Fairfax Schools Introducing Gender Fluidity Policy

-- by Jim Ruland, board member, Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance (www.fcta.org), 05/17/2015

On MAY 7, 2015, the FCPS Board voted to expand its Non-Discrimination Policy 1450 to include "Gender Identity" as a special protected group. The FCPS Board made no effort to engage parents or advise the public what this means for student or employee safety, respect of privacy, parental rights or the right to a distraction-free, education-centered environment.

Despite all the assurances of the FCPS School Board Members on Thursday, May 7th that "nothing will change" after their vote, two business days later on Monday, May 11th the School Board made public the FCPS Family Life Education (FLE) Committee Report recommending the addition of the Gender-Identity (Transgender) Agenda down to middle school students in 7th grade. And the FLE Committee reported it had been working on these changes for over one year!

The FLE working document is full of strikethroughs of text to be transferred from FLE and into the Health curriculum, which means that parents will not be able to "opt-out" of the new policies.

Here are some statements pulled from the recommended objectives:


  1. For New business on May 21 - 10 speaking slots, sign up 6am May 18 at http://www.fcps.edu/schlbd/meetings/requestspeak.shtml.
  2. Written comment -- Official public comment period from May 21 - June 19. We will send a link when this is available.
  3. BOARD VOTE -- JUNE 25
  4. Start sending emails NOW! Until May 21 please send email to the school board regarding this at fairfaxcountyschoolboard@fcps.edu.