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Outgoing FCPS Superintendent Garza gets an Earfull

Outgoing FCPS Superintendent Garza gets an Earfull

-- Fred Costello, November 17, 2016

The Monday November 14 FCPS School Board Meeting was a Garza lovefest that got rained out due to a sudden downpour of truth and honesty. The school board eagerly wanted to forget the recent failed passage of the "meals tax" and any "new national mandates" that emerged across the country, and instead spent 40 minutes gushing over outgoing School Superintendent Garza by endlessly repeating such surreal accolades as Garza being open-minded, caring, honest, fair, and representing the needs of all students.

Unfortunately, the mutual admiration party was doused by Johnny Raincloud, who came along leaving many frowny faces as a thunderclap of frustrated and angry parents lambasted the outgoing superintendent Garza with an unexpected departing gift reminding everyone in the room of her true legacy. (The videos of the seven speakers that confronted Garza may be found at the 50:05 minute mark.):

One thing for certain, not everyone is happy with the outgoing superintendent's performance the past three years. For all is not going as well as the school board falsely portrays, as the parental and taxpayer criticism appears to be spreading and revealing a wide assortment of many neglected and hidden problems within the county schools. Please recognize and thank these brave speakers for exercising their First Amendment rights and raising these important issues that need attention and action. The good news is that the constant drumbeat of voices and public pressure is bearing some positive results.

Please be aware that school board member Elizabeth Schultz stated that concerned parents and taxpayers will be allowed to contribute to the selection of the new school superintendent by being able to participate in upcoming online surveys, community meetings, and feedback mechanisms they will be offering through the search firm contractor (HYA). So it is inherent that good citizens be ready, willing, and able to participate to shape the type of school superintendent we want and deserve for our children.

Congratulations, its a small, but important victory. Now its up to us to make the best of the opportunity.

-- Email comments posted by David Swink, Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance