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School Board Members Get Public Spanking

School Board Members Get Public Spanking

by FCTA's Tom Cranmer, 04/27/2017

Although spanking is not allowed in public schools anymore, numerous school board members got a severe one at the Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) meeting on April 27, where six speakers took on different subjects and exposed the recklessness and corruption within the school board and school system. The video of the six speakers can be watched starting at the 40:10 mark.

It should be noted that there were about 100 school union people in the audience who deserve better than the school board is delivering, as well a dozen purple shirt activists hissing at our speakers. It seems like our speakers are getting some attention now from the opposition and school board, who have sent their surrogates at "BlueVirgina" to do a political hit piece against Elizabeth Schultz and even our own school board meeting speakers, who they label as hate mongers and crazy. Hopefully, the concerned parents and citizens of Fairfax County are sick and tired of these standard tactics by the "progressives", who unjustly and routinely smear and defame good people, and will instead rise up and push back against these internet bullies.

Note, Family Research Council is hosting a nationally broadcast panel discussion on May 6 at 12 noon at 801 G Street NW in DC in which Elizabeth Schultz, Meg Kilgannon, Cathy Ruse, and legal council will be sitting in and discussing transgender ideology in the schools and how parents are fighting back. They are encouraging a strong turnout, but attendees need to register before hand at

Lastly, the next school board meeting is on Thursday May 11 at 7pm. Our speakers have been phenomenal to date, but we need more ethnic minorities to speak at the school board meetings, to remind them what real diversity and tolerance is about -- not just their narrow ideological version that uses and exploits ethnic minorities and then discards them when its convenient.