing Anger May be Harmful to Your Health
2003-04-01  Enriched, Enhanced and Fortified Foods May be Harmful
2003-03-28  Statin Drugs Impair Brain Function
2003-03-28  "Band-aiding" Depression Symptoms
2003-03-25  Doctors Leave Medical Equipment in Patients
2003-03-25  FDA Drug Advertising Review
2003-03-21  "Sign Your Site" Campaign
2003-03-21  The Homocysteine/Heart Disease Connection
2003-03-18  The Cookie Diet
2003-03-18  Death Caused by a Doctor
2003-03-14  Older Men May Actually have FEWER Impotence Problems than their Younger Counterparts
2003-03-11  Be Safe from Biological Attack
2003-03-11  An extreme obsession with "healthy" eating habits
2003-03-07  Fee for Reviewing and Evaluating Marketable Drugs
2003-03-07  Wine Drinkers Lead Healthier Lives
2003-03-04  The FDA May be Promoting Insider Trading
2003-03-04  Problems with Childhood Obesity Increase
2003-02-28  Congress Retirement Benefits
2003-02-28  Schools are Banning Traditional Schoolyard Games
2003-02-25  Exercise in a Bottle
2003-02-25  Pharmaceutical Companies Turn to Consumer-Targeted TV Advertising
2003-02-21  Spousal Presence May Stimulate Physical Pain
2003-02-21  Hospitals are Businesses
2003-02-18  The Effects of Dietary Fiber Supplements and Fiber Enriched Foods are Unknown
2003-02-18  Dirty Food Handlers
2003-02-14  The Dental Hygiene Business is Booming
2003-02-14  Premature Routine Cancer Screening
2003-02-11  A New Psoriasis "Wonder Drug"
2003-02-11  CCB's MayIncrease Cardiovascular Events
2003-02-07  Peppers Aren't Toxic at All
2003-02-07  Safe, Effective Herbal Treatments Available for the Dangers Associated with Varicose Veins
2003-02-04  None of the really smart or talented kids go into medicine any more
2003-02-04  Cocaine Provides Back Pain Solution
2003-01-31  Low Vitamin C, Increases Risk of Cataract Formation
2003-01-31  Dying Patients are still not getting relief from their pain
2003-01-28  Should we be drinking coffee?
2003-01-28  Avoiding Nitrous Oxide at All Cost
2003-01-24  Health Benefits of Exercise
2003-01-24  Lycopene Can Help Protect Against Prostate Cancer
2003-01-21  Eggs Aren't Bad for You
2003-01-21  FDA Approved Osteoporosis Drug
2003-01-17  Possible Benefits of Sun Exposure
2003-01-17  In a nutshell
2003-01-14  Running interference
2003-01-14  A hospital bed is not an Analyst's couch
2003-01-10  Are Doctors Missing the Mark?
2003-01-10  Natural Weight Loss for Dogs
2003-01-06  Health-related Cranberry Claims
2003-01-06  Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
2003-01-03  Forget NSAIDs for Alzheimer's
2003-01-03  Concerns about Practice Guidelines
2002-12-31  Giving atherosclerosis the squeeze
2002-12-31  Halitosis hoax
2002-12-27  A stroke of holistic genius
2002-12-27  Get crackin'
2002-12-24  If you can read this, you're cured
2002-12-20  You don't have to be Popeye to love olive oil
2002-12-17  Don't forget folic acid
2002-12-13  Nickel and diming you to death
2002-12-13  Your good health ticking away
2002-12-10  A shot at a long life
2002-12-10  'Tis the seasoning, Part II
2002-12-06  Treat infections on the fly
2002-12-06  'Tis the seasoning, Part I
2002-12-03  Rabbit's foot no lucky charm
2002-12-03  A history of gym trips, a lifetime of painful hips
2002-11-29  Butterbur is nothing to sneeze at
2002-11-29  Out fox Parkinson's disease
2002-11-26  Give arthritis the devil
2002-11-26  Food safety, the French connection
2002-11-22  Stop sciatic pain in its tracks
2002-11-22  An aspirin a day, could put you away
2002-11-19  Garlic cure-all: Don't hold your breath
2002-11-19  Are you paying attention?
2002-11-15  Don't let the flu bugs bite
2002-11-15  Maybe we should call it see food
2002-11-12  B to be heart disease free
2002-11-12  The Missing Element in MS Treatment
2002-11-08  A poor shot at protection
2002-11-05  Diabetics should think before they drink
2002-11-01  Not just blowing smoke
2002-10-29  Armor yourself against hypothyroidism
2002-10-25  Over the counter and out of your mind
2002-10-22  Dieting? Not so fast!
2002-10-18  Mammograms: Pressing the issue
2002-10-15  Sowing the seeds of cancer prevention
2002-10-13  Immunizations are downright dangerous
2002-10-11  A simple solution for sprouting hysteria
2002-10-08  Vision improved when the chips are down
2002-10-04  Masking the truth
2002-09-27  Ironing out a dangerous diet
2002-09-24  Mother Nature's secret weapon
2002-09-20  Give yourself a lift
2002-09-17  Skin-deep cancer research
2002-09-10  Gut check
2002-09-06  Heave hoe, silver!
2002-09-03  Cat got your brain?
2002-08-30  When the cure is worse than the sickness
2002-08-27  This joint is jumpin'
2002-08-23  From the mouths of babes
2002-08-20  Count on HGH instead of counting sheep
2002-08-16  Zap! Your food is safe
2002-08-13  The great kava witch hunt
2002-08-09  Now is that OB or SOB?
2002-08-06  Nose guard
2002-08-02  Go west young mosquito
2002-07-27  Aw, shucks!
2002-07-26  Tapping into the source of Alzheimer's
2002-07-23  A moving story
2002-07-19  A dangerous squeeze
2002-07-16  More than "expensive urine"
2002-07-12  Health nuts
2002-07-09  No Sweat
2002-07-05  It's your call
2002-07-02  Sunscreen warnings are a smokescreen
2002-06-28  No heart failure epidemic
2002-06-25  Giving strokes the brush
2002-06-21  An oily slope for "bad" fat
2002-06-18  Cure for the common cold? Zinc again!
2002-06-14  Slowing macular degeneration ...
2002-06-11  Should the feds know more about your child than you do?
2002-06-07  What's in a name?
2002-06-04  Just because you can't hear it doesn't mean the baby can't
2002-05-31  Bee propolis one, urologists zero
2002-05-28  Milk thistle for prostate cancer
2002-05-24  They must ALL be nuts!
2002-05-21  Corruption is the REAL medical epidemic ...
2002-05-17  The NIH has foot-in-mouth disease
2002-05-14  Grab your gun - before your doctor does
2002-05-07  Vegetarians looking for carnivore converts
2002-05-03  Fighting Cancer - With Broccoli?