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Summary of Nov20 FCSB meeting - Child Abuse, Misleading Public

Summary of Nov20 FCSB meeting - Child Abuse, Misleading Public

by S.B. Reporter, 11/20/2017

Each school board meeting brings forward more and more accusations of improprieties, corruption, and bad decisions by the Fairfax County School Board and the November 20, 2017 school board meeting had some doozies. The full meeting can be watched at here.

Gender Dysphoria Much More Dangerous and Deadly than Advertised

A video at the 52:37 mark submitted by a concerned citizen illustrated that the School Board had been misleading the public into supporting the "Gender Identity" agenda, when in fact it is a recognized rare mental condition and disorder called Gender Dysphoria, which impacts children at much greater rates than adults.

It also pointed out that up to 90% of the children desist after puberty, such that by adulthood 99.99% of the population identifies and aligns with their natural biological sex. Those that remain with the dysphoric disorder frequently suffer from depression and have suicide rates 40 times the general population.

The video also illustrated that because so many dysphoric children desist naturally by adulthood it demonstrates that they do not have the brain of the opposite sex or were born into the wrong body as frequently falsely claimed by activists.

Lastly, it illustrated that leaving dysphoric children alone to desist naturally was much better to their own well-being than encouraging them to pursue the controversial "Dutch Protocol" method of treatment involving enabling, early use of hormones, and eventual surgery as such patients are found to have suicide rates 19 times the general population. It also reduces the potential for "Social Contagion" among the general population of healthy and normal children from being induced by glamorizing of the heavily promoted cultural trend.

A concerned mother named Deborah agreed with these findings and questioned the psychology profession, which has a long sordid history, and has come under increasing medical, scientific, ethical, and moral criticism. They say the new theories promoting the normalization of gender dysphoria have not been subjected to critical review of hard data and cross examination. For example, there is great concern giving harmful chemicals and hormones to children, as the long-term side effects have shown to do harm. They also say that these gender-confused people still have problems with relationships, perceptions, and emotions as before the attempt to cosmetically "change sex" because it does not address the root causes and issues of the psychological disorder. They compared it to providing liposuction to an anorexic person.

Many experts in the field are calling this "child abuse". And the mother agrees as she pleads the school board, "To slow down, and do no harm." Her compelling testimony can be watched at the 21:20 mark. However, later in the school board meeting the local LGBT School leader said this is nonsense and he wants the school board to pass regulations to force males into female bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, as they are the only victims of violence, discrimination, and oppression on the planet (as they have cornered the market on victimhood).

Sandy Evans Told to her Face that her Recall Effort has 80% of the Petition Signatures Required

The JEB Stuart rebellion is still going on at the 24:30 mark, where a self-described liberal progressive named Vince read a letter submitted by a JEB student who says the school name change was unfair and unjust, as they never allowed student debate, kept students in the dark, and that the name changers were actually a very small minority that falsely claimed to represent the larger school population. The student also said opposing activists would not even allow other students to gather any information that might challenge their positions and then would proceed to shut down all forms of inquiry, debate, and discussion. The student next stated that they were squeezed between two sides of adults, and that they were never represented and considered, and it has left emotional, physical, and financial damage. Lastly, the student pointed out the school system recently sent in school psychological counselors to help students cope with the change, but its left the students gasping in frustration and resentment as "too little, too late."

The irony is that the Student Representative on the School Board (Niharika Vattikonda) stated she was for the name change after talking with the name-change students. Seems like she should be fired for doing a terrible job in not representing the needs of the overwhelming majority of students at JEB Stuart. Students wanting to complain about her terrible job as a representative can write her at

Another concerned citizen named Joe spoke at the 27:51 mark, and he transferred his time to another speaker after pointing out how the 'One Fairfax' policy is ambiguously worded such that it allows for open-ended abuses and waste of money, like renaming JEB Stuart High School.

The second speaker was a Latino woman who had lived in the JEB Stuart community for 25 years supporting the school and said that the students were completely left out of the decision process, and when they were included, they voted by a margin 800 to 400 to keep the name JEB Stuart High School. She said after the school board overrode the results of the student vote and instead imposed their own created name of "Justice High School" (which was never voted on), then said it is "anything but Justice."

As good as these speakers were, Ron may win the championship crown at the 36:20 mark for best direct hit. He said that the ambiguous 'One Fairfax' policy frequently tries to promote equity, but for the renaming of JEB Stuart it did anything but. He said from the beginning the Special Ad Hoc Committee created to consider renaming the school was stacked with 16 name changers verses 9 name keepers. He also stated that half of the name changers on the stacked committee were outsiders and not local stakeholders.

He then stated that he is from the geographical North, and a historian by professional trade, and that if there is a lesson to be learned from the Civil War, it was the need to follow the rule of law. He then pointed out that only a few of the school board members attempted to follow the rule of law and the existing regulations, but the rest did not and instead engaged in manipulation and rigging of the process to the predetermined outcome of changing the name.

He then stated directly to Sandy Evans face that they have now approached the 80% mark toward obtaining the required signatures to recall her. (Unfortunately, the video cameras did not capture her reaction, so you will have to use your own imagination.)

Asian Americans Provide Warning Shots on Controversial 'One Fairfax' Policy

Not surprisingly, the school board passed on November 20, 2017 by a 10-to-1 margin the controversial, unfair, and costly 'One Fairfax' policy. However, they were fully warned by many speakers that the public is onto their charades and games.

Nowhere was this better illustrated by two Asian Americans who gave inspiring speeches. The first named Peng spoke at the 29:48 mark. He said he encourages creating opportunities, but not at the expense of curbing opportunities for other groups. He said he is a Chinese dissident that came to America for more opportunity, fair play, and a better life. He is very concerned about the potential abuse of the One Fairfax policy to discriminate against Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino American families and children for simply working harder than others. His New Years wish is for the school board not to penalize Asians and other hardworking Americans.

Another Asian American named Tony spoke at the 39:55 mark, and said that he appreciates the great schools and teachers in Fairfax, but is concerned about their new movement to try to impose equity, after having just demonstrated the wasting of a million dollars of precious public funds to unnecessarily rename a school.

He said he does not know how the school board will achieve equity of all students when he cannot even obtain equity among his own family of two children where one is good at math and does poor in English, and the other is good at English and does poor at Math. (Apparently the school board is bad at both, as this simple concept is beyond them. Maybe the school board can achieve equity by gluing the children together or assigning higher grades based on whether they feel they deserve it).

Lastly, Tony said he is concerned about the potential to penalize and discriminate against hard work and excellence, in order to help obtain their goal of equity. He suggested that they institute protections by prohibiting the lowering of standards, prohibiting quotas based on race, and prohibiting the wasting of money on name changes and instead pour the money into the true needs of the schools.

School Board Accused of Being In Cohoots with Unions

A rocket scientist named Fred spoke at the 43:25 mark, and stated that since the school board frequently votes against the majority of the population, and instead injects their own personal opinions and wills, he said that they need to provide more information to the public regarding their religious, educational, and personal background so that the public can make an informed decision before voting.

He also stated that since the voter participation is very small in the county and the school unions so large, that they have a huge advantage and influence on the school system, which creates a conflict of interest as they are voting for people who will give them raises and benefits. In the end, nobody represents the tax payers, and this is nothing more than legalized corruption. He then said "term(ite) limits" are one solution, while another is to implement a form of "the Hatch(et) Act" to prohibit government employees from unfairly influencing and dominating the election process for their own benefit and advancement (like in nearby Montgomery County).


1) The next school board meetings are at 7pm Thursday Dec 7 and Dec 14. People interested in speaking or submitting videos can do so by signing up ahead of time at

2) The Recall effort of School Board Member Sandy Evans is 80% toward achieving the necessary petition signatures in the Mason District. Those interested in helping to gather petition signatures or provide money for legal fees can find out more info at

3) Let the school board know how you feel about their 10-to-1 vote to approve the vague and costly "One Fairfax" policy and if you feel that they have been "equitable" to your sex, religion, nationality, beliefs, and needs:;;;;;;;;;;;; or
All of the above.

(Note Elizabeth Schultz did not vote for the controversial 'One Fairfax' policy, and Tom Wilson was unable to attend the meeting to vote due to a family situation)